Sean Ford Makes CockyBoys Debut Riding Calvin Banks’ Big Cock

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dg1a7583Is there any better way to be welcomed somewhere than to be welcomed by a giant cock? No, there is not. That’s how Sean Ford is making his CockyBoys debut today, and his welcome party is being thrown by big-dicked Calvin Banks. It’s an epic outdoor/indoor fuckfest where both models show off their performance skills, reminding everyone why they’re both such fan favorites.

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Cash him outside: Sean Ford poses outdoors before moving inside for the main event.


In addition to his big blue eyes and his big fat dick, Calvin Banks is a big guy in general, and he’s quite tall. And, that means he’s the perfect height to balance Sean on his cock for a stand-and-fuck session:


Hang on tight!


Sean later does some cock-bouncing, and there is a lot on which to bounce:

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One of the best parts of any Calvin Banks scene is the Calvin Banks cum shot, and this one does not disappoint. Cum facial alert:

cbsf4From start to finish, it’s a solid CB debut for Sean, and Calvin is an ideal co-star.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Calvin Banks Fucks Sean Ford]


  • Dana Rimons


  • Donald Horn

    He left the emaciated waifs of Helix?

    • GayhawkAZ

      Well, after you fuck the entire football team, you might as well move on to another sport.

  • sam my
  • gaycockluvr

    Calvin’s bf, Troy, better watch out…Sean loves breaking up the happy homes of big-dicked tops.

    • McM.

      I still think that drama was engineered by the studio. Even if it weren’t, Sean Ford is not to blame for them breaking up.

      But, upvoting for the cute gif.

      • realitytvIV

        I don’t think that user was being serious, but people do often ignore that Casey had already cheated on Blake, so both of them were apparently ready to leave each other behind.

    • AndyHardy

      Adorable gif but, for the record, that’s not Casey it’s Noah White.

      • gaycockluvr

        I don’t care about the person that’s not Blake in this gif.

    • odjins

      LOL, they’re already broken up. All Troy’s worrying about is how to get his dog back from Calvin.

      • gaycockluvr

        Well that sucks to hear. I hope they work out the Joanne situation.

  • OverKill
  • Scrapple

    Pairing up two former Helix models? Studio shade at its finest. Jake and RJ are diggin’ all up in Helix’s ass, Salt-N-Pepa style.

    I’ll take your man whenever I feel like it
    This ain’t a threat or a bet, it’s a damn promise
    From me to you, your sex life’s through
    If you get another lover, I’ll take him, too
    All I have to do is say a rhyme or two
    And he’ll hop and leave you like a kangaroo
    I’ll make him heel for me even steal for me
    His mother and father he’d kill for me
    That’s what you get for trying to play smart
    Now take a hike with that slayed-up heart
    Girl, you don’t know if you’re comin’ or goin’
    Look at your face – your jealousy’s growin’ and showin’

    • Sebastian S

      One of my favorites from the classic first album!

      • Scrapple

        Lol. Now whenever I hear that song all I can think of is juicy Bryce Wilson dancing to it in “Beauty Shop.”

  • peter

    I love that Calvin treats Sean to another Justin ride (though he’s nowhere near as hot) but is there a moment in this current scene quite as precious as this one?

    • V1

      Isn’t that Brad Chase screaming for mercy?

      • peter

        Yup, I call that capture “The Agony and the Stacy”

        I miss his tweets about his makeup habit.

  • Pertinax
    • peter

      ‘Twink’ in its original, bitchy sense as it is used in “Tales of the City”, doesn’t imply a slender, epicene physique but rather a slight pre-frontal cortex. Twinks could be, and frequently were, vacuous Muscle Marys, like the Adonis Rent in “Boys In the Band”. The term is derived from the Hostess Twinkie. Both are baked golden-brown, one by an oven, the other by the sun. Both are filled with tasty ‘creme’, but like the twinkie, the twink is human junk-food: young, dumb, and full of cum.

  • Paul J

    Anyone else notice that Sean Ford is hard in every picture, but Calvin Banks is not? Apparently not. What’s the point of having a big cock if it’s not hard?

  • emercycrite

    So sad… this means no more bb scenes from Sean

  • peter

    Is it possible that Sean’s a size-queen and his move was motivated by the fact that he’d done all the big dongs at Helix?

    • GayhawkAZ

      Based on little comments he’s made on Twitter and Snapchat and IG, I suspect it was more about money and opportunity than dick, though he’s made no secret that he covets Boomer Banks’ monster cock.

  • Logan Fisherâ„¢

    Sorry Sean still looks like a overgrown fetus. Maybe he should try some facial hair (that’s if hair grows anywhere on his body other than his head). Looks to androgynous. When Liam Riley looks more butch you know you have a problem LOL. Really way too skinny too, his ego is the only thing way too over inflated at this point. Maybe come back in a few years when you’ve put on some muscle & don’t look like squirrel bait.

  • Logan Fisherâ„¢

    Yay it’s a fascist site, can’t post any disparaging remarks or it gets deleted. Censoring freedom of the press, in this Trump area how new & refreshing.

  • Jon

    Helix and Cockyboys sometime blend together in my mind. I was literally just about to ask, “isn’t he already in cockyboys?”

    • peter

      Interesting that ColbyKnox works with both.

  • Alann6

    Love both models, but seeing Sean fucked with a condom, is just not the same.

    • GayhawkAZ

      They probably had to pay Sean more for agreeing to get fucked with a condom.

  • T2TheB

    If you watch the video, check out the action at around 25:40 or so. Did Cocky Boys briefly go bareback?

  • Parker Lewis

    “I want to have good sex and I want to make good art for a good cause because I think porn is a positive thing for the universe”.. Sean Ford.

  • Parker Lewis

    “I want to have good sex and I want to make good art for a good cause because I think porn is a positive thing for the universe”.. Sean Ford.