Brute Club Bashes Mickey Taylor, Paddy O’Brian, Theo Ford, And Michael Lucas In An Interview Brute Club Says He Never Gave

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Gay porn star Brute Club won the Hustlaball Berlin award for Best Newcomer in October, and since then, he’s been getting more attention for his Twitter wars with fellow porn stars Mickey Taylor, Dakota Wolfe, and Theo Ford than he has for his gay porn or his award.

Today, the very weird gay adult industry blog JRL (LOL, remember the JRL Awards?) ran an interview with Brute Club, and it was not very good! In fact, it was so not good, JRL actually deleted the entire thing just hours after it was published.


Don’t worry though. Before they pulled it, I copied and pasted the “best” parts of Brute Club’s contentious interview with JRL, 50% of which he claims was untrue or misquoted. So I guess if only 50% of this is true, Brute Club is only half as awful as he seems?

68805Here’s Brute Club on how he got started in gay porn:

Prior to starting porn I was a journalist and a Personal Trainer based close to London. I found it all a bit deflating and really wanted to try something daring; and then by chance I spotted photos of the British Porn Awards. My immediate thought was “if these men can call themselves porn stars then I’d have little competition here.”


Brute Club on all the shoots he has to turn down, now that he’s so famous:

I usually turn down 9 out of every 10 shoots I’m offered.

Brute Club on Michael Lucas:

If a shoot doesn’t meet the vision I have for myself then I’m just not interested. I have been asked a couple of times to work for Lucas Entertainment but I just don’t want to be associated with a studio that has such a terrible reputation with bareback product so I have so far turned them down.


Brute Club on not sucking dick and not bottoming:

I don’t suck dick in real life and unlike my peers I have genuinely never bottomed. I’m pretty much a hole man; I just don’t get turned on by dicks. I am all about ass, i love all asses but i particularly like shaven holes on guys about my age to fuck.


Brute Club on enjoying being a rapist:

I am not the most verbal top and the scenario i always aim for is that of the nasty silent rapist which i really get off on. It does make me a niche performer but I’m not ridiculously  “masculine” or burly like the other “straights” in the industry; so that also makes what I’m doing quite anti-establishment and fresh.


Brute Club on Paddy O’Brian:

I certainly have no intention of pulling a ‘Paddy O’Brian‘ by cashing in on people’s naivety. He’s a great businessman but it’s fraud really. He’s selling a fake product. That’s why I’ve continuously avoided labeling my sexuality although I am gay. Unlike Paddy I’m not making any poor and unconvincing claims about being straight. My audience is making that conclusion all by themselves. Paddy is on his way out and has had his day.


Brute Club on knowing he was going to win a Hustlaball award:

I won so it was a great night for me. Did I know I was going to win? – Yes. My competitors didn’t have any marketable edge. I had Andrew Christian and Aussiebum clothing companies endorsing me with their brands. I was going viral in voting campaigns. It was a guaranteed result.


Brute Club on Mickey Taylor:

Unfortunately Mickey Taylor– who I had been nothing but good to – began a smear campaign accusing my win of being fixed, all because brands were giving me free clothes. It was all quite vicious and I wasn’t going to allow him to slander my name without consequence; and so I destroyed him on Twitter. One of the guys i was up against was Luke Tyler who is a great guy and Mickey wanted Luke to win i think. I had evidence to strongly suggest his win was fixed so it all just back fired on him. It comes down to a personality and work ethic clash I think. Mickey made his name by doing a conveyor belt of poor quality porn, I reached greater industry recognition in under 6 months with only a handful of releases. It’s quantity vs quality.

Brute Club on Theo Ford, Men, and CockyBoys:

In Berlin and at the awards and the aftermath of that I also had Theo Ford attempting to gain publicity from me, but I swiftly destroyed him as well. I’ve had discussions with so that will happen when the time is right. We all know it’s bad in their Spanish office because they keep using Theo Ford who nobody wants to watch! Other than that I think I’d be a breath of fresh air for CockyBoys. I’m the definition of ‘cocky’ so it makes sense in that respect. But I’m probably a bit too eccentric and rough around the edges for the pretty boy style of Jake Jaxson.


