Dreamy Doryann Marguet Makes CockyBoys Debut Fucking Carter Dane In Le Garçon Scandaleux

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dg1a7192Part three of CockyBoys’ Le Garçon Scandaleux is out today, and in it we continue to follow Carter Dane as he explores Paris while on vacation. Any by “explores,” I of course mean “gets fucked in a Parisian nightclub.”

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Carter’s top is French gay porn star Doryann Marguet, who is extremely fucking hot (not to mention a great top):

dg1a7264 untitled-7796 untitled-7807The casting and the duos in this series has been perfect, and the combined hotness of Carter and Doryann is almost ridiculous:

dg1a7291 dg1a7296 dg1a7298Le Garçon Scandaleux continues to be so much fun to watch, and CockyBoys has been swiftly releasing new episodes every few days, so click here to watch part one, and here to watch part two. Trailer for part three (watch full episode here):

[CockyBoys: Doryann Marguet Fucks Carter Dane In Le Garçon Scandaleux]

  • FrenchBug

    Doryann Marguet is actually an extremely busy porn star on the straight side of things as well. Very very busy in both worlds. He is too hairy for my tastes but he is an enthusiastic performer.
    That scene though… I have to come expect full features from CB to be too artsy for their own good but that awful red light is awful.

    • DaveAtom

      Agree with the red light. Just awful.


    Tan. The Tanning!, Tan Central.

  • B.C.

    After watching previous two episodes this is disappointing. I don’t find Frenchman visually pleasing, certainly lacks centimetres, especially in girth.

    • A friend from France told me most French are not really endowed unless they are from Brittany (Celts, you know).

      • B.C.

        Interesting…my international sexapades were mostly in Southeastern Europe and Turkey. I usually don’t bitch about size in real life, but when watching porn I have bigger expectations.

        • I am living in Germany, so this also comes from personal experience, Italian guys on average have smaller dicks; Spanish guys too, unless they are mixed with Arab blood; Scottish, Germans, Dutch, Scandinavians in general have very good size of cocks.
          So…. I don’t know what Cleopatra saw in Caesar, but most likely not because of his cock size. :p

  • DaveAtom

    Doryann is so fucking hot! So handsome, that hairy chest and that scruff… woof!!! And Carter, well, everything is already said about him <3

  • Tim

    he’s nice. I’d like to see more crossover from the European stars into US porn than we get, though that would require someone putting in the work to make that work. As long as the dialogue they try isn’t broken (subtitles for the parts you need to understand if there is a plot and the guy doesn’t speak fluent english is all you really need) having a few more French/German/Spanish/Italian or hell even British/Irish porn stars show up once in a while would be nice.

  • Eric from Sweden

    So are they both on something? Their eyes look pink-ish in that first shot, not white at all.

    • gaysiantwink

      It’s the lighting

  • marcuz86

    This is so fucking hot!

  • Scrapple

    Who do I have to talk to about getting Doryann a work visa?

  • PaulieP

    that was sexy and hot you have to admit… but i need to know what happened to the guy in the bookstore with the huge cock!!!!!!

    • B.C.

      He used that huge cock for Damian Grey in previous part.

  • Kanaka

    Ah Doryann…He gets to top every twink on French Lads. Sex Machine!

  • inukaiser

    Doryan looks alot like Liam Mcyntire,the guy played Spartacus.It was about time that Cockyboys bring a hot hunk,its kinda boring watching always scenes with nothing more than twinks.Cockyboys should brin back Colby Keller,Manuel Skye,Jimmy Durano,Francois Sagat,Arad Winwin,Francois Sagat to asspound the boys