Sean Ford Makes CockyBoys Debut Riding Calvin Banks’ Big Cock

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dg1a7583Is there any better way to be welcomed somewhere than to be welcomed by a giant cock? No, there is not. That’s how Sean Ford is making his CockyBoys debut today, and his welcome party is being thrown by big-dicked Calvin Banks. It’s an epic outdoor/indoor fuckfest where both models show off their performance skills, reminding everyone why they’re both such fan favorites.

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Cash him outside: Sean Ford poses outdoors before moving inside for the main event.


In addition to his big blue eyes and his big fat dick, Calvin Banks is a big guy in general, and he’s quite tall. And, that means he’s the perfect height to balance Sean on his cock for a stand-and-fuck session:


Hang on tight!


Sean later does some cock-bouncing, and there is a lot on which to bounce:

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One of the best parts of any Calvin Banks scene is the Calvin Banks cum shot, and this one does not disappoint. Cum facial alert:

cbsf4From start to finish, it’s a solid CB debut for Sean, and Calvin is an ideal co-star.

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Calvin Banks Fucks Sean Ford]