No Food, No Pay, No Respect: Nica Noelle And Icon Male Accused Of More Model Mistreatment

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Another day, another story of alleged model mistreatment at the hands of Icon Male director Nica Noelle. This time, her accuser is gay porn newcomer Casey More.

Noelle, a sociopath, has been accused of abusive behavior by eight disgruntled performers in 2015, and today, Casey More brings the tally to nine. At the rate Noelle’s going, we could have a 10th performer speaking out against her by the end of the year.

Casey More was scheduled for several Icon Male shoots last week, but when he had trouble achieving an erection during the first shoot, Nica Noelle canceled all of his scenes for the week and refused to pay him. More tells Str8UpGayPorn exclusively:

[Nica Noelle] fucked with my money and almost fucked up another shoot I had. She flew me out there for seven days and canceled my shoots as I was there, avoided me the whole time, and didn’t want to feed me. She made me pay for my food and dropped me off at the gas station to wait for my Uber at 5am, in the freezing cold. I had to fight with her to give me at least $200 for killing my shoots. I was stuck there for seven days in hell.

The call time for More’s first shoot was 9am, but Noelle and crew weren’t actually prepared to begin until midnight (15 hours late). This, according to More, is what contributed to his erection problems:

I was tired, and my shoot was at 12am. Everybody around me was tired, and she said it took me forever to get a hard-on, so they took stills, I did a little oral scene, and they said they would finish tomorrow. But, they just canceled everything behind my back.

“Wood problems” are fairly common on porn sets, but they don’t typically result in an entire week’s worth of shoots being abruptly canceled. Even stranger, Nica Noelle wouldn’t tell More directly that his scenes were canceled, as she had her crew relay the information to him:

She was too scared to tell me. She avoided me the entire time. Even when she was in the same area as me, she had her little grunts pull me aside and tell me. Apparently, after everything went down, she told her co-workers to not talk to me and to avoid me.

When asked why he didn’t just leave upon learning all of his scenes were canceled, More explained that leaving early would have prevented him from taking his original departing flight from Boston to Atlanta, where he’s now currently shooting with

She tried to make me leave earlier and make my agent pay for a plane ticket home, but if I would have gone home [to Arizona] it would’ve screwed up the work I have now and I wouldn’t have been able to come to Atlanta to shoot. I literally had to bite the bullet and stay there and be miserable.

Leaving early, per More, would’ve meant an airline change fee plus extra lodging costs in Atlanta while waiting for the shoot to begin, and More was unable to cover those unexpected costs on his own. Icon Male and More’s agent did not respond to request for comment on this story.

More’s allegations of mistreatment by Nica Noelle are strikingly similar to those of the eight performers (including Colton Grey, Brent Corrigan, Jessie Colter, Seth Santoro, Billy Santoro, Caleb King, Dirk Caber, and Nick Capra) who came before him, and his story is another reminder of what to expect when going to work (or not work, in this case) for Icon Male and Nica Noelle.

More explained that his interaction with Nica Noelle and Icon Male was unlike anything he’s experienced before:

It was almost like I was getting picked on in a way, and it took everything in me to keep my cool. I’ve never been disrespected like that in my life on set.


  • FrenchBug

    I have zero (ok, almost zero) sympathy for him. If you are so fucking stupid that you say yes to working with Nica Noelle – or sign an exclusive contract with Michael Lucas – your subsequent whining will hold no credibility with me.
    I am sure it was unpleasant and that she screwed him over. No one deserves this and he looks like a nice enough guy.
    But next time, LOOK UP WHO YOU ARE SIGNING UP WITH before working with them. That’s LIFE 101. That’s basic surviving skill. That’s what you should do for any job, investment, relationship even. That’s common sense – especially if you and your agent had to advance money. You just do your due diligence. And if you don’t, well, tough.
    Consider this a lesson and move on.

    • FrenchBug

      Also: fire your agent.

    • Luca

      well, there -are- several porn stars who work relatively ok with Nica Noelle, plus being a relatively newcomer I suppose he’s just happy to have scenes to start building a career. I’m not surprised he gave it a try.

