Hustlaball 2015: Brent Everett Fucks Live; CockyBoys, Logan Moore, And Mickey Taylor Win Big

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It wasn’t quite as raunchy as I had heard it would be (then again, I left at 3:00 a.m., so I might’ve missed the fisting and piss stage shows), but Hustlaball Berlin was still a lot of fun, and the brief awards portion of the evening—hosted by mr. Pam with Fostter Riviera—ran smoothly and without any of the technical glitches we’re so used to seeing at gay porn awards shows.

If you missed any of my live tweeting last night, here’s a complete list of winners:


Best Newcomer: Brute Club

Best Screenplay: Penance (BullDog)


Best Website: Fuckermate

Best Non-EU Website: CockyBoys

Honorary Award: Marcel Bruckmann


Best Bottom: Allen King

Best Director: Chris Schoeler

Best Studio: Tim Tales


Best Top: Angel Cruz

Best Non-EU Studio: CockyBoys

Best Dating Website: Planet Romeo

IMG_0316Best Versatile: Mickey Taylor

Best Twink Movie: Swim Boy (EuroCreme)


Best Hunk Movie: Gabriel And Massimo (Fuckermate)

Best Fetish Movie: Hard Gear (UKHotJocks)


Best Actor: Logan Moore

Best Group Scene: “Hotel Room Orgy” (AllRealBareback)


Best Non-EU Movie: Answered Prayers (CockyBoys)

Best Movie: Daddy Issues (DarkAlley)

Immediately following the awards, people started fucking.

First, it was Ryan Raz and Armond Rizzo:IMG_0348

Then, these two guys flip-fucked. I didn’t catch their names:

Next up, Steve Pena sucked his boyfriend Brent Everett’s cock:

Then, it was time to fuck raw. Instead of lube, Brent Everett used his and Steve’s sweat:

IMG_0331 IMG_0363 IMG_0364Thanks to Sascha, Ronny, and everyone at Hustlaball for all the hospitality and for putting on such a great show!

  • FrenchBug

    Why don’t Pena and Everett do a proper scene at this point? It is not like Pena is reluctant to be seen having sex so what gives?
    From the fact he is still wearing his boxers even when getting fucked I have to imagine he is self-conscious about his dick but I think we are past that point now.

    • lordgabux

      I totally agree with you. He is a hot guy. Not everybody has his boyfriend’s dick size, so I hope that is not his issue because then he is a sad idiot.

  • FrenchBug

    Also: loving the winners. Allen King is a personal fave of mine and TimTales is really THE unsung success story of performer websites

  • R.A.M.J

    So much for pena being the big bad top he portrays. Maybe thats the side hoes purpose, his personal bottom. Makes sense now, still gross, but makes sense.

    • Jay (Jimmy)

      or he’s doing what he always does, making sure the spotlight is on his husband, you know THE PORNSTAR! If he topped then you would be paying attention to him. Just my opinion!

      • R.A.M.J

        If he paid as much attention to his husbands career as he does his live in side piece, creeper shots, and celebrity nudes, Brents Career would be in much better place right now. 2 scenese in one year while other stars are doing two a week? He’s focused on himself and promoting that specticle, train wreck of a thruple relationship.

      • lordgabux

        well, your point makes sense. it really does, never thought about it that way. tip of the hat. #nice

  • sxg

    Angel Cruz winning best top and Mickey Taylor winning best versatile performer is so fucking laughable! They’re average performers at best! Plenty of other performers who do a much better job than those two!

    Oh and the super-tatted and pierced white guy in the duo show is Pig Boy, who went by the name Ruben Litzky/Litzki for years in porn. His transformation from a twink to the filthy yet delicious looking pig he is today is unbelievable. I’m a sucker for guys like these, which is why I’ve liked Logan McCree and Bud so much!

    And finally a public fuck between Steve and Brent that isn’t some shitty silhouette gimmick. I only wish Steve would show us his dick, is he embarrassed by the size of it or something? It can’t be because he’s trying to keep his persona out of porn, because if that were true he wouldn’t be doing these type of public showings, or even give Brent a blow at their site. The guy should just get over himself and enter porn. It’s not like he’s got anything better going on than being the PR person for everything having to do with Brent. I would totally love to see them go at it and flip fuck each other! It would probably be as hot as Austin Wilde’s scenes with his ex Anthony Romero!

  • McM.

    Nice to see FuckerMate being recognized.

    Really like that site, and don’t see it featured anywhere.

    • sxg

      Well it gets little mention here because the majority of the performers at FuckerMate are men and not the prepubescent looking boys you find at Helix lol. But also I’ve noticed Zach mostly likes to focus on US-based porn, with one of the very few exceptions being Bel Ami.

      • McM.

        I know there is little crossover with the performers – Rocco Steele appeared on there, and some regulars are on TimTales and Butch Dixon – but I’d think the site would appeal an US audience. The men are hot, and they all know how to fuck. I mean, really FUCK. No matter the position, there are guys who “top from the bottom” on FuckerMate. And the action isn’t all that different from when the scene is bareback or with condoms, so I appreciate they don’t go out of their way to make fucking raw appear “special”. The men make a connection and they go at each other; they fuck hard and often have passion and kissing.

