Charges Dismissed In Case Against Employee

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Str8UpGayPorn has received the below statement from former director Sean Van Sant (second from left, above), who was arrested last August following the government’s raid and shutdown of the escort service:

It’s official, all charges against me have been dismissed! I think we will hear good news about other defendants later in the day. We can celebrate these dismissals while renewing our support for Jeff and others who are affected. -Sean

The five other former Rentboy employees referenced in Van Sant’s statement (Hawk Kincaid, Eli Lewis, Coco Lopez, Clint Calero, and Marco Soto Decker) have also been engaged in negotiations with prosecutors since late last year. CEO Jeffrey Hurant, however, was indicted on Wednesday this week and will face prostitution and money laundering charges. This story is developing.


  • McM.

    Wonder if the charges were dropped b/c he gave information that allowed the feds to go after or builder a stronger case against a bigger fish.

  • sxg
  • Maximus

    It’s a common tactic: Target the most culpable suspect by arresting and subsequently offering plea deals to subordinate co-conspirators in exchange for testifying for the prosecution. It will be interesting to see how many of the individuals in the above photo end up on the prosecution’s witness list. Well, that’s assuming that Hurant’s case ever actually proceeds as far as the trial stage, which plea bargain statistics tell us it most likely will not. A gay can dream, though.

  • buckguy

    Of course they’ve agreed to testify, Hurant ran a shitty website and was dumb enough to get involved in an immigration case.