      • FrenchBug

        Seen that way, he simply decided to wager he would be one of the lucky ones and he lost. Still little sympathy for his whining. This did not come out of left field.

      • sxg

        He’s not a “relatively newcomer” he’s been doing gay porn on and off for like 2 years now. He debuted in 2013 and did scenes for JetSetMen, Next Door, Kinkmen, Dominic Ford, Extra Big Dicks (now under the PrideStudios line) and probably more. I think he took off all of 2014 and came back early in the year much bigger! So he’s not completely ignorant of the porn industry, but Icon Male wasn’t around back then and since he doesn’t look like the type to be super involved in the gay porn community no one was there, not even his shitty agent, to warn him about Nica.

        • Luca

          well, also I suppose many of them think that “well, the other people exaggerate, it cannot be THAT bad, and it’s a gig for a studio that gets some attention after all, so… why not?”

  • trekord

    Now Nick Capra’s tweet from the other day makes sense. It was a preemptive strike against Casey’s allegation.

    • FrenchBug

      Interestingly, he was expecting something about “humiliating another performer”. Someone else suspects the lack of wood may also have to do with his scene partner? In which case I respect that he left that name out of the story.

  • Heisenberg

    Who cares, seriously…. life aint fair “She didnt feed me” are you fucking serious? You are a grown damn man, he needs to man the fuck up and quit crying like a 5 year old. Zach, honestly nobody cares about these peoples drama.

    • FrenchBug

      I suppose I’ll fall into the trap of even engaging but then… why in hell are you following this blog? It is 100% about these people and their drama!

      • Heisenberg

        No, I come here for an overview of scenes and to be made aware of them. Usually I just ignore these posts but this guy crying like a 5 year old made me angry.

        • sxg

          You do know this site’s focus on overview of scenes is miniscule?

        • Luca

          if you want overview of scenes perhaps you should stick to QueerMeNow…

      • Jay (Jimmy)

        wrong! this site is about all the shit that Zach stirs up along with all the shit he makes up too. His time doing this is limited!

        • Zachary Sire

          What is being “made up”? Either provide an answer (preferably with a link to the thing being “made up”) or apologize to me and the other commenters for lying.

          If you don’t do either, you’re going to be banned from commenting here.

          • Jay (Jimmy)
          • WhimsyCotton

            In my path to finding clarity, I’d like to ask a sincere question. I don’t know what the person who’s comment was deleted said, but he was apparently making accusations without evidence and was therefore banned.

            My question is: Where is the evidence to suggest that James Deen is trying to gaslight his accusers? He is giving his side of events. Surely, in a fair and just society, both parties deserve to be given the right to give their version of events without being dismissed as psychological manipulators?

          • Maximus

            I’m not sure that “gaslight” is the right term. It seemed to me that Deen—or rather, his lawyer and/or publicist—responded to each of the allegations the only way he could: by denying that any crime took place and by attempting to cast doubt on his accusers’ interpretations of events. He didn’t imply that any of them were delusional or anything. There was some victim blaming, but mostly he either blamed the context (a BDSM porn set) or posited ulterior motives. I personally believe the accusers’—except for Teen Mom Farrah Abraham, of course—but I will admit that the PR/legal team Deen has hired is very skilled. He doesn’t have to worry about criminal or civil charges unless someone else comes forward with irrefutable proof of his crime(s), which is rather unlikely.

          • WhimsyCotton

            If you doubt Farrah Abraham, why is it that you can believe the other women without a doubt? Is it because Abraham’s character has been public and we know her to be a shitty person? To that I ask, how do you know the same might not be true of one or more of the other women?

          • Maximus

            Farrah Abraham is a woman who has capitalized on her infant daughter’s hardships. If there were documented evidence that any of Deen’s other accusers were equally deplorable, opportunistic, and starved for attention, I would be less inclined to believe their accounts. However, based on the news articles I have read, seven of them have not exhibited any such behavior in the past, and one of them is an unknown given that she has chosen to remain anonymous. Farrah Abraham’s degree of transparency just breaks all of the rules. I literally cannot think of anyone who I would be less inclined to believe in this specific situation.

