Meet Gay Porn Newcomer Calhoun, Who Likes To Suck Dick (If It’s As Big As His)

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2000_chaosmen_calhoun_solo_hires_042Today’s ChaosMen newcomer should please fans of 10-inch cocks. His name is Calhoun, and his dick is literally perfect:

2000_chaosmen_calhoun_solo_hires_043 2000_chaosmen_calhoun_solo_hires_046 2000_chaosmen_calhoun_solo_hires_047 2000_chaosmen_calhoun_solo_hires_048Based on this scene write-up, Calhoun will likely be back soon, and he’ll likely be sucking dick (hopefully, a dick that’s as big as his, since that’s what he prefers), and possibly fucking someone, too:

His sexuality is likely hard to pin down. He is mostly straight, but I think in general, he is relaxed about sex norms, and also likes to get as dirty as possible. If that means swapping head with a guy or even fucking a guy, he is down with it. But I don’t think he hunts for it. If it happens, it happens.

Though having said all that, he does like to suck cock. Not just any cock, but big ones like his. He often endures some so-so oral, so when he has a big cock in front of him, he is eager to show how to properly suck a big cock. He can even deep throat!

Calhoun has some great dirty-boy vibe, and he certainly is very turned-on showing-off for us. It was great having a dude come in and moan and groan while stroking his cock, without any reminding from me. Guys tend to be quiet when they jerk-off since they have learned to be stealthy about it. Not Calhoun! He is hoping you will come join in!

Calhoun is definitely down for oral, and says he might fuck a dude, so we will have to see where he goes from here.

2000_chaosmen_calhoun_solo_hires_063 2000_chaosmen_calhoun_solo_hires_071 2000_chaosmen_calhoun_solo_hires_058 2000_chaosmen_calhoun_solo_hires_070Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ChaosMen: Calhoun]

  • Milo拧 Del Rey
    • peter

      My experience with guys in the South is a lot of them tend to be more switch like that.

      • Bryan Urahara

        There’s no such thing as straight sucking a dick. If his claim is true, it’s called BISEXUALITY.

    • Bryan Urahara

      Either it’s BI-ERASURE gone so mad or it’s nonsense.

  • Xzamilloh
  • Badger

    That southern drawl is making me wet.

    • peter

      It reminds me of old-school Active Duty

  • PaulieP

    the fact the he has bangs makes him a no go. i love a large carrot but will take a pass and wait for an eggplant.

  • Scrapple
    • Xzamilloh

      And Gerard, goddammit!! And Gerard!!!

  • Zealot

    Is there such a thing as a straight size queen? Other than that…I like gingers and he’s cute and fuzzy and hey he owns up to liking cock. Putting the size restriction on his preference likely ensures he doesn’t have to fall to his knees too often…but something tells me his tape measure is versatile (as he likely is). Time will tell.

  • McM.

    I’m still pissed about the Bennett and Timmy update.

      • McM.

        Dude, you squandered an opportunity. Period.

        Bryan, from what I’ve seen of BTS and vlogs you have a VERY professional set-up, more so than studios staging motel rooms for scenes. On top of that, as a photographer and videographer, you know your shit. But as with the Lorenzo and Nolan Stone update, you dropped the ball with Bennett and Timmy.

        Bennett and Timmy were a match before the scene was booked, so the excuse of necessary contractual and model preparations for a penetration scene showed poor planning on your part. I understand oral scenes for the timid heteros, but Bennett said he likes to fuck and pretty much described Timmy in his solo, and Bennett was at the top of Timmy’s list. Pairing them was a no-brainer and there’d have been no last minute concerns about preparations had you simply booked them to fuck.

        The great chemistry between Bennett and Timmy progressing to them riding each other’s cocks would not have excluded Bennett from his upcoming three-way. However, it does exclude them both from another focused one-on-one. Up to 2/3rds of your site model is introducing the personalities of 50+ men per year and transitioning them to the 60-odd slots available for non-oral-duos and groups. That pairing would have been a hot addition to what is sadly a small segment of ChaosMen, but you planned beforehand to not film or include it. The decision was baffling.

        • Ok so that is a no on being forgiven?
          I am sorry, but when I am booking new talent, and I dont know a thing about their energy or skills, I would in no way know how well their chemistry works out.

          You are correct. I try to be as professional of an operation as possible. I send official letters telling them what sex acts they will engage in. Changing the dynamic and sex activities of a shoot will invariably put one model on the spot. One will want to fuck, but the other feels pressured to say yes just because the other model wants to make more money. I do not like to put models in that position.

          In the future, I will ask models if they want to fuck during an ‘oral only’ video that both models must agree without pressure.. But again, one model will feel responsible for the other not earning more and this makes me weary.

          I love oral only videos. Perhaps because it was considered the safest form of sex for my generation. I even love the ‘lowly’ solo, as evidenced by the balance on the site. It is true I seldom re-match models, but in cases like say, Vander and Aspen Solomon, their chemistry was worth re-matching. Especially since the first time, Aspen Solomon was unwilling to bottom.