Brute Club is a solid performer with a great cock, so he doesn’t necessarily have to be so horrific to get attention. Then again, it got him his first blog post here, so…

As noted, Brute Club is claiming that 50% of the JRL interview was fiction. Here’s how he responded on Twitter this morning:

brute44 brute444

Brute Club has been ruder and said worse things on Twitter than he allegedly did in the interview, so there’s no reason for him to start denying his bad attitude now, and this leads me to believe that the interview really was at least partially fabricated. But, what do you think?

  • R.A.M.J

    He’s an arrogant and cocky little bastard with zero humility. He fits right in with with about 95% of other gay porn stars

  • FrenchBug

    Even if I may agree with some of what he says, it takes a lot of chutzpah to bash other performers when you yourself WON’T EVEN SUCK A DICK ON SCREEN. The delusion runs strong.

    • stephen

      • Dutch Courage

        People who don’t like sucking dick, I thought that was obvious!

        • stephen

          • Mike Julius


          • CA

            Ha, who is this?

          • Xzamilloh

            Draya Michelle. Basketball Wives LA.Except she was never a wife… just a jump-off and a thot, and she was proud of it. I love her.

          • CA

            I think I do too.

      • Mike Julius


    • OverKill

      Even Shawn Michaels will pretend to suck a dick

      • Scrapple

        Lol. That’s not the Heartbreak Kid I remember.

  • FrenchBug
  • Todd

    And we all ask …

  • Donkeyteefus

    meh not that scandalous. and he’s hot. and who cares if a top doesn’t suck dick. that name though…

    • a b

      It’s not like “the guy is a moron, but does a good work”. He keep doing that damn duck face during entire scenes and he is a sleepy top. Even Chris Crocker fucked harder in his scene. Really, the only kind of people who actually likes the guy are self-hating turds…

    • Mike Julius

      Rape isn’t scandalous anymore and no one let James Deen know. lol?

  • John

    I believe him, he comes across as the type of guy who says what he thinks without filters….kinda of a turn on….his scenes are quite boring or should I say the one scene I watch of his was quite boring,….but I like him

    • beariac

      He likes himself (a LOT) too. I hate that.

  • bob80

    Speaking of Paddy, where the hell is he? Now that he bottoms and sucks cock I was expected to see him being everywhere.

    • FrenchBug

      Sucks cock? He put the tip of a flaccid dick in his mouth for half a second in one scene. That’s not sucking dick.

    • beariac

      He did a Brandon and cashed out after bottoming. According to another blog and Paddy’s twitter, there’s perhaps a return of some sorts on the horizon.

      • Mike Julius

        I hope so. Idec. I love him

  • FieldMedic

    Pot, meet kettle. Brute Club (or whatever he’s changed his name to now) is a complete fraud. He’s even said that his whole name is attached to a fake persona that he created. Not to mention that he’s totally G4P and yet acts like his persona likes dick and holes. His whole persona is just skeezy shouldn’t be taken seriously or trusted, not to mention whoever is behind that persona.

    • loyalty888

      He said he’s gay though

      • Mike Julius

        Just as questionable as some of these dudes claiming to be straight.

      • FieldMedic

        He’s said his persona, Brute Club, is gay/bi. Whoever is behind that persona is not.

        • Gendarme

          “That’s why I’ve continuously avoided labeling my sexuality although I am gay. Unlike Paddy I’m not making any poor and unconvincing claims about being straight”. He actually said “I am gay”. That reads “gay” to me for some strange reason.

          • FieldMedic

            Read what you want, persist in your delusions they are of no concern to me.

  • S .

    Brute Club?

  • Xzamilloh

    Don’t suck dick? Fuck outta here. Nothing I hate more than a boring top.

  • Gazzaq

    Really Who cares about this Guy anyone ???? As for me I cant see that apart from his cock, his face and attitude does nothing for me.

  • von schlomo

    As I’ve said before, Brute Club is nuts. He’s spoken in the third person before.

