[UPDATED] Chi Chi LaRue Ends GoFundMe Campaign, Moves To “Less Expensive” Rehab

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If you gave money to Chi Chi LaRue’s rehab GoFundMe expecting that your donation would help her complete treatment at the very expensive Hazelden facility, surprise, it’s not. Based on the update to the campaign below, the funds received will only be paying for the “initial in-house treatment phase,” and LaRue is now moving to a cheaper rehab. Also, the goal amount on the GoFundMe has been moved from $40,000 to $11,100 (the amount collected so far), and the campaign is over:

Dear Friends,
Thanks to all of you for your support of Larry/Chi Chi, both on this page and with your kind thoughts and words. Because of your support, we’re happy to report he is doing amazingly well. The donations received have been used to complete the initial in-house treatment phase after insurance stopped coverage. He will now be moving to a less expensive treatment option to continue his journey. As a result of this, the upcoming expenses have greatly decreased and we have adjusted the original goal to have been met. Again, THANK YOU all and look for Larry/Chi Chi to return stronger and better than ever in the near future.
With love,
Larry’s Family and Friends

It’s not known where or for how long Chi Chi LaRue will be continuing rehab (and what the new cost will be), but the 145 people who donated over $11,000 to the original campaign to keep her at Hazelden for 60 days probably deserve to know?

Video posted to LaRue’s Facebook this morning:

UPDATE 8/11/15: A couple of things are more clear now, as I’ve been able to confirm that Chi Chi LaRue is in fact still at Hazelden and will remain there until this Friday (for a total of 42 days). All of the money received via GoFundMe ($11k) is in fact paying for LaRue’s 14 days at the treatment center that aren’t covered by insurance, which only covered the first month. After Friday, LaRue is moving to outpatient treatment at an undisclosed location. I’m told that LaRue will pay out of pocket for all treatment going forward.

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