          Most of my models have not done work before, nor have I met them in person. The solo and oral videos are a great way to figure out their energy, chemistry, weak points, before investing in a full-sex scene. Email does not convey their performance or chemistry.

          But I will take all your points seriously and will endeavor to make sure if models are having genuine chemistry and want to fuck, they have results that are not older than 14-days old, and that neither model is being pressured to perform ill-prepared, or some other problem like say a hemorrhoid, I will try to make it happen.(You guys often do not consider some of these issues when filming)

          Bennett and Timmy do have great chemistry. But so did Calhoun and Bennett in this scene. I promise you wont be disappointed.

          And again, a rematch of Bennett and Timmy is def not out of the question.

          In the meantime, keep your eye out for videos where I take your advice. 馃槈

          • Scrapple

            I get where you’re coming from, and it makes sense. What @disqus_SVnM9Co3ue:disqus expressed is how many end up feeling when two models have crazy chemistry and you know chances are they’re not going to be paired up again in a future scene. Usually that only happens in a group scene, which isn’t really the same. That’s also why it gets frustrating when certain models like Lorenzo are stuck on dick sucking duty, and they turn out a killer oral scene with a “newbie” and you know that’s it. Someone like Lorenzo is perfect partner for a new model. Especially in a situation where a model has limited gay experiences and has already established a rapport with the guy who sucked him off. Put those two models in a fuck scene makes sense to me. Most hesitant/nervous models would probably find it easier to fuck someone they’re comfortable with versus a perfect stranger.

            I do have to commend you on opening up the cocksucking team to new players. Wright, Jerome and Timmy appear to have a love/fascination relationship with sucking dick. So seeing them turn up in Serviced vids recently has been great.

          • Rod Iron

            This is why Chaosmen is worth every penny of the subscription price. Top notch content and a professional running the show. Any chance we’ll ever see Augustus again? God Almighty that guy was incredible.

          • Hari Kalyan

            “Aspen Solomon was unwilling to bottom”… On behalf of all us Aspen fans, I want to thank you for such fine work molding him into the bottom he’s become.

      • cluelesswitness

        You should still have Bennett and Timmy should still have a hardcore scene. Don’t be scared to have REPEAT duos, especially when their first encounter on camera was just swapping blow jobs. Your subscribers…like me…won’t mind. We encourage it!

  • Pertinax
    • Rod Iron

      Haw! Well played.

      • Pertinax


    • Pinko of the Grange

      Did you get a new home? Need help building the privy?

      Actually I like these lil’ol’ traver trailers.

      • Pertinax

        No, I didn’t. I bought mine many years ago and I always call a professional when it needs repair. I have bathroom, not a privy. I don’t need a privy. Besides I don’t feel you qualify to build a privy for me. Sorry I want you to understand that my decision is final and you have no further resource.

        • Pinko of the Grange

          What about recourse?

          Have a good week :)

          • Pertinax

            Lol. A guy that build privies and correct the English of foreigners…

          • Pinko of the Grange

            What you have something against neighborly carpenters?

            To be honest I though I corrected a missed Auto-Correct.

          • Pertinax

            So use all your knowledge to correct yourself above : ” lil ‘ ol ‘ TRAVER trailers “… Listen, I don’t read what you write. I jump your posts because you are disrespectful with others commenters here, you always showed no manners and you proved to have a lack of education and an agenda as a ” La Rue’s ass kisser “. I’m only answering it to say that from now on you can write what you want till the and of the world, but be sure, you’ll be speaking to the walls. Your replies to me won’t be read or answered anymore.

          • Pinko of the Grange

            First the pic in your op in the context you present it is rude there pot.

            Calling me names is rude kettle.

            I was working on funny with no malice, now if you didn’t understand that I am sorry I offended you; it wasn’t my intention.

            In the pic, you posted to insult the man, there is a commode sitting out in the open. The joke was I offered to help you build a privacy surround in a fantasy world. That is all.

            Now you claim that English is a second language for you, but you don’t state your first, so we have no clues to what is acceptable in your culture when it come to light hearted jocular ribbing. But you post things that could be taken as just that, but recoil in condescending venom when some one dose it in return. In the US that is know as dishing it out and not being able to take it (a societal slight that is worse then living in a trailer).

            Further when you quote some thing that has an error, follow it immediately with “(sic)”. Although to point out what in an obviously intentional misspelling just shows you don’t have the intelligence to understand.

            Finally tolerance of intolerance is a fools tolerance. And I don’t give a rat’s ass if you read this.

    • Maximus
    • peter

      A little on the classist side, don’t ya think?

      • Pertinax

        Nah. Only a fact that I learned about your country. People outside USA look at it in a different way since the hurricane Katrina and all those poor people on the roofs. We, foreigners knew that there were poor Americans, but what we learned after those images is the truly amount of misery that is hidden inside America.

    • Star69Me

      I’m glad u said it… CM’s (white) guys tend to have a less “preppy” look than SC or etc…. but like they say “it’s just a preference”

  • HoratioCaine

    he’ll soon be lifting his legs to jesus and praising the lord.

