Brent Everett, Deviant Otter, Will Braun Coming To

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brent everett gay pornThey may have put Johnny Rapid on the back burner, but has several high profile guest stars coming to their site this month to take his place, including arguably the biggest gay porn star in the world, Brent Everett.

Here’s the trailer for Brent Everett’s first gay porn scene with, co-starring ubiquitous twunk Luke Adams. Their matching fat cocks, tanned muscles, and bronzed bubble butts look insanely good together, and the full scene is set for release this coming Saturday, Valentine’s Day (watch it here):

[ Brent Everett Fucks Luke Adams in “Sunkissed”]

While Brent Everett isn’t becoming a exclusive (this scene was a special collaboration between him and Men), Will Braun is. You probably recognize him from GuysInSweatpants, and now you can see him in several scenes for, too. His first one is with Jimmy Fanz, set for release on February 27th:

[ Jimmy Fanz Fucks Will Braun]

Finally, the most surprising MEN guest star of the month has to be Deviant Otter, since he already has his own successful studio. Maybe this was filmed before really took off? Here he is flip-fucking with Colby Jansen in a scene where they’re playing two versions of the same person(?). It’s being released on February 20th:

[ Colby Jansen And Deviant Otter Flip-Fuck]

You can view’s entire February schedule here.


  • sxg

    Can’t wait to see Brent Everett in action again! Nothing against his scenes at his own studio, but they never measure up to his larger studio work.

  • Alan Keddie

    Jimmy Fanz? Luke Adams? = fuck yeah baby

  • So glad to see Brent Everett back in the studio! Though, Men really needs to learn to just stop it with the cheesy storylines and terrible acting.

  • NG212

    Why does the link above say, “ Jimmy Fanz Fucks Will Braun” when the precise opposite happens in the scene?

    I got my hopes up that Will stopped pussyfooting around and finally got that nice ass fucked.

    • zach

      Oops. I always picture Will as a bottom, so I instinctually wrote that without thinking.

  • loyalty888

    If you aren’t a twink and you want to do condom porn, it seems like is the go to option if you want consistent work. Wasn’t there word that Killian James is going over there too?

  • James Johnson III

    Okay the trailers look amazing and the partnerships look hot (even though the scene with Devin Trotter looks ridiculous and confusing!) Let’s hope the scenes can deliver what the trailers promise

  • Drew Barrymore

    Devin Totter himself is not enough ratchet for …

  • Casey Scott

    Brent Everett is the biggest gay porn star in the world? When did that happen??

  • Colorful Kent is a filthy rich straight company that wants to own all gay porn.