Bruce Beckham, Boomer Banks, Jacen Zhu, Chi Chi LaRue, And More Urge Fans To Vote In The Midterm Elections

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ruceovbtBruce Beckham has enlisted the help of several gay porn stars in the video below to remind everyone of what they need to do on Tuesday, November 6th: Vote! The midterm elections on Tuesday will most likely flip the House and put Democrats in control there, but the chances of the Dems taking the Senate aren’t as great. Your vote (presuming you have a functioning brain and are voting against the Republicans) will help take power away from the lunatic living in the White House and the corrupt pigs in Congress who support him, so listen to Bruce, Boomer, Alex, Levi, Chi Chi, Jacen, Austin, Marc, Adam, and everyone else in the below video, and get to the polls this Tuesday:

Find your polling place here.

Also, for those of you in California (and for those of you voting on the propositions in L.A. county, specifically), I recommend following this voter guide from the L.A. chapter of the Democratic Socialists Of America. Most importantly, be sure to vote YES on Prop 10, which will help California cities and counties establish rent control and put an end to the insane corporate real estate developers and greedy landlords responsible for the state’s out-of-control homeless population and skyrocketing rents.

  • wdeee

    Jacen and Jason are so handsome <3

  • Xzamilloh

    I’m so hoping for Beto to knock out Cruz here in Texas, but that’s a tall order, even though this cycle has seen a surge in actual progressives knocking out establishment figures (and no, Beto is not a progressive, but he is the kind of centrist Democrat that has substance… and that bawdy, hunny). We need some blue to keep Trump in line, but like Our Revolution’s Nina Turner says, “Any old Blue just won’t do.”

    Grassroots candidates is the way to go. But yes, keep perspective and vote the Trump cronies out!!

    • Sent in my vote for Beto all the way from Chicago by mail.

    • McM.

      Pay special attention to your vote in Texas. The secretary of state’s office maintains it has no legal authority to make vendors replace malfunctioning voting machines that are changing democratic votes to republication. Meaning, votes for Beto are being changed to Cruz, and no one’s doing anything about it.

      • Xzamilloh

        Thanks for that info

      • No_No_No_Yes

        THAT is fucked up.

    • jeremyrain98

      Is this a fucking joke? You rosebuds still run that “Dems need go to further-left because they failed white voters” from Bernie and his minions – who btw, can’t fucking win a damned thing?

      • Xzamilloh

        The base is further left than the people that are running, so yeah, it stands to reason that if you want that base, you go where they are. I would say losing over a thousand legislative seats under Obama and the current Republican controlled congress would be all the Democratic party needs to see that what they are doing and have been doing is not working anymore and will ensure that Trump will win again if another establishment candidate is put up against him in 2020.

        Hopefully that is not the case and the DNC listens to its base, but I’m not holding my breath, nor am I looking forward to the inevitable blame game center left liberals play when Harris, Gillibrand, or Booker lose to Trump. And if it’s Biden in 2020, it will most definitely be 4 more years of Trump.

        Populism works. Grassroots candidates work. Look at Richard Ojeda and see how just being for the people works.

  • FieldMedic

    I voted!

    Becoming a vote by mailer is a life-send. You don’t have to deal with queues at polling places on election day, you don’t have to make time on that day and you can sit in the comfort of your home and properly research candidates and propositions without pants on.

  • Eclipse

    Bruce just got even hotter somehow?

  • Schnitzel

    Voted today and hit button for full Democrat ticket. Review page showed RED X on my picks, panicked for a second cuz check marks weren’t blue🤣

    Go Fucking Vote!

  • It’s great to see ANYONE with a platform using it for a good cause. Good on them and you, Zach. 🇺🇸

  • John

    Isn’t Jason Vario Canadian?

  • Cosmic

    Vote like your lives depend on it…because if you’re gay/bi or have a preexisting medical condition it just might.