British Woman Who Pretended To Be Man Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting Teen With Kiss

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An update to the story from earlier this week, via BBC:

A woman accused of posing as a man to prey on a 19-year-old has been found guilty of sexual assault by kissing and cleared of 16 other sexual offences.

Georgia Bilham, 21, of Cheshire, denied deceiving the short-sighted woman while posing as George Parry, a man from Birmingham.

The court heard Bilham created “George” on Snapchat, claiming he always had to wear a hood over his head while with the 19-year-old, even in bed, because of paranoia about his involvement with Albanian gangsters.

Bilham’s identity was only revealed following a car crash.

The pair had gone for a drive together on 11 May 2021, but Bilham crashed her mother’s car into a hedge and when police asked for her licence it showed her real name.

Bilham was convicted on Wednesday of sexually assaulting the girl by kissing her on the evening of the crash.


Bilham is awaiting sentencing, and while punishment is obviously deserved, it’s remarkable that her sexual assault conviction was only for kissing, and she could be going to prison for that kiss.

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