WATCH: Ricky Roman, Boomer Banks, Carter Dane, François Sagat, Sean Ford, And Levi Karter In CockyBoys’ All Saints

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DVZUHqaVMAE-vaDThe first episode from CockyBoys’ All Saints just went live, and Str8UpGayPorn has your first look at the episode trailer, as well as the full series trailer below.

All Saints features an all-star cast in 12 visually stunning episodes that were shot in several locations over the last two years. And, several of the actors in All Saints are reprising their roles from CockyBoys’ groundbreaking 2013 series, Answered Prayers. Most notably, Ricky Roman returns as the “The Banker,” and Levi Karter returns as “Puck”:


And, there’s a cameo from Max Ryder’s “The Lamb”:


The All Saints cast (which, at this point, is the biggest and most star-studded of 2018) also includes Boomer Banks, Sean Ford, Josh Moore, Calvin Banks, Carter Dane (in his first performance in over a year), Adam Ramzi, and even François Sagat:


Please pray that the glimpses of Boomer Banks, Ricky Roman, Josh Moore, and François Sagat on the same set mean that they’ll be having a fourgy. Also pray that those flashes of Carter Dane with both Levi Karter and Sean Ford mean that there are duos with them. Trailer for All Saints:

[CockyBoys: All Saints]

And, the first episode just released features Adam Ramzi and Calvin Banks:

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Here’s how the series will be released throughout 2018, along with this first episode’s description, which reveals what All Saints is about:

ALL SAiNTS is broken up into three chapters, with each chapter containing four episodes. ALL SAiNTS will be rolled out throughout the year. Set against the mystical landscape of New Orleans, ALL SAiNTS, continues and builds upon the unique mythology that fans have come to love in ANSWERED PRAYERS. Adrian, a grad student (Calvin Banks) has just become a research assistant to a forward thinking professor (Adam Ramzi) at the Institute of Religious Studies in New Orleans. Since he was young, Adrian has been fascinated by the more magical and fantasy driven aspects of the Bible and is now in the perfect place to explore and hopefully prove some of his non traditional “theories.” But the arrival of a lawyer (Carter Dane), representing a major funder of the institute, sets off a chain of events that will soon open up a world of mystery, power, and understand that will change his life forever.

Trailer for the first episode, which is now live, starring Adam Ramzi and Calvin Banks (watch in full here):

[CockyBoys’ All Saints: Adam Ramzi Fucks Calvin Banks]



  • Satyros

    CockyBoys can come off as rather pretentious sometimes but I like their stuff for the most part. I’m REALLY looking forward to the scene with Adam Ramzi and Calvin Banks. Calvin has become one of my favorite performers in porn, and Adam is damn sexy. That picture with Calvin looking up at Adam is perfect. Also, Carter Dane might have the world’s most perfect ass so I will be quite happy when his scene(s) from this are released.

  • as3487

    Am I the only guy that REALLY hates porn with a plot? And the pre-fuck interviews?

    • pje821

      I like porn with a plot, but it’s so rarely done well: good writing, good acting and with the sex integrated into the storyline. I haven’t seen any of this film, so I can’t criticize it, but based on other Cockyboys’ plot-heavy films, it may take a while to get to the sex. Certainly there’s enough material out there (the vast majority) that dispenses with any sort of plot and just gets to the sex to enjoy in the meantime.

      • AlohaMar

        I watched the first scene—there’s 35 minutes of foreplay & sex. There’s about 10 minutes of plot leading up to it (gorgeously shot, btw), and the acting is good. But there’s a lot of sex. I mean, you can skip to the sex, but the plot thus far is intriguing and adds to the sex. I loved it. (And Calvin Banks is hot)

  • WhimsyCotton
  • B.C.

    This is great stuff, CB is my favourite studio. Ramzi and Banks…don’t think i could have imagined more beautiful pairing. And finally, Carter Dane. Am I assuming right he is going to top Sean and/or Levi? Which leads to a question who is going to pounce on his magnificent ass?

    • AlohaMar

      I’m curious as well. It seems like he might top Levi; perhaps Sean. He’s in a scene with Calvin too (you see Calvin trying to kiss him in the trailer), but I don’t know if that’s a sex pairing.

      • B.C.

        They could do a reprise with Ramzi, but I’m rooting for Sagat. Just hope he doesn’t go Diego Sans route and stop bottoming altogether. That would be tragic.

        • AlohaMar

          Carter giving up bottoming? That’s a world I don’t want to live in.

