Cell Phone Footage Shows Basketball Player’s Security Guard Pushing Britney Spears’ Hand Into Her Own Face

Posted July 7, 2023 by with 5 comments

Well, this wasn’t nearly as bad as initial reports made it sound. And Britney Spears was clearly exaggerating when she said the guard “nearly knocked me down.” At the same time, the basketball player was full of shit when he told reporters yesterday that Spears “grabbed” him. It looks like she barely tapped him with one finger, if she even touched him at all. Cell phone video of Britney’s altercation with the NBA player outside the Las Vegas restaurant has been obtained by TMZ, and here it is:

The footage is grainy and isn’t from the best angle, but you can see that the guard had his back to Britney and didn’t appear to know that he’d even be making physical contact with her. The way his arm bonks her hand back so that she inadvertently ends up slapping her own face is unintentional on both their parts. It’s more silly slapstick than it is violence, and I regret referring to it as an “assault” yesterday. Britney screaming “That’s America for you! Fuck you all!” in her famous English accent indicates she was just fine following the Three Stooges-style smackdown.


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