Icon Male’s Nica Noelle Complains Of “Disasters” On Set, Begs To Be Killed

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nica2eeUsually it’s the gay porn stars who complain about her and her rodent feces-infested home, but during this round of filming for gay porn studio Icon Male, director Nica Noelle is doing all the complaining about her own shoot. I guess that’s an improvement?

Icon Male—a creatively bankrupt gay porn studio that has been producing the same incest-themed movie over and over and over and over and over and over again for the past two years—is shooting more incest-themed gay porn in New Hampshire this week with its one (and only) director/producer/writer Nica Noelle. And despite incessant bragging over how financially successful the studio is, Icon Male is apparently too cheap to hire anyone to assist the troubled director/producer/writer, who seems even more overwhelmed and unhinged than usual.

Here’s the sole public face and mouthpiece of Icon Male complaining this week about “disasters” on set, not loving her job, and begging for Icon Male consumers to kill her.

nica1 nica2 nica3 nica4 nica5 nica6 nica7Over the past year, performers Nick Capra, Brent Corrigan, Billy Santoro, Jessie Colter, Dirk Caber, Seth Santoro, Caleb King, and Colton Grey have spoken out about various forms of abuse inflicted upon them by Nica Noelle and Icon Male. Stay tuned to see who will emerge from this most recent shoot with more allegations of abuse.

  • Alan Keddie

    Okay, ew! What’s that first pic?! I just had a coronary.

  • Xzamilloh
  • jimboivyo

    ..click for clarity

    • Todd

      Automatic DOWNVOTE for showing that photo a second time. HA

    • 1234

      Fcuk this! Why must you post this AGAIN? She’s not even remotely hot

  • DPS

    That pic is why you should never look directly at Sunshine =blind

    You should warn your viewers Zach! For shame man!

  • Dazzer

    1) Who’d have thought she’d have to beg someone to kill her?

    Isn’t there a gay porn star raffle for that?

    2) Antibiotics do nothing to cure/inhibit the flu. The only thing antibiotics will do to her system is kill all the necessary flora in her intestines and leave her with a fast bout of diahorrea and an inability to digest food properly for the next couple of weeks.

    Oh well, at least she’ll be able to make her relationship with the toilet official, I guess.

    • Jer

      Ugh that really pisses me off about the amoxicillin. People that think antibiotics will help a viral illness piss me off, especially when 98% of upper respiratory infections INCLUDING sinus infections and sore throats are viral.

    • 1234

      Does she strike you as an intelligent being that thinks these things through?

      • Dazzer

        You make an excellent point, sir

  • Is there a reason I had to see her naked?

    • Galaxy_Scribe

      Comfirm your homosexuality

      • Stuart

        Truly I’ve never been more pleased to love dick in my life.

        Zach why do you torture us so with that photo?

      • Damn it, I’ve been sucking all these cocks and it still hasn’t been confirmed?

      • Mark-E-Mark

        Seeing a naked woman confirms your sexuality? Hmm, My wires must be crossed. (Not that whoever this is is the naked woman I would want to see all the time) But a lot of naked woman are HOT! A Lot of WOMAN are hot! A Lot of MEN are hot….but then they open their mouths and shit falls out – not to hot……Wink.

  • von schlomo

    Reminded me of Edith…

  • OverKill
  • asby

    Is she MTF?….She is kinda built like a linebacker

  • Webslinger
  • Todd

    That’s it. I am DONE with this blog.

    That first photo is a TRIGGER and now I need full time therapy.

    Even my dog, Penelope has had it with you, Zach.
    And now we’re off to binge eat. Thanks for nothing !!


  • Maximus

    Her films might be ratchet and uninspired, but her disaster of a life is wildly entertaining.

  • BF8

    does this mean she will get into a twitter war with herself?

  • GoGo
    • 1234

      Doubt he’s much better

  • Zealot

    My diagnosis….Narcissism. Or paranoia. Or Schizophrenia. Yes. Definitely the flu.

  • sxg

    Here’s hoping her shower goes as pleasant as this one!


  • Myko

    Thats one crazy bitch.

  • Eric AS

    Wow it has been years since I saw the flick, I cannot remember the music, but who would have known I’d be able to identify a shirtless pic of Zorba the Greek instantly?

  • Mark-E-Mark

    “His Sister’s Boyfriend” (Not Incest) “The Stepfather” (Not Incest) “His Sisters Lovers” (Not Incest) “Fathers and Sons” (Not Incest) “Brothers” (Not Incest) “Daddy’s Big Boy” (Not Incest) and you “Gross” Link on the front page to DylanLucas movie “One Big Horny Family” (Not Incest) – BUT!! Praise for “Bel Ami” and The Peters Twins (REAL incest) hmmmmm. priorities much??. (Or just queen shade?)

    • disqus_9xayOTnP13

      He said “themed” and I don’t think it was the “incest” but using the same frickin’ theme every time.

  • pennessee

    after scoring some amoxicillin not to be zombied out on theraflu all day


  • Seth82

    why must you continue to show this crazy’s bitches bewbs.

    pass the eye bleach.

  • Mark-E-Mark

    WHY was my comment banned? Didn’t fit your thought process? Or was it that I showed the front packaging of ACTUAL incest from the Peters Twins and not all those “Fantasy” incest scenes you link to above?

  • C3xxx

    Eh, why spend money on emesis-inducing ipecac. Print an 8×10 of the above.

  • JJ

    Does she have breast implants?