          • WhimsyCotton

            To me it just seems like things gone wrong on set or miscommunications, or bad directing. I would have preferred for everyone to stay neutral, but that isn’t human nature I suppose.
            Good thing I’ve never been a fan of aggressive BSDM porn, so I don’t have to worry if someone actually got hurt or if directors are doing their job or if performers aren’t going overboard.

          • Maximus

            That’s how I feel about BDSM porn as well.

        • Maximus

          *cough* Icon Male employee. *cough cough*

          • FrenchBug

            Wrong call. Turns out he was a LE lackey eager to advertise Lucas’ BS open letter.

    • Maximus

      I care about these people’s drama.

      • WhimsyCotton

        I care about people’s reaction and thought process to these people’s drama. It keeps me coming back even when I disagree with a lot of people on here.

    • BjorkNut

      You cared enough to read and comment, so, clearly you care. Now go be mediocre somewhere else please. That is all…

  • Trepakprince

    How is she still employed? Male or female, her behavior is absolutely revolting. Any other work place she wouldn’t even receive a severance.

  • Maximus
  • sxg

    Ugh Casey More is so fucking beautiful! I don’t care if he’s G4P he’s hot as fuck!

    While yes it’s true he should have done his due diligence and researched his studios, every pornstar should do this on their own, I’m also curious who the hell his agent is and why they aren’t at least making it clear what they’ll be getting into when working with Icon Male. They’re supposed to look after their pornstars, and instead they’re just as much at fault for the pornstars’ terrible experience with such studios.

    And fuck you all who say poor baby that he didn’t get fed and housed. This wasn’t a scene that took a few hours this was a week-long session where it was mandatory for these performers to stay within a certain area. If you’re going to expect these pornstars to stay on location for a period of time longer than 6ish hours, then you better damn well feed them. In the history of studios that have done these longass shoots, Buckshot/Colt, Titan, Raging Stallion, etc. no other studio has had these type of public complaints about the conditions of food and shelter. Some studios even have BTS clips on how well they’re treated, which I think is great. By far the BTS documentary on the making of Buckshot’s 2-part Buckleroos film is one of my favorites. The studio (at least at that time) was truly professional. Even Titan has done some BTS stuff like with Trespass.

    Seriously, to any pornstar reading this, stay away from this gutter cunt Nica Noelle.

    • Ben

      >They’re supposed to look after their pornstars,


      Porn agents? Please…. Even Hollywood agents barely take care of their stars unless they’re huge.. Porn agents? HA!

      • sxg

        Not all porn agents are complete dicks. But going through Casey More’s twitter account, I found out his porn agent is Fabscout Howard. This is the same Howard that gave Zach the pics of Bobby Hart’s beaten face, which we all know was caused by RyRo. And RyRo was one of Howard’s clients lol

    • Xio Mai

      BcOz you are old hog. That is how cheap you are

  • Estelle

    I’m not sure if I have ever seen a photo that has captured the phrase “STINKY PUSSY” so perfectly as this one of Ms. Noelle. She must douche with sulphur.

  • Stephen

    I fucking love Casey More. How dare she treat him this way. This is EXACTLY why we need more legislation or unionization of sex work, especially in porn. These are their livelihoods and most won’t give a fuck about their mistreatment because of the type of work they do. They deserve protection just like any other entertainment profession. They need a porn equivalent of the Screen Actor’s Guild.

    • sxg

      Yea fat chance of that happening. When it comes to things like unionization for better working conditions or a better STD/STI testing system, gay pornstars are like Republicans and the mass shooting dilemma. They’re quick to blame someone/something, yet they do nothing about it.

