Chi Chi LaRue Exclusive: Getting Sober, Getting Cocky, And Getting Better

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With shooting now wrapped on his directorial collaboration with Jake Jaxson and CockyBoys in New York, Str8UpGayPorn recently caught up with the one and only Chi Chi LaRue for a brief check-up on where he’s been, how he’s doing now, and what in the world he has planned next.

Str8UpGayPorn: Congratulations on recently achieving 90 days of sobriety. What was the hardest part of the last three months?
Chi Chi LaRue: The hardest thing was growing a beard. LOL. Really though, this time I have truly embraced the program and have many tools to help be stay sober, spiritually grounded, and happy.

There was some confusion around your GoFundMe for Hazelden, but all of the donations received went to pay for that treatment, and you’ve taken care of costs for everything else on your own?
Yes, all funds raised went to pay for treatment. My best friend of 40 years, Kevin, started the fund and I am truly grateful to him. He and my sister Carlene took on the rest of the expenses and are still paying for out patient treatment.


How did your partners at Channel One take the news?
I made an agreement with my business partners that I would stay in treatment for 90 days, and I have decided to stay in Out Patient until after the holidays. This has been a true blessing, and I am so thankful for all the support and love I have received from everyone. I can’t wait to see everyone at C1R soon.

What’s something that happens in rehab that most people might be surprised to learn?
I think it takes a lot to surprise people these days. The thing that surprised me is that I know how to throw a football. I definitely wanted to blow a couple of the guys in there, but that is not surprising.

IMG_0218Did anyone recognize you as “Chi Chi” in rehab?
I didn’t talk about my life until I told my story to the group. After that, people were curious. Remember, I was with all straight men in my unit. The day I met one of the other gay guys in there, the cat was out of the bag. His name is Michael, and it turns out he did a couple of scenes for a site that was passing through Minnesota. We’ve remained good friends and see each other often.


Other than the CockyBoys collaboration, what do you have planned next?
Oh doll, you know I’ve always got something cooking. I’ll be shooting for C1R when I return, and they still have a couple of my videos in the can. We’ll be doing some new projects in the near future.

What about DJ’ing? Will you return to that eventually, and will it be challenging to be back in the clubs, where everyone is usually on something?
I can’t worry about everyone, I just have to worry about me. I love to entertain and play music, so yes, that will still be a part of my life.

IMG_0223Where do you see the gay adult industry five years from now? Any predictions?
Today I see good things for me in the adult industry. Tomorrow might be different, and when it presents itself, I’ll be ready to take it on. The internet could blow up tomorrow or a meteor could hit the earth, so I live for today.

What did you make of the Rentboy raid and arrests?
Legalize prostitution!

I know you’re living in Minnesota now, but where exactly? And do you miss anything about L.A.?
I’m attending Out Patient, and living in a Sober House. I miss My WeHo Starbucks! I don’t know where I’ll end up living. Hell, London, Florida, San Francisco? Who can say right now. For today, I’m in Minnesota enjoying the crisp air and the amazing fall colors.

What was the one thing that drove you to get sober?
I have been trying to get sober for almost five years. The harm I was doing to myself physically and emotionally was taking its toll. I was disappointing myself by fucking up gigs, and I wasn’t present for anyone. I’m better sober! I’m a better man, better friend, better drag queen, better DJ, better director—I’m just better. Most importantly I’m better to myself.

IMG_0222 IMG_0220[images via Chi Chi LaRue, CockyBoys]


  • FrenchBug

    C1’s stuff has sucked for the past few years but I am hopeful that Chichi directing at Cockyboys mean we are going to be able to see some scenes filmed with the viewer in mind a.k.a without extreme lighting in the background making it hard to see what is going on.

    • Rickster Rickster

      it will end up destroying the studio.

  • Tellingthetruth

    Wish her best of luck! Like it or not a legend in this business!

  • sxg

    I find it a bit amusing that you asked if returning to the clubs will be challenging because of the constant substance abuse when the real challenge is being around the individuals who are on something constantly, and that’s the pornstars. Having a club as a setting is already fuel to an ever-growing fire.

    • Porn Star

      Most porn stars are sober.

      • beariac

        “Most”. Many aren’t.

  • SD

    Best of luck Chi Chi. I have enjoyed your Rascal videos. We need some genius directing in today’s internet porn that brings some sexy back into the overflowing bodily juices

  • Alan Keddie

    Oh, NO!!!!! Not that voice person in the boy band!!!! Quick! Better stock up on ear plugs!!!

    • Stacy

      You’re a real asshole

      • Tellingthetruth

        Agree. Disgusting.

        • Alan Keddie

          Cunt off, cunt.

          • Chi Chi LaRue

            Cunt you too cunt!!
            The cunt you Display is a fucking cunt. Your cunt is so stinky and cunty that you can cunt,cunt!

          • Chi Chi LaRue

            Just Cunt

          • Stacy

            Chi Chi why you tease w/ that awesome pic! Seriously, best of look in all your endeavors – MAKING IT BIG is one of my favorite books….I thirst as to what the finished COCKYBOYS film will look like….

          • Alan Keddie

            Whoa! Issues, much?!

      • Alan Keddie

        And you’re a fucking cunt, cunt.

    • JustJim

      Says the guy who looks like a child molester. Does constantly ragging on Liam make you feel better about yourself?

