CockyBoys’ Jake Jaxson Responds To Pierre Fitch’s Twitter Meltdown: “We Still Support Him”

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cocky pierreCockyBoys’ owner and director Jake Jaxson has just posted a lengthy response addressing Pierre Fitch’s recent social media meltdown, which included several angry tweets directed at CockyBoys and Jaxson himself.

Here’s an excerpt from Jaxson’s Facebook post (read in full here), in which the studio owner acknowledges Fitch’s tweets, yet still praises him and offers his support:

Like many, we were surprised and saddened by Pierre’s statement last Thursday regarding his decision to leave the business. While Pierre was no longer a contract “exclusive” performer with us, we were in the middle of planning new shoots with him, one being with our newest exclusive Boomer Banks; a shoot that everyone involved was excited about. We have worked with Pierre for the past four years, all the way back to “Project GoGo Boy.” We have consistently worked with him longer than any company in his storied 17-year career, and I am proud of the work we created.

However, over the next two days, I watched someone I respect have an unfortunate public meltdown. And before I knew it, and without any warning or understating why, it was soon directed at our company. While I was upset at the untrue accusations, I knew something more serious must be fueling it.

It is always my approach to try and resolve any personal upsets or business disputes directly with the people involved. I don’t address these kind of matters publicly out of respect for everyone involved. I know and understand that if someone is unhappy, they always have the power to not work with us or, even as some do, publicly vent — but as a company, we go over and beyond in how we treat our performers and staff.

Now I know some folks like watching a good Twitter meltdown and many enjoy trading industry whispers and gossip –I’m sure some of you are reaching for the popcorn memes as we speak. But having worked with Pierre for so long, I can say with certainty that this was out of character for him, and while there were some who chose to capitalize on his situation, many of us close to him worked behind the scenes to help him.

At his core, Pierre is a nice guy. He is full of positive energy, and when you first meet him or hang out with him, he is FULL ON. He is loving, generous, and I have seen him over and over spend hours of his time to help teach other performers ways to grow their business. I don’t know anyone like him, and don’t think I ever will.

Many of you have heard me speak or have read my essays about our company’s belief and mission in creating a new kind of adult entertainment — our mission of not only trying to change the way people think about porn, but how they think about sex. A mission that is dedicated to creating a mutually respectful relationship with our performers and elevating them so they are NEVER seen as disposable.

For the last four years, and even today, Pierre is a shining example of that kind of relationship. More than anyone in this industry we supported him (AND STILL DO), when others did not, gave him work and created opportunities when he asked, and even took the unprecedented step of defending him on our site and to our members when their comments had become non-constructive, and at times mean-spirited.

I did not get rid of him, cut him loose, or toss him aside — I bucked the porn trend when blog commentators said he was past his “shelf life,” and I hired him even more. He has done what so many try to do, but fail: to create a business and brand that he manages, controls and runs himself –and to think that ANYONE can control or manipulate him, does NOT know him, and is delusional to think so.

Read Jaxson’s full response here, which concludes with news that CockyBoys will soon be publishing a “Performers & Producers Bill of Rights.”

  • You have classy porn producers.
    Then there’s Nica Noelle (fanning the flames and salivating at the idea she could get Pierre Fitch to work with her).

  • sxg

    Dear fucking god, and I thought I was long-winded!

    “and now “competing” producers and directors try to fan the flames,
    hoping that the possibility of smoke will make others look away from
    their fires. ”

    Wonder who he could be talking about…

    “Now I know some folks like watching a good Twitter meltdown and many
    enjoy trading industry whispers and gossip –I’m sure some of you are
    reaching for the popcorn memes as we speak.”

    I have NO clue who he could be talking about!…

    • AussieB

      Has logo or Bravo greenlit a reality show about the gay porn industry yet? A

      • sxg

        The last thing I would want is for the pornstars to be around Andy Cohen so much. I think he’s a hot daddy, but since he claims to be a top only I wouldn’t want for anyone to be fucked by an old queen.

        • Zealot

          Have you seen Andy’s boyfriend? As for his claim to be a strict top I say, “HA! I laugh in your general direction, Andy Cohen!” And I agree. Having Cohen anywhere near the porn industry would be awful. He’d soon reduce it to an even more screeching mess of clawing, back-stabbing and Real Housewives bullshit than it is already. The whole industry would end up being more or less (well, probably more since it’s already half-way there) at each other’s throats constantly. Let him and AC sit and giggle in a corner somewhere as they argue over which one Kelly Rippa likes best.

