WATCH: Channing Rodd Makes GayHoopla Debut Fucking Jayden Marcos

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gayhoopla-channing-rodd-jayden-marcos-1Two of GayHoopla’s best discoveries of 2019 (if not of all time) have finally been paired up to fuck, and for the first time ever, we get to see one of them in a gay sex scene. It’s massively tall, massively hung, and massively gorgeous Channing Rodd in his first GayHoopla sex scene (he’s been in several bisexual scenes), and his bottom is blue-eyed, big-dicked, and beautiful Jayden Marcos.

gayhoopla-channing-rodd-jayden-marcos-3 gayhoopla-channing-rodd-jayden-marcos-7This is the best looking and most high profile GayHoopla duo since Collin Simpson and Sean Costin, but will the actual scene be as good as the photos and trailer suggest (the full scene goes live here tomorrow)? GayHoopla scenes have been noticeably better over the last year (production quality, filming, and direction have improved) so my hopes are high.

jay33gayhoopla-channing-rodd-jayden-marcos-8 gayhoopla-channing-rodd-jayden-marcos-9Jayden Marcos has easily been my favorite GayHoopla star of 2019, but now that Channing Rodd has joined the site to fuck, I can’t decide who I’m more obsessed with. I could look at photos of them together all day long, so here are a few more:

gayhoopla-channing-rodd-jayden-marcos-15 gayhoopla-channing-rodd-jayden-marcos-12 gayhoopla-channing-rodd-jayden-marcos-18 gayhoopla-channing-rodd-jayden-marcosTrailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Channing Rodd Fucks Jayden Marcos]

  • Geo Mendez

    I mean.. He’s ok but “best discovery ever?”

  • Jon

    In other news, Collin Simpson posted that he no longer works for gayhoopla/Hogg/bgf due to “difference of opinion as far as what he feels he’s worth versus what they’re willing to pay him.”

    • Scrapple

      He shouldn’t be working for them anyway. He needs to finish getting his life together.

      I’m guessing “Hogg” is supposed to be HotGuysFuck. I like Hogg better.

      • Jon

        Yeah I meant HGF but it was autocorrected lol 😂Hogg is fitting

        • Scrapple

          HGF = HOGG = Hiding Our Gay Guys.

          • Jon


    • grrr-_-argh

      i think this professional setback could be the tipping point for him. performers across the board are undervalued and it shows in the compensation they receive vs. the revenue they generate for studios–usually into perpetuity.

      one of my fave performers died three years ago and still has new scenes being released. the family he left behind isn’t seeing any of that money.

      collin himself said that gayhoopla has a lot of scenes of him which haven’t been released and his public struggles with addiction are only hurting their brand so in his current state i’m sure his value isn’t as high to them as he estimates it to be, but i’m sure it’s still lower than he deserves.

      • Ty Huber

        Part of this is for models to know what they’re signing. I do some on-camera work myself (non-porn) and sometimes you sign a release for a total buyout: they can do whatever they want with the content forever, and you get one flat fee. With a better contract you get residuals, a percentage of sales, etc, but having an agent helps to negotiate the deets. That’s show biz.

  • Scrapple

    That first pic has them looking so couple-y that you can almost forget what the true atmosphere is at GH. Almost. But someone needs to pull Jayden Imelda Marcos (I used her full name, so you know I’m serious) to the side and have an intervention about those dick pills. Because that third pic does not look healthy.

  • SteadyNUnremitting

    They both make a gorgeous couple. They’re the best out of the recent new guys on GH/HGF/BGF. It would have been hotter if it was a flip flop scene.

  • Casper_time

    “GayHoopla scenes have been noticeably better over the last year
    (production quality, filming, and direction have improved) so my hopes
    are high.”

    • grrr-_-argh

      the direction reminds me of corbin fisher and sean cody in their prime and zach’s a fan, as am i–i love a good dutch angle–so his take makes sense.

      • Ty Huber

        Had to google “Dutch angle.” Never new there was a name for that, but I love it too — especially in porn where it’s the only way to get all the good stuff in the frame. Thanks for the vocab tip!

    • Davey

      it’s kinda true. one of the most annoying things about GayHoopla before was the directing. You could always hear them fussing around with the camera. it’s like they didn’t know how to hold it

  • grrr-_-argh

    been waiting to see him in a gay scene and for jayden to bottom again so best of both worlds for me. anyone know if any butt’s get gobbled in this scene?

  • Davey

    they need to go bareback and they will officially be better than Sean Cody. GH guys are definitely hotter than current SC guys as it is.

    • grrr-_-argh

      yea, i agree. the biggest draw for gayhoopla is that the guys are hotter than almost every american studio. chaosmen is up there but so many biggies have fallen off, broke straight boys and sean cody being the biggest offenders.

  • grrr-_-argh

    i love jayden’s hair that color. i wonder if it’s natural…

  • C A

    I guess the “Secret Menu” doesn’t count.

  • Sterling G. Joseph

    What’s the deal? Gay for pay or what?