        FuckerMate is where I became aware of Viktor Rom. (… give me a minute.) (Okay, I’m better and can focus now.) He one of those guys who is fantastic, but can be limited by whatever studio he appears in. Awesome at FuckerMate, great at Kristen Bjorn and even DarkRoom. Not so much at Lucas Entertainment. One was good, but the other was downright disappointing. “Viktor Rom Pounds Dylan James’ Ass” first made me say tha-fuck? but then made me realize that Dylan James looks tough yet is just a weak little kitten.

        • sxg

          Some of the best porn out there is produced in Europe, bareback or not, and I think blogs, especially this one, underrate them severely. HOWEVER, when I say Europe, I definitely do not mean all of Europe, I mainly mean Western Europe, specifically Germany, Spain and England. A lot of the shit produced in Hungary and Czech Republic is sad as hell to look at. Sure the guys are hot, but my god is the sex fucking terrible!

          • Dutch Courage

            Your dislike of Czech gay porn is well known. Wake me when you have something more interesting to say.

          • sxg

            If me discussing how much I despise Czech/Hungarian porn keeps you away, then I’ll find any and every way to fit my distaste for it into my posts!


          • Bradster

            Please do. I despise Eastern European porn.

          • Dutch Courage

            Dream on, Sweetie!

          • lordgabux

            #shade hahhahahahahahaha

    • Maximus

      Really? I get Duckface vibes from that studio. Do they test their bareback models?

  • john

    How exciting…

  • McM.

    “Then, these two guys flip-fucked. I didn’t catch their names”

    Cannot ID the other guy, but the one topping in the clip is Ruben Litzky. He appeared with Kruger in TimTales in 2011, but he mostly does bareback scenes now. He also goes by “Pig Boy”.

  • Okosan

    I’m Crying 😉

  • CK

    Meh, I’d give Angel Cruz “Best Bottom” and then pass “Best Top” someplace else. His scene where he bottoms/DP for Jordi Moreno and Lucio Saints is one of my faves.

  • pangelboy
  • Johnny

    Steve Pena must be embarassed by the size of his dick, othewise he wouldn’t keep hiding it.

    Usually showing your dick in public comes before getting barebacked in front of hundreds of desperate, sweaty fans all trying to get close enough to give unwelcome gropes and take shaky cameraphone videos.

    • Jay (Jimmy)

      not really. he’s tweeted it. and absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! Its quite nice! 🙂

      • Johnny

        You have a link / copy? I’ve been waiting for him to show it forever.

  • Maximus


    • JJ

      WHO IS HE?!

      • Maximus

        No idea. The GIF just seemed appropriate.

      • Xzamilloh

        Jake Johnson… he plays on New Girl and is part of cast of dudes that could spit roast me like it is no one’s business. Google the guys on New Girls. Every. Single One, Could. Get. It.

        Edit: Max Greenfield and Damon Wayans, Jr. I call dibs on

  • DPS

    Allen King is just the cutest lil thing ever! I wanna make him mine, all mine and fuck him stupid.

    • lordgabux

      it’s going to be a threeway then, ’cause he is mine! hahahahahaha

  • Xzamilloh

    The black dude getting fucked is Buster Sly… have no idea who the other guy is, but Buster was a lot thicker than that in the past. I wonder what’s up…

  • Xzamilloh

    The black dude getting fucked in the video is Buster Sly. Sexy as all fuck, but not in that video… he looked “tired”.

  • Myko

    Best Top, Best Vers and Best Newcomer are HILARIOUS.
    But Hustlaball is all about the after parties right ? 🙂

    Someone really needs to have a word with Steve Penna and that stupid fucking hairstyle. Is that like a modern gay comb-over for bald guys ?

  • DJ

    Just realized Steve has never actually showed his dick. Wonder why that is.

    • R.A.M.J

      he has said that fans have seen it they just don’t know they have.

  • Fazz

    Literally my reaction……………………………

  • Bastian

    Brute Club as best newcomer? Now isn’t that hilarious.

    • lordgabux

      Yeah I don’t think he is all that. Now, we don’t know what criteria they were using, perhaps it was a raffle…

  • JohnnyVooDoo

    They all look so average without the support of that lighting, posing and touch ups.. Not saying they are ugly but if I just saw them walking down the street clothing on I wouldn’t think much. Brent has a solid body but I feel as if it lands in his favor because of his compact/short body frame. I also never noticed just how short Aramonda is — its sexy.. Its a shame he has never been manhandled on film before….On a side note: I hate to say this or even admit to it but for a split second I would have so fucked that Latex Devil thing. Im over it now but for a second– what happen to the nipples tho.

  • S .

    Even the 3 inches of hair can’t make most of these guys look taller than they are. They’re so tiny.

  • lordgabux

    The nameless guy topping is known as “pig boy” *wink*

  • lordgabux

    Hold up, is Brute Club wearing pink shorts? the fuck?

  • sickheadache

    turned out to be just like the rest…Fucked up…on drugs! how sad….both of them…let’s see how much funds are in their bank accounts after years spending it all on drugs!