No Food, No Pay, No Respect: Nica Noelle And Icon Male Accused Of More Model Mistreatment

Posted December 8, 2015 by with 58 comments

Another day, another story of alleged model mistreatment at the hands of Icon Male director Nica Noelle. This time, her accuser is gay porn newcomer Casey More.

Noelle, a sociopath, has been accused of abusive behavior by eight disgruntled performers in 2015, and today, Casey More brings the tally to nine. At the rate Noelle’s going, we could have a 10th performer speaking out against her by the end of the year.

Casey More was scheduled for several Icon Male shoots last week, but when he had trouble achieving an erection during the first shoot, Nica Noelle canceled all of his scenes for the week and refused to pay him. More tells Str8UpGayPorn exclusively:

[Nica Noelle] fucked with my money and almost fucked up another shoot I had. She flew me out there for seven days and canceled my shoots as I was there, avoided me the whole time, and didn’t want to feed me. She made me pay for my food and dropped me off at the gas station to wait for my Uber at 5am, in the freezing cold. I had to fight with her to give me at least $200 for killing my shoots. I was stuck there for seven days in hell.

The call time for More’s first shoot was 9am, but Noelle and crew weren’t actually prepared to begin until midnight (15 hours late). This, according to More, is what contributed to his erection problems:

I was tired, and my shoot was at 12am. Everybody around me was tired, and she said it took me forever to get a hard-on, so they took stills, I did a little oral scene, and they said they would finish tomorrow. But, they just canceled everything behind my back.

“Wood problems” are fairly common on porn sets, but they don’t typically result in an entire week’s worth of shoots being abruptly canceled. Even stranger, Nica Noelle wouldn’t tell More directly that his scenes were canceled, as she had her crew relay the information to him:

She was too scared to tell me. She avoided me the entire time. Even when she was in the same area as me, she had her little grunts pull me aside and tell me. Apparently, after everything went down, she told her co-workers to not talk to me and to avoid me.

When asked why he didn’t just leave upon learning all of his scenes were canceled, More explained that leaving early would have prevented him from taking his original departing flight from Boston to Atlanta, where he’s now currently shooting with

She tried to make me leave earlier and make my agent pay for a plane ticket home, but if I would have gone home [to Arizona] it would’ve screwed up the work I have now and I wouldn’t have been able to come to Atlanta to shoot. I literally had to bite the bullet and stay there and be miserable.

Leaving early, per More, would’ve meant an airline change fee plus extra lodging costs in Atlanta while waiting for the shoot to begin, and More was unable to cover those unexpected costs on his own. Icon Male and More’s agent did not respond to request for comment on this story.

More’s allegations of mistreatment by Nica Noelle are strikingly similar to those of the eight performers (including Colton Grey, Brent Corrigan, Jessie Colter, Seth Santoro, Billy Santoro, Caleb King, Dirk Caber, and Nick Capra) who came before him, and his story is another reminder of what to expect when going to work (or not work, in this case) for Icon Male and Nica Noelle.

More explained that his interaction with Nica Noelle and Icon Male was unlike anything he’s experienced before:

It was almost like I was getting picked on in a way, and it took everything in me to keep my cool. I’ve never been disrespected like that in my life on set.