And This ChaosMen Model Needs To Come Back, Too

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1926_chaosmen_ansel_solo_hires_032Today was a good day for cute straight men who are willing to show their cocks to gay men for money.

First Corbin Fisher’s Zane, and now ChaosMen’s Ansel:

1926_chaosmen_ansel_solo_hires_010 1926_chaosmen_ansel_solo_hires_033 1926_chaosmen_ansel_solo_hires_035

In addition to the great cock, he’s a good looking guy, with a nice beard.

1926_chaosmen_ansel_solo_hires_037 1926_chaosmen_ansel_solo_hires_038 1926_chaosmen_ansel_solo_hires_042Sadly, yet again, I don’t think this one is coming back for gay fucking, or even a gay blowjob wile wearing a blindfold. The write-up is a major boner killer:

Ansel is 23, and likes Latinas, and fucking them in the ass when he can. Has nice 7-inch cock, that he says girls have no problems taking. He told me he hasn’t done anything with guys, but is a natural exhibitionist, and I think gets turned-on by anyone looking, and possibly touching him. Maybe a little curious about guys.

For today though, he has no problems getting hard and working that long cock of his. He was slowly stroking his cock, with very little effort, but he was sweating up a storm. I swear the studio was its normal temperature!

In order to cum, he wanted to be standing, so I got everything setup for a nice undershot. I got settled and said to fire anytime, and seconds later he was nutting. I love it when they are that turned-on, but thank goodness I was in position!

At the time of writing, he is not scheduled to do a Serviced video, but I think he will be down to get his dick sucked. Will have to wait on this sexy bearded dude!

ChaosMen models are rarely as cute as Ansel, so of course this straight guy won’t be coming back. It’s just our luck. Thanks for showing us your cock though, bro.

1926_chaosmen_ansel_solo_hires_056 1926_chaosmen_ansel_solo_hires_047Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ChaosMen: Ansel]