Chris Damned, Tannor Reed, And Reese Rideout Star In “Breeding The Elf”

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Get ready for an entire week of gay porn stars being fucked while wearing Santa hats (a.k.a. “Christmas porn”). Over the weekend, we saw some from BelAmi and ColbyKnox, and today, it’s’s turn.

In “Breeding The Elf“—love that festive title—Tannor Reed plays the elf, Chris Damned plays the breeder, and Reese Rideout has a cameo role as Santa. (Given that Reese is dressed up as Santa for the cameo, it’s a guarantee that he’ll be back to fuck someone in another scene this week.)

While these photos and reactions are fun, thankfully, things like this do not happen in the actual scene:

“Santa” does interrupt the fuckfest at one point, but it’s only for a few seconds, and he actually approves of his elf being fucked raw on his desk.

Dream hunk Chris Damned is the powertopping mailman we don’t deserve, and while Tannor doesn’t cum in this scene, at least we aren’t subjected to another fake cum shot. Plus, he is quite possibly the cutest elf you will ever see: Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Chris Damned Fucks Tannor Reed Bareback]

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