    As for his appearance and performance, what, does he get a handicap because he’s in the British porn industry? For being a I-don’t-suck-cock. total top, he lacks energy and presence in his scenes. He never smiles and you can’t ever see his eyes as they’re either closed or he’s looking down. Basically his scenes are okay, but just not nearly as awesome as he thinks they are.

    • WhimsyCotton

      What’s wrong with the occasional third person talk?

  • Maximus

    •Undeserved sense of accomplishment
    •Internalized homophobia
    •Lacking perspective
    •Doesn’t reciprocate

    Oh yeah, you’re SUPER original, Brute! I’d hazard a guess that none of us has ever met a man who possessed those traits!

  • paultacoma51

    Reminds me of Donald Trump. Shoots his mouth off without a filter, but has zero substance. Some people find that attractive I guess.

    • WhimsyCotton

      Donald has plenty of substance. He has more substance than all other candidates. In fact, if elected President, he’ll be the most substantial President in history.

  • Mike Julius

    “Brute Club has been ruder and said worse things on Twitter than he
    allegedly did in the interview, so there’s no reason for him to start
    denying his bad attitude now, and this leads me to believe that the
    interview really was at least partially fabricated.”

    He was a complete dick in the past. It would actually make sense that when he saw that his attitude stalled his “career” out the first time, he’d try to scrub this fresh douchebaggery now.

  • hotdickcum

    My reaction

    • stephen

      omg yesss Queen Nikki

  • a b

    He tries to pretend someone suggested first that he, a man that haves sex with man, is straight. But really, he is the first (and probably only) one who proclaimed that he might be. From MenOfPorn post “Explanation 2.0 on Brute Club’s sexuality”:
    “To avoid confusion, I settle for the word gay. I like men to a degree […] If truthful, at best i would describe my sexuality as questionable. I fuck men as they were women [ironically, he’s a slow and disconnected top…] Maybe I’m straight”

    To back his claim that he’s sexuality is too complicated to be defined as gay/bi (it’s always so difficult to say you’re not straight), he gives several reasons that are just filled up with red flags for homophobia:
    – In a relationship with guys, it’s complicated because he’s “the man and this leaves little room for another man in the dynamic”.
    – He fucks man but without emotional attraction. He have deeper emotional attraction to women.
    – He doesn’t find penises attractive, man are just holes for him.

    This is not complicated. This is a copy of the copy of the copy of the classical guy with internalized homophobia. It’s the same shit we see on grindr, same shit we see at bars, same shit we see in every gay/bi guy who try to cope with homophobia by pretending it’s not about them. I can’t undestand how this guy is not completely despised. Does homophobia turn you guys on?

    • MC.EMC2

      I’m not a big fan of his and I do agree with you on most of what you said, but, just to be fair, he seems to genuinely identify as gay (yeah, he could be lying), which is a rarity in gay porn so I think we should at least cut him some slack for not being an asshole like Vadim Black, Sean Cody’s Sean and Dean, and so on… And yeah, I agree that some of his comments do come across as homophobic, which is sad when it comes from a member of the LGBT community.

      • a b

        He doesn’t genuinely identify with anything.
        – He doesn’t identify as straight because he “look at all these pornstars claiming to be ‘straight’ with cocks hanging out their asses” and says he doesn’t “want that image”.
        – He doesn’t identify as bisexual because he is feel “skepticism with men using that term” (in other words, the classical disbelief in bisexuality)
        – He doesn’t identify as gay compleately because he believes that when he fuck men, he fucks them as if they were women. He settles with that term to “avoid confusion”.

        So, basicaly, his identification is based on: 1) How other people would see him if he called himself gay/straight 2) His disbelief in bisexuality. The guy is crap, not “a rarity in gay porn”.

    • Zealot

      I’d venture to say he’s having trouble verbalizing his sexuality because the word he’s looking for is “narcissistic”. He doesn’t have sex with another human as a man or a woman….he has sex with himself using the other person as the vessel for all his self desire. He may as well buy a Flesh-jack and a full-length mirror and have at it. In fact, I’m sure that’s his ultimate sexual fantasy. The best lay he’ll ever have is six months on an analyst’s couch.

