ChaosMen’s Rylan And Troi Suck Each Other’s Big Dicks And Cum In Each Other’s Mouths

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After waiting for nearly six months and watching him do two solos, Rylan—my personal favorite newcomer of 2016—is back for his first full-fledged gay sex scene, and while he’s still(!) not actually fucking here, this update is easily the best gay porn scene of the week, and was well worth the wait.

1745_chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_hires_014 1745_chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_hires_032

ChaosMen’s Rylan is obviously back, and they’ve paired him with the equally hot, equally hung Troi, in what might be the best non-anal ChaosMen duo…ever?

1745_chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_hires_034 1745_chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_hires_039 1745_chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_hires_046

I worried that Rylan, being so new to gay porn, would be visibly nervous and perhaps unable to “rise” to the occasion, but that thankfully is not the case here (at least, it doesn’t appear that way in the final edit).

1745_chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_hires_048 1745_chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_hires_051This scene features sixty nine, upside down cock sucking, ass eating, face fucking, mutual j/o’ing, and cum swallowing/cum facials, as both Troi and Rylan bust their nuts in each other’s mouths.

1745-chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_gif_02 1745-chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_gif_07 1745-chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_gif_08 1745-chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_gif_09

Long story short: If you like watching really hot guys with really big dicks suck each other off and cum in each other’s mouths, you will like this scene.

1745-chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_gif_10 1745-chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_gif_111745-chaosmen_rylan_troi_serviced_gif_12Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ChaosMen: Rylan And Troi Suck Each Other’s Dicks]