        • c_find

          Sagat is too much of a self professed bottom to do that. From what Diego never really took to bottoming

  • Xzamilloh

    “His hotel in a skyscraper. Which I’d never even been in a skyscraper.”

    That line felt so 50 Shades

    Yeah… I’m not watching A Handmaid’s Tale for cum shots and big dicks, and I damn sure don’t watch porn for the story. Or at least get them to emote like actors because there could have been dick in that trailer where the boring talking was.

    • elyp

      Let’s see if Calvin Banks develops anthropomorphic inner desire and conscience further into the story first THEN we can compare this to 50 Shades.

  • Zealot

    This is like gay porn meets Ingmar Bergman. Swedish existentialism to fap to.

  • Tellingthetruth

    Stunning trailer. This is CockyBoys at their best. Calvin and Adam look so hot together. Nice work!

  • Devin

    Boring, pretentious, scripted, bullshit. I hope OnlyFans becomes huge and the mainstream porn studios go out of business

  • Scrapple

    Max’s outfit is giving me Tall Man tease. Which Phantasm sequel is this?

    Adam and Calvin are great together. Hotness all around. But this feels like one of those moments where Jake & Co. went a little overboard. You’re taking two years to film a porn movie? For why? There will be three chapters with four episodes each? I realize they’re probably going for a 12 Disciples thing, but that seems like overkill. In the time it took to release this first vid, Max is already at a different studio, Carter, Levi and Ricky have mostly been porn silent and François has been filming a lot of scenes with Men. It makes the whole project feel like it’s a mixture of new scenes with vault footage thrown in.

    • AlohaMar

      Max Ryder doesn’t work in porn at all anymore. He’s George Alvin now, but maintains a friendship with the people at CockyBoys. I doubt his is a sex role. I believe the majority of what was filmed happened in 2017 & pre-production occurred in 2016. Ricky & Levi filmed a bunch of scenes for CB in the meantime (literally a scene with Levi was released a little over a week ago), and this IS what Carter was doing in 2017. Carter’s decision not to do more was up to Carter, but he’s still very much with CockyBoys. I know some folks find what Jake Jaxson does a bit much, but for me, if all porn was just low-to-medium quality quickly shot scenes, I’d get bored.

      • Scrapple

        The Max bit was a mistake on my part. I had Max and Carter on the brain and was thinking of “Max Carter” when I wrote the studio part. I know about Max’s name change. And while Levi did have a film released with Asher two weeks ago, his last scene before that was released in October. My whole point was instead of releasing these scenes when a good deal of these models were front and center, they waited until several of them were basically off the canvas for a while.

        There’s nothing wrong with trying to create epic porn events. But two years? That’s a bit much.

  • Cosmic

    It will be a fun watch if even just for the scenes of Boomer and Francois’s intense eyebrow acting.

  • nick

    I’ll watch the bits with Mr Sagat in, not bothered about the rest of it.

  • gaycuckhubby

    Off-topic, but do any of you porn connoisseurs no what happened to Patrick McDonald’s / Ace arborwood? He’s deleted all his pictures and videos off of social media a couple days ago and no updates

    • James Johnson III

      If my first scene was with one of the dirtiest, sketchiest studios around and I came off looking like a thirsty, pass-around bottom the whole way, I would go into self-imposed exile too

      • gaycuckhubby

        He looked kinda messed up in the scene. Hopefully he’s getting whatever kind of help he needs

        • James Johnson III

          I feel the same way

  • Maximus
  • James Johnson III

    While the sex is hot and all, the only thing constantly running through my mind while watching these trailers was…How did they get the license to use the song “House of the Rising Sun” or did they not need to because it was a violin cover?

    • AlohaMar

      Trying to remember my copyright law, but I believe there’s a standard fee to pay (to the writers) when using a song (any version). There’s a different fee for using a particular performance, the price of which depends on how popular that version is. The performance use fee can be huge, which is probably why they’re using a far less well known cover.

      • AlohaMar

        I should add—it’s been awhile since I studied this. I don’t know whether the cover artist paid the standard writer fee for use under all purposes (including the ability to sell it to a production), or whether CockyBoys had to pay it.

      • James Johnson III

        I did 2 years of law but, sadly, I didn’t get to copyright law so thank you for this information

  • Hari Kalyan

    all that’s missing is a low level/d-list celeb cameo

  • Kevin Jones

    Porn with plot is rarely done well nowadays but I must admit I am now intrigued by this.