    • Rob36


  • DaveAtom

    Hot! Love his dick, his beard, his smile, his voice… Want to see him do everything.

    • Goodboy

      Me too.

  • badgamer1967
  • theredviper

    Dayum, I bet that dick feels good!! Hopefully he knows how to use it…

  • Jay

    He’s actually perfect for me. Reminds me of a tall big dick having ginger in college that I never got to be intimate with.

  • Devin

    Ugly ass feet on this guy

  • Pinko of the Grange

    Would someone remind me why if he identifies as str8 but likes sucking a dick or laying some pipe with a guy, it is wrong?

    Str8, Bi, and Gay have to do with emotional connections not who you get your rocks off with. Or did I miss that memo too?

    • McM.

      Q: […] do you like the boys or the girls.

      A: I like mostly girls.

      • Pinko of the Grange

        okay and..?

    • WhimsyCotton

      You got the wrong memo. Emotional connection has nothing to do with sexual orientation.

      • Pinko of the Grange

        Then what does it have to do with?

        • WhimsyCotton

          Who you are sexuality attracted to. Heterosexual. Bisexual. Homosexual. All three are sexual orientations.

          sex路u路al o路ri路en路ta路tion
          noun: sexual orientation; plural noun: sexual orientationsa person’s sexual identity in relation to the gender to which they are attracted

          • Pinko of the Grange

            How do you define attracted?

          • WhimsyCotton

            Arousing sexual interest in you.

          • Pinko of the Grange

            So only physical?

          • WhimsyCotton


          • Pinko of the Grange

            Bull pucky.

            By that definition if some one gets aroused and climaxes during a sexual assault they are attracted to their attacked you fool.

          • WhimsyCotton

            Uh no. I don’t see how that is even relevant. You could wear a blind fold and get jerked off by a woman, but that wouldn’t make you straight. Maybe make a better comparison?

      • McM.

        @disqus_9xayOTnP13:disqus got the right memo.

        Sexual orientation is the patterns of sexual/romantic and emotional attractions of a person. There’s a fair amount of compartmentalization primarily where those valuing the heterosexual social identity are concerned, but all aspects of orientation are included when discussing any identities.

        Calhoun and other “I don’t want to label it” performers may very well be bisexual, but they value heterosexuality to degrees where they’re uncomfortable fully accepting that social identity. Then again, they may tread that line to sell themselves to gay men valuing heterosexuality, who are the reason ambiguous and G4P performers have any traction in gay porn.

        • WhimsyCotton

          I disagree.

  • Ed Woody

    I wouldn’t have said this last night, but this morning I’m feeling more generous, so here’s how it lays out.

    1. A guy grows up assuming he’s straight, and he’s mostly right, except
    2. He watches a lot of porn, sees that his own dick is pretty big compared to the guys in the porn
    3. He becomes fascinated with comparing himself to other guys, whose dick is bigger
    4. The fascination grows to the point where he wants to compare in person, gets off on the idea of touching a dick even bigger than his own
    5. He finds the opportunity to do that, and in the moment it just feels natural to take the next step and put it in his mouth
    6. He discovers that it’s surprisingly fun to have sex with guys, and certainly more easily accessible than having to wine and dine bints just to get his end away
    7. So now he’s ‘straight’, but loves sucking dick

    Straight men can’t help comparing what they have to what other men have. This is not a process that gay men go through, because what women have is utterly irrelevant to us and conjures images of the Alien facehugger monster. This is why there are so many men who might describe themselves as ‘straight but love big dicks’, and pretty much no men who are ‘gay but love pussy’.

    • John M

      Yeah, it’s not gay men keeping top but not bottom surgery trans MTF porn stars and escorts in business. Although I have a gay friend really into FTM gay porn.

    • nick

      I have straight mates who moan about the difficulties of having sex with the ladies, I tell them to give guys a try, you don’t need to buy them dinner and they won’t insist on discussing their feelings directly after orgasm, and they can help you with a DIY project.

      • Maximus

        That’s not fair. Plenty of men are overly talkative and emotionally needy; plenty of women are cold, unfeeling, detached, and handy/crafty.

    • Scrapple

      8. Profit!

      • Ed Woody

        Well, basically, yeah. Cause it opens them up to doing gay porn like this, which pays better than straight porn.

  • Look at him, kneeling up on his hind legs, like a couple of Rory Calhouns.

  • emercycrite


  • peter

    Completely off-topic, but Zach, in your link about the naughty lunch lady you left out your usual “(of course)” after “Florida”.

    Bringing this back to topic, Calhoun looks like he might hail from the Sunshine State.

  • GayhawkAZ

    Steven Daigle bowlcut realness!

    • Zachary Sire

      that is EXACTLY what i thought!

      • GayhawkAZ

        I did a quadruple take!


    Do U know how many STR8 friends that I have that like 2 suck BIG DICK’S ???? ZERO !!!