Now Nica Noelle Is Fighting With TitanMen And Posting Private Emails

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When she’s not blaming rape victims for being raped, blaming her daughter for her alleged abusive behavior against performers, and ignoring rodent feces on her grotesque movie sets, Icon Male director Nica Noelle is burning bridges within the gay porn industry (since she’s already been ostracized from the straight porn industry due to her insanity) and picking fights with people on Twitter. And if you thought Nutjob Nica had burned every bridge and ran out of people with whom to fight, think again.

Today she’s dumping her crazy on gay porn studio TitanMen (and whoever is running the TitanMen Twitter account). It started with a subtweet in response to an unrelated conversation between Titan and Nick Capra, in which Nica Noelle is obviously referencing Diesel Washington (one of nearly a dozen gay porn stars Nica has made an enemy of over the past three years):


TitanMen wasn’t about to let Nutjob Nica insult one of their performers:

nicaa2 nicaa3 nicaa4Nica Noelle then set her sights on Titan’s content (which is rich, coming from someone who’s been making the exact same miserable father/son/family betrayal porn over and over and over again for the past three years):

nicaa5Then, Titan pointed out that their latest release is actually #1 on at least one chart:

nicaa6Then, things got really weird, as Nica Noelle posted a redacted, private email allegedly sent to her and Icon Male from a VOD/DVD retailer:

nicaa7Assuming that email is authentic and not just something Nica Noelle wrote to herself after drinking a bottle of wine, Noelle/Icon Male just exposed a VOD/DVD retailer as being a liar.

nicaa8 nicaa9 nicaa10TLA Video (a retailer added to the conversation by Titan), has denied being the source of the email to Icon Male/Noelle:

nicaa11That means the email likely came from MaleFlixxx or GayHotMovies. Either way, someone was not happy to have their private email published, and Nica Noelle was ordered to delete the tweet:

nica12 Well, too late now.

Once again, here’s that email that Nica Noelle/Icon Male posted:


If anyone knows who the email is from and would like to help identify this duplicitous company (thanks to Nica Noelle and Icon Male), please contact me.

Also, assuming this email is real (based on one company’s stats), who cares? Being popular on a VOD/DVD site doesn’t excuse being a lunatic, and it doesn’t excuse abusing your performers. It doesn’t excuse having public meltdowns and destroying relationships with business partners, either. A little bit of money and temporary popularity is great, but…reality check: The novelty of Photoshopped incest porn set to shitty piano music featuring gross priests and creepy old men will eventually die off. Enjoy it while it lasts.


  • ToxicBrew

    Obamacare offers metal health coverage. WTF Nica!

  • Todd

    Shouldn’t Nica be focusing on making ‘My Mother’s New Husband’s Brother Part Vi’ ?

  • sxg

    The font of that email looks like the default font of Microsoft Word, so yea I think she just made up that shit.

    AND if it is real, so what? That email could have come from a less popular VOD site there are a dozen of them out there and I’ve never even heard of the ones you named Zach lol. While she may be at #2 for one VOD site, she’s more than likely trailing behind on the more popular well-known ones.

    But just to check up on those 2 you provided, MaleFlixxx doesn’t seem to have any IM content, while GayHotMovies currently has TitanMen listed at #1 for top studios.

  • Diva

    Coming soon to a VOD site near you, IconMale’s newest release “My Great Grandfather’s Stepson’s Neice’s Boyfriend’s Son’s Best Friend’s Priest 67”

  • HighHighway

    How old are these people? YAWN! Jesus it’s fucking porn! not saving lives here.

    • Hereweare

      Good god, no doubt! These emails read like they’re running Sony. I love when she says “that’s showbiz”. No hon, that’s fucking on camera.

  • OverKill
  • sanfv

    She and Diesel got into a titty photo competition on twitter. Diesel Washington won.

  • jimboivyo


    • sxg

      You know it’s funny that he’s back filming with CrazyTits yet Nick is making fun of him on twitter. Perhaps Nick is jealous Billy’s back with the studio and that he’s no longer Nica’s favorite past-their-prime fag.

      • Jer

        Billy is definitely not past his prime. He is sex on a stick and insanely hot.

        Of course, that all evaporates when he opens his mouth and expresses any thoughts inside his vacant head, but regardless…

  • Zealot

    Just wondering….is donkey fever a thing?

  • Dave

    What’s funny about that so called email is That it specifically lists Titan media in parentheses as one of the companies that icon is outpacing. This chick brings crazy to a whole new level

  • Maximus

    I’m sure that one of her alters wrote that email, and the host personality just doesn’t remember. Seriously though, bitch is serving Dissociative Identity Disorder realness.

  • Myko

    She needs to put down that Crystal Meth pipe – it really is frying her brain.


    Sometimes I don’t like you Zach but SOMETIMES I love you! You’re unafraid! I love that in a man.

  • Pertinax

    Nicca, darling. I’m here for the boys not for you.

    • xmiro

      who is that?

      • Pertinax

        Sorry, I can’t tell.

  • Nana Eristavi

    Nica is just in extreme need of a qualified professional help, I think. It looks as she has quite a serious personality disorder, if nothing worse. :(

  • Does anyone really use the “best of” lists to guide their porn viewing?

    • International Thinker

      Your wife does ever since your bedroom performance plummeted.

      • You must be referring to someone else because I don’t have a wife, I don’t even like women.

        • International Thinker

          Not that kind of wife dude

  • lafreak

    Please stop posting this pic of this chick.