    • JohnnyVooDoo

      ……What do you love him for. He is just another limp dick, jack off G4P performer. Fuckk him and pirate his scenes

  • Todd
  • OverKill

    That Nica Noelle pic:

    These performers should know by now to not even touch Icon Male with a million foot pole. The sooner these performers say NO to her and her studio, the faster the gay industry can say:

  • john

    I can wait for her new twitter meltdown

  • Todd

    Time for the Countdown To 100 Models Who’ve Complained About Nica Noelle

  • Zealot

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: In light of recent accusations, and stories appearing in the porn media, Icon Male would like to unveil it’s new logo:

    [NOTE: We wanted a giant octopus with a big stinky pussy emitting hordes of scabies, with the subtext: “Hail Hydra” but Marvel Studios got a tit in the wringer over it!

    • BjorkNut

      This is most disrespectful to the Devil himself, no need to unnecessarily besmirch his good reputation by associating him with Nica Noelle. I do not approve.

      • Zealot

        The Lord of Darkness could not be reached for comment, but a statement from his spokesperson on Earth, Michael Lucas is expected soon.

  • Stiffo

    That brought back memories of when I worked on crappy little indies. I once worked for a passive-aggressive producer/director who avoided me and turned others against me, finally refusing to pay what was initially agreed. That bitch is on my shit list FOR LIFE.

  • DPS

    Casey has wood trouble because he is not gay. When working with G4P performers this should be anticipated. Simple answer is don’t hire straight men to do gay porn. But to mistreat them once there? That is a “shame on you” regardless of the excuses. Fifteen hours late for work in my business would put you out of work. She needs her walking papers. Casey needs to step it up or step away.

  • czer

    How much longer will Icon allow this type of behavior to continue? One of these days something really bad is going to happen on set resulting in serious injuries or, heaven forbid, someone gets killed. How many times has Icon been informed of such behavior by this crazy bitch and chose to do nothing? Better to dump this ugly bitch now and save the future headaches.

    • Dutch Courage

      Is not going to happen. Icon Male is a label of Mile High Media and it is their most succesful gay one. The powers that be at Mile High Media are probably OK with Miss Noel’s behaviour because it draws attention to the scenes she ‘directs’. Have you any idea how many gay porn is being produced these days that never ever gets any mention on this or other gay porn blogs? Even bad publicity may help to sell your scenes.

  • Scrapple

    That play on words in the headline gave me a good chuckle.

    I’d really like to know why anyone would choose to work with Nica more than once. Even the models she is/was on good terms with have had issues with her. I don’t see why you would take the chance of having to deal with her on an “off” day.

  • JohnnyVooDoo

    IDC about the well being of G4P in gay porn. Have em shoot the scene and not pay them for all I care. Byeeeee.

  • Myko

    $5 says he does another shoot with her in qtr1 2016

  • Odetofear

    How is Icon Male still producing porn? The scenes are mediocre at best. I don’t know how the pay agreement goes, but models should request half upfront and a percentage pay down for canceled shoots.

  • I love the stretched format of that photo.

  • Caleb Exhem

    That picture is …. really tragic .

  • Jer

    I dunno if I buy that Casey More is G4P. He strikes me as just deeply closeted. His face SCREAMS “extreme faggot.”

  • Why do these queens expect to be fed and watered on set? When you go for your job in the real world, lunch is rarely provided unless explicitly expressed in the form of a contract. So unless Nica Noedges Noelle decides to write that up in your contract, you need to find a way to feed your own ass. You cock sucker for money making hoe! lolz

  • Xio Mai

    Nica shouldnt the one to blame here she was a nice girl. Her fault was getting Casey More a g4pay bullshit who had a hard time got erection on shoot even by watching lesbian porn.

  • Devon

    This kid is not a gay porn newcomer, don’t get it twisted. He has bounced around to every agent in the biz and fucked them all over. He has a terrible reputation as a model so even though I love bashing Nica Noelle as much as the next person, this model is a dipshit and I wouldn’t trust his version of the truth as completely true. And at the end of the day, you are there to do your job, not get pampered. How about be a responsible adult and have your own money for food and emergencies? Seems like poor planning.

    • Zachary Sire

      I always love when people who work in the industry try to leave anonymous comments here.