Gay Porn Rematch: Chris Damned Fucks Brandon Anderson’s Ass Bareback For The Second Time

Posted November 19, 2021 by with 15 comments

If you’re a gay man with even a semi-functioning brain, you know full well that if you were given the chance, you’d do everything in your power to fuck Brandon Anderson as many times as humanly possible. So, even though he’s already fucked him before, it’s no surprise that Chris Damned is fucking Brandon Anderson again today.

Chris and Brandon’s first encounter was in a fireman-themed scene for NextDoor, and today it’s a military-themed scene on sister studio ActiveDuty. Stay tuned (maybe?) for Chris and Brandon’s holiday-themed scene next month, when they fuck for the third time while dressed as Santas.

chrisbb4 Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ActiveDuty: Chris Damned Fucked Brandon Anderson Bareback]

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