  • WhimsyCotton

    At first, I thought you were talking about a new gay porn site called Brute Club.

    • Xzamilloh

      Same here. And I’m still confused about Deviant Otter. Is that a porn company, a porn star, or both?

      • Helen Damnation

        Porn company.

        • Xzamilloh

          Thank you. Your avi makes me moist.

          • Helen Damnation ✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

            And a porn star’s stage name; name is William, from Boston, methinks. I stay moist.

  • andrew

    I felt kinda sad reading all that. His over inflated opinion of himself seems, so obviously, to come from a real sense of insecurity.

  • Reality Check

    Missing poll option: I don’t believe a thing Zach says.

  • Myko

    Please don’t let this knob head have any “airtime”
    The guy is FULL OF SHIT.

    He has deleted about 4 twitter profiles over the last 6 months, because of things he has tweeted that he obviously regretted saying. Oh and his blog .. which was a comedy of contradiction.

    He might have a good sized cock, but there is NO gym for the face !

    Shit name for a shit pornstar , who has worked for some shitty UK “porn studios”

    Her used to bang on about how he would never bb in porn…….. ( I think he has deleted all those blog posts )

  • Bastian

    The guy has a split personality, he’s gay in gay porn only, and straight off camera.
    You’ve to read his blog post about porn name change (before he deletes it again) and how he never be that gay, but he’s trying:

    JRL might be shady, but most of the interview confirms what Brute – demo version (lol) writes about

    • Mihcael Davies

      Wow that blog post is even more asshole-ish and homophobic than any of his previous interviews. He just keeps outdoing himself. Bravo Brute or… er Harry

    • a b

      “Poses, gym, better body, better
      haircuts, eyebrow grooming, tanning skin (which I still can’t get the
      hang of), skincare, wearing designer branded clothing etc. I’ve improved
      drastically in all of those areas. I draw the line at makeup – I’ll
      just never be ‘that gay”
      How the fuck he manage to get more disgusting everytime he opens his mouth?

  • Mimi B

    For some unknown reason I’m hearing the past echoes & reverberations of Brent Corrigan in the interview…

  • joe campbell

    I “spotted” this guy a while back. I kept thinking that there is something really hot about him but quickly recognised he might be on “the spectrum somewhere…He interviews really bad if this is genuine…

  • Odetofear
  • Jon A

    Addkjhfdjh. It’s amazing how these porn actors think porn makes them a legit star enough to have egos this big and act like divas. You suck a dick and get fucked on camera, it’s nice and all, but have several seats, it’s not that serious.

  • slipperyslope

    I don’t know (or care that much) about this particular interview, but I’ve seen things in the past written by him for his blog, so I know there’s no chance of his calling foul, and they were, frankly, ridiculous. Either he’s desperate for attention or somewhat damaged in the head (maybe both?!). Either way, I have no intention of ever supporting him.

  • Myko

    He is clearly off his box. More off his box than the likes of Killian James.
    If you read his SHAMBOLIC attempt to change his porn name.

  • nick

    Just read the blog, he’s a few sandwiches short of a picnic.

  • Gendarme

    As original, intelligent and attractive as his porn name. There’s one reason and one reason only that he’s making it in porn of any kind. As Bugs Bunny would say: “What a maroon!”

  • Gendarme

    And the suicide countdown begins now?

  • Like the brand he is a cheap piece of trash.

  • Oh Dear

    I knew Brute Club aka Vinnie bad boy wanna be something from Luton, he went to my college he was a year above me, he was always a vile nasty piece of work. I’m sure if you track down some of his ex’s I’m sure you’ll find out he’s bottomed before as well. He comes across fame hungry, if I remember right, he almost got in to big brother and failed at that. Also, by Journalist he most likely means he did a media dagree and a internship. Lol

  • Porn Star

    I just shake my head…..I’ve seen them come and go. The ones that stick around are the ones people [cast/crew] want to be around.