Carter Dane And Adam Ramzi—Who Are Both Extremely Ugly—Had Sex At CockyBoys

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co2a4497If you’re a fan of extremely ugly guys who just aren’t attractive at all, you might enjoy today’s update on CockyBoys.

The scene features Adam Razmi and Carter Dane, who I guess might be appealing to some in a very mediocre, very average looking kind of way.

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Adam Ramzi and Carter Dane—who are both so physically repulsive, I’m literally vomiting right now!—don’t stand out in any way, shape, or form, so it’s nice that CockyBoys was kind enough to let them have their little moment here. I guess even people who are disgusting like to have sex? Who knew?!

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Clearly, no one will watch their scene and no one is looking at their pics, but at least Carter and Adam were probably able to feel “special” during this shoot. After all, it’s important for hideously grotesque people to feel desirable, even though they should actually be locked away in a basement wearing bags over their heads.

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Well, I hope they enjoyed their brief time in front of the camera. Adam and Carter will no doubt be going back to their day jobs now, hopefully working out of sight in a darkened backroom where people will never have to look at them ever again.


Unfortunately, to make it in the gay porn industry, you have to be at least slightly attractive. Sorry, Carter Dane and Adam Ramzi!

co2a4560Trailer (watch full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Adam Ramzi Fucks Carter Dane]

  • JP

    Let me get the lube and tissues

    • Mike Julius

      Did you make it befo–Oh.

  • Tim

    snark 101, Zach? because if not, well, damn.

  • OverKill

    Hope you’re snarking when it comes to Ramzi & Dane, they’re far from ugly.

  • Greg

    It’s summertime indeed…

  • DudeBornIn67

    I see what you did there…

    • sxg

      Seems like you and me are the only ones lol

  • Awai_Moon

    Good Lord I wasn’t ready for this one

  • funster

    Carter Dane has the most beautiful nipples ??

    • AussieB


  • sxg
  • Xzamilloh

    Sadly, the level of hot was devastating, and I died shortly after masturbating

  • Mike Julius
  • Dale Bergman

    Mmm, two of my favorites paired up together. Watching Carter Dane getting fucked is so hot…

  • Stanford White

    It’s not fair…

  • sanfv

    I hate these guys almost as much as I love Killian James, Billy Santoro and Vadim Black!

  • snoopyfo

    Carter dane is gorgeous but he looks better without facial hair, imho

  • AussieB

    So when are Jason & Adrian going to promote Carter in his first topping scene?

  • BF8

    Are you sure this is Cockyboys? 2 masculine looking, acting and sounding guys?? No torso or over abundance of tattoos??? How did this slip past their editing people….

    • Marcus Collack

      “masculine looking, acting, and sounding guys??”


    • Rick Lopez

      Your bar for masculine is set to sissy.

  • Sam Dixon

    If the title of this article is supposed to be a joke and play on words – it is a joke that has utterly failed.

    Carter Dane And Adam Ramzi — are both very handsome sexy men – period.

  • Scrapple
  • Pertinax

    Yes. The uglyness of these two is unbareble !

  • Zealot

    Eames would like to know where the fuck all the white chairs are on Cocky Boys sets!

  • WhimsyCotton

    Somewhere out there, Dink Flamingo’s eye balls are rolling like slot machines while his tongue drips waterfalls over that perfect L-shaped arch. “Good Gawdddd.”

    • latinoboy

      I love your picture

  • moondoggy

    I vomited so hard that it came out the wrong way.

  • jon

    Carter Dane’s butt is the ugliest butt I’ve ever seen ugh

  • Maximus
  • marcuz86

    I wish I would be ugly like these guy!

  • kkdd1

    Both of these HIDEOUS guys will be haunting me repeatedly in my wet dreams the thought of FUCKING Carter & Adam night after night is too much for me to comprehend and therefore I am going 2 have jerk off immediately to relieve myself of this undue stress !!!


    Yes, it certainly is terrible how cursed by nature the pair are. I am glad they at least found each other and don’t have to inflict their vileness on the rest of us! (Shit – I could spent a month just looking at Mr. Ramzi’s eyes – somebody must have taken CockyBoys hostage and taught them sexy – who knew?)

  • Elena Haselotová

    Okay, I just saw it and….. How the hell did you not mention that ultra disguisting scene when Carter cums like crazy?? That scene made my pants.. I mean, it made me vommit!!! ?????

  • lordgabux

    How dreadful to have wet-nightmares. I’m so disgusted I just keep soiling my pants’ crotch… bring me the pitchforks and the torches now!

  • ddm

    lol do you have a degree in English or Journalism? actually, do you have a degree at all? this is most certainly not satire. it’s just bad.

  • Rick Lopez

    That asshole is soooooooo busted.

  • Rick Lopez

    In the world of gay porn, they ARE uggos.