Slutty White Boy Takes On Two Giant Latino Cocks Simultaneously In The Best Gay Porn Scene Of The Week

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In a word: YES.


In two words: FUCK YES.


Casting can sometimes be everything, and the casting for this ChaosMen bareback three-way is perfect.


Slutty white boy Jon taking on two hung, Latino fuckstuds (Amador and Troi) is easily the best three-way of the week, and probably the best overall gay porn scene of the week, too.


There are a lot of highlights here, but this might be my favorite one:


Or, there is also this one:


Basically, it’s insane highlight after highlight:


WARNING: This is a scene that you won’t be able to finish watching in one sitting.


Troi and Amador tag team Jon (and service each other, too), making sure that he always has a big cock in his mouth and in his ass at the same time.


Amador and Troi nail each of Jon’s holes from every angle, and eventually drench him in cum from head to toe.


Amador busts a nut all over Jon’s face. Then, Troi creampies Jon, who blows his own load simultaneously:


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ChaosMen: Troi And Amador Tag Team Jon Bareback]


  • sanfv

    Tall , dark , deep voice and uncut ?!

    Two of them?!

    They’re g4p, but not complaining and even keep their pretty mouths closed 😉 win in my book.

  • sxg

    The tops are EVERYTHING!!! The bottom however is not. Of all the white boy bottoms they have on their roster, did they have to book that one??? A hotter bottom and some DP action and this scene would have been perfect!

  • Norminah

    OOHH…This gon’ be hawt!!!

  • Stanford White

    My husband Troi<33

  • RavensNationFlacco05

    Just got this scene today. Pretty damn hot!

  • bob80

    White guy is too twinky for my taste. Would have been hotter and more “chaosmen-y” if he was masculine.

  • Todd
    • Okosan


      • Stanford White


        • Okosan

          Thanks I’m hispanic and i’ve never heard or used that word before, usually use Sabroso or Rico.

          • Ranulf

            Because that is not a spanish word… It sounds Latin as in Roman Empire Latin.

    • Maximus

      Shouldn’t it be, “Dos penes Latinos”?

      • Todd

        Si’ Senor

        • Maximus

          Oh thank god. For a second I was afraid that I had lost the final remnants of my Spanish language skills.

  • Scrapple

    Bryan picked the right guys for this scene. No hangups, limitations or hesitations to be had. Just three guys getting their fuck on.

  • DPS

    Hot scene but Griffin should have been the 3rd. That would have been the scene of the decade. Griffin said that Troi was his most favorite cock to suck on chaosmen’s youtube channel

  • John

    I forget the blond’s name but he is gay and it shows!!!! Troi is comfortable being bi and he always gives a great performance. Hot Hot Hot. Pity Chaos doesn’t do breeding scenes.

  • JackNasty

    Jon is perfect for this scene. Just the type of slutty bottom I like to see taking two dicks.

  • Eric AS

    So anyone notice if Zachary writes something particularly snarky there’s several gifs calling him a cunt, If he writes a positive review there’s a shit-ton of hate on the model(s)? Did most of the commentators forget if you can’t say something nice, say something funny, barring a good zing keep your mouth shut?

  • Trepakprince

    Yum! A churro sandwich.

  • Silver64

    Troi, Troi, Troi….It’s time to give up your ass….


  • Xzamilloh

    I’d like to be the ground beef in that double decker taco… and just like after a taco, my ass will be stinging, but I’ll have no regrets.

  • Kavine

    Troi should be bottom.

    • andrew

      Troi should do what makes the AWESOME Troi happy.

  • andrew

    Troi is one of the sexiest guys in gay porn and damn he looks awesome with some recently added muscle.

  • Maximus

    Does anyone else look at these three men and get completely distracted by an impression that each of them probably smells rather pungent (and not in the good way)?

    • andrew

      No. Rumor has it that the smell of Troi’s sweat has the same effect as poppers. Oh Yea!

      • Maximus

        …I don’t see his appeal.

        • andrew

          Open your eyes guy. He is tall, sexy looking with a lean muscular body and a big beautiful cock. From head to toe, Troi exudes sexuality.

          • Maximus

            I suppose I just have higher standards for porn models.

          • andrew

            Not “higher standards” just different standards. De gustibus non disputandum est.

          • Maximus

            Uh, no. It used to be that a gay porn star was expected to have the body of a Greek god. Then studios had to start lowering their standards in order to produce enough content to meet the increasing demand of internet-users. I’d prefer a return to the quality over quantity model.

          • andrew

            Uh, yes. Your standards are really just different not necessarily higher. There are now and there were back in “the good old days, a whole range of studios employing a great variety of porn star types. Beauty lies largely in the eye of the beholder. What one person thinks of as beautiful another may think is sub par. I don’t expect you to agree with me. You clearly think that you speak objective truth and not just your subjective view of reality. I will now take my subjective views and end this pointless discussion.

          • Maximus

            …You’re not big on the whole self-awareness thing, huh?


  • paultacoma51

    Troi travels a lot on business. Can you imagine seeing him walk thru the airport? And he’s so confident, not a homophobe bone in his body. I like that in a hunk.

  • RavensNationFlacco05

    Big issue is the hottest dude in the bunch never got to see his money shot. That sucked big time. I think he faked it.

  • Porn Star

    LOL …I was chatting with some industry pros and someone said you are called “Str8upgayporn” because you prefer to support the G4P guys and bash the gay guys. I just chuckled…”Um he bashes everyone duh.” LOL

  • n24rc