She’s Baaaaaaack: Nica Noelle Returns To Social Media With New YouTube Video

Posted January 20, 2017 by with 22 comments

tumblr_lzvtyi0AdS1rq95z1o3_1280Miss her?

Last year, Icon Male director Nica Noelle told her customers that she believed gay porn was a “toxic nightmare,” and that she “want[ed] out.” In May, she announced her gay porn retirement, after several years of publicly fighting with other studios, posting other people’s private business emails, and being accused of mentally and physically abusing nearly a dozen models on her Icon Male production sets, which were allegedly covered in rodent feces, according to one former performer. A majority of these allegations and wars took place on Noelle’s social media accounts, which she abandoned or shut down around the same time she supposedly “retired.” Of course, “Nutjob Nica” never actually retired from gay porn, and has in fact continued to film her incest porn movies throughout her social media absence.

Now, almost six months later, Nica Noelle has returned to social media by uploading new videos to YouTube. In these videos, she discusses her upcoming Icon Male shoots and, in the video below, explains why she left social media last year: Because of harassment from “trolls.”

It’s hilarious (if not a frightening sign of mental illness and delusion), of course, to see Nica Noelle talking about “serious harassment issues from terrible people” on social media when it’s in fact Nica Noelle herself who—in responding to all of the abuse allegations made by others and reported on by Str8UpGayPorn—used her own blogs and Twitter accounts to harass people, post people’s private telephone numbers, threaten violence, and even threaten members of my family.nica5nica1mm nica21 nicathreat nica11Now that Nica Noelle is back on social media, be sure to visit her YouTube channel and leave her a fun comment.


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