      • Alan Keddie

        Yes of course it does, cunt. Why the cunt do you think I do it, cunt?

        • JustJim

          Very Nice. Seems we touched a nerve with Miss Alan. You must have been bullied and picked on — is that why you feel the need to make fun of Liam’s voice every chance you get? Why don’t you post a video of youself screaming “Cunt, Cunt, Cunt” — I’m sure we would all love to see and judge what you really sound and look like. My guess, Lima will come off sounding and acting like twice the MAN you are!

          • Stacy

            It makes me kind of jealous that the new generation of porn stars can be themselves….maybe it will take out the G4P stranglehold

  • michael

    Who cares about Chi Chi with those photos of Tayte Hanson, Allen King and especially Levi Karter looking all muscled up.

  • James Withers

    Good luck, Chi Chi.

    • jesusismylover

      He’s going to need it.

      • James Withers

        We all need it. Even concern trolls who lurk with moral indignation.

        • jesusismylove

          I forgive him but I can’t say the same for God.

          • andrew

            If Jesus is your love, why don’t you unlock your comments so that others might benefit from your “wisdom”?

          • Maximus

            Don’t feed the trolls, dear.

        • sxg

          I don’t understand why the hate for his comment, it’s actually spot on. As Zach asked, Chi Chi DJs and clubs are notorious for being littered with drugs, but also he works on a porn set where there are a good number of drug users there. This is his 2nd time in rehab and he relapsed while being surrounded in the porn/club environment. So yes, he WILL need that luck because clearly the environment(s) Chi Chi works in are nothing but a huge temptation which he failed at the first time around.

          • James Withers

            Hate is a strong word. Was only pointing out that recovering addicts and non addicts needs luck. Concern trolls are a troublesome, but that’s my problem

  • Clusterfuck

    Going to rehab is a career highlight for Chi Chi. At least the prolific mediocrity was put on pause for a short time.

    • Jer

      Have you SEEN Black Balled 5 with Dean Monroe? I beg to diffah queen.

  • Stacy

    The social media coming out of Camp CB this week has been amazing – the pairings, that fourway, the enthusiasm. CB has been such a game changer in gay porn, and making mash-ups like Keller, Reilly, Hanson and Stewart, I mean, that has never been attempted. This thing is gonna be epic.

  • McM.

    Best of luck to Chi Chi.

    Though I do know one of the interview answers will change in about two months. “Enjoying the crisp air and the amazing fall colors” of Minnesota is great for now, but then comes the winter. Even if you can deal with the cold and don’t mind spending a few days indoors watching movies, reading, and working on hobbies, the snow will wear you down.

    Thousands of pounds of white, fluffy, bullshit will just materialize on the daily. I swear, snow won’t even need to physically fall during the night, but you’ll still wake up to 3-4 feet of it in the drive. And god help you if you fail to get to it before noon b/c then the bottom layer turns into this impenetrable sheet of ice that will wreck the most expensive snow blowers.

  • Zealot

    Good to read Chi Chi sounding upbeat and saying the right things. I hope he stays with the program and remains positive. Rehab isn’t easy and if he chooses to re-enter places or be with people that serve to trigger his drug use, it could be for naught. I hope he makes it.

  • Sed

    Aw man Zach. I wish you had asked him about the race issue in gay porn. Why he and other directors allow white performers to dictate the terms of employment for so-called models of color?

    • sxg

      It’s about timing I guess, and that Zach oddly enough didn’t want to be a cunt just this once! 😉

      But I’m sure Zach will ask him about that eventually, it wouldn’t surprise me if he’s been working on getting people willing to talk about it with him for quite some time.

    • GN

      The man’s trying to stay off the sauce, why task with with such political questions? at this time?

  • Rickster Rickster

    I am so sick and tired of this old washed up drag hag I could spit nails. cha cha la pew has never been anything but a hack director who on more than one occasion has stolen the plots of earlier better made films just so he could keep churning out his seemingly endless stream of crap. I could give a rats ass that this person has a drinking problem, lots of people do. it would have served him right if he had had to get sober in the drunk tank of the local jail then go to court mandated AA. especially since there is a stack of overdosed dead porn stars laid directly at his feet. the world would be a better place if he just entered a convent and was never heard from again. btw miss thing can’t be a better anything yet. there hasn’t been enough time and he’s basically in a sheltered controlled environment. the proof of the pudding is in real life a good period later. that I’m a better nonsense was cha cha spewing his usual verbal bullshit. btw the boy band movie is yet another tired retread. I hope he digs up Sharon Kane to reprise her role.

    • Eric D


  • SaintMike

    sometimes I feel like I missed something by not going to a fancy $$ rehab….on the other hand, sweating and shaking it out and suffering a bit is probably what did me the most good. I was certainly in no condition to be giving interviews at 90 days. Best of Luck

  • DEE

    cute photos

  • Maximus

    LOVE me some Chi Chi. I’m really happy to hear that she’s doing so well. You keep on keepin’ on, momma!

  • Jonny Marzetti

    While I prefer BB movies, which I know ChiChi vehemently opposes, I have to say that NO ONE can direct ass-loving, hole-devouring rimming the way ChiChi can. NO ONE. NO ONE.

  • Eric D

    Yawn…a self-absorded DOUCHE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Myko

    Well that was boring

  • beariac
  • Jeffrey Hill

    Congrats on 90 days.

  • Bee Jay

    Best Wishes Chi, Chi