          • sxg

            Meh. Hot boyfriend or not, I don’t think Andy is one to keep his hands to himself. He’s mentioned that he has slept with a multiple number of his guests, including the bartenders, after the show ends. And I think he even has a habit of hiring escorts. His recent book, The Andy Cohen Diaries, mentions frequently about his massage sessions, and sometimes it doesn’t sound like he’s actually getting a massage lol

          • Zealot


    • CBW

      LOL My first thought after reading this (and it wasn’t even the full response!) was that it was the longest way of not addressing “these kind of matters publicly” I’ve ever seen.

  • Maximus

    Dude. You make porn. Calm. The fuck. Down. There’s nothing wrong with porn—I’d dare say that it’s a wonderful thing—but don’t try to make it into more than it is. No one watches porn because they want to be artistically or intellectually stimulated; they watch it because they want to be sexually stimulated.

    Also, it takes a lot of gall to claim concern for the health and wellbeing of your employees in the same breath in which you promote having hired an HIV+ guy for scenes with HIV– performers.

    And can we please clock the fact that he states, “I don’t address these kind of matters publicly out of respect for everyone involved,” only to immediately begin doing exactly that?

    It’s all just so disingenuous.

    • sxg

      Yea the health part is a bit of a stretch for them. Yes they do only condom porn, and in my opinion that’s better than barebacking with only depending on Truvada/Prep as your safety net, but it’s still risky without any testing in place.

    • Hereweare

      Exactly! And I love how toward the end of all the Pierre-Is-God blah blah he was spewing, he manages to slide in……”I bucked the trend when commentators said he was past his shelf life.”
      Sit down, Bitch.

  • jimboivyo

    I did not read this because as a porn consumer I don’t want to know…..get your shit together people within your own studios and just crank out great porn. All this TMI is nothing more than a boner cramp.


    • italianboi69

      this guy has been a porn actor his entire adult life

    • AussieB

      Cockyboys has a huge social media following and its models cultivate that and build relationships with their members. They buy into all this.

  • jimboivyo


    • Zachary Sire

      please stop with the all caps or i’ll delete your comments.

      • jimboivyo

        Not a problem Zach. I was just venting my madness over all this drama when these studios could just shut the fuck up and deliver their product which to me seems more important than dragging Twitter drama into their justification for doing so.

  • jimboivyo


  • mtxb2010

    It’s really hard to believe people in this industry have so many issues and emotional problems… I wouldn’t have expected that.

  • John

    To me his picture of Pierre fits with the image I have had of him. I think he was justified in taking his time to address the issues. It was very positive and was supportive of Pierre. Only Pierre knows what he was going through It was very different from the Icon woman.. I used to have meltdowns till I saw a shrink and got the proper meds. Pierre is more beautiful than ever ( though a bit too covered in ink) and I see no reason for him to retire.

    • Goodboy

      In short. I love Pierre. You’re hot and that’s all that matters to me. Stay hot Pierre!!. Oh and when are you going to answer my letters?

      • thank you

        • Goodboy

          That was only snark dumbass. LMAO

          • never got your letters

          • Goodboy

            That would be because I didn’t send any. Only messing with your “fan boy” john.

          • Dazzer

            If you write with green ink on violet paper, the chances are that the FBI doesn’t let you near post boxes any more.

          • Goodboy

            Yup and if you take all that violet paper and shove it up your ass people will still say you’re full of shit.

            I’m sure Pierre will fuck you one day though. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Dreams do come true!

    • AussieB

      Unless after spending his entire adult life in porn, he decides theres a healthier way to go and a better way to find himself and his talents beyond sex on film

      • thanks you will follow my passions and may do a few scenes here and there but not for much longer !!

  • sanfv

    This is the state of gay porn the past two days.

    Thanks to a crazy 40 year old woman and some random man that stalks people.

  • Scrapple

    They were planning a shoot with Boomer and Pierre, and then Pierre has a meltdown? Hmm…

    Speaking of CockyBoys, I always wonder what happened to Derrick Vinyard. Outside of a scene or two for Men, he disappeared after he sold the company.

  • italianboi69

    wow i just realized pierre has been a porn actor his entire adult life. that seems crazy to me. he literally has no experience as an adult that does not relate to being a porn actor

    • AussieB

      So meltdowns or mental health issues shouldn’t be a surprise

      • who say’s I have mental health issue you have doctor papers showing this??? who informs you with such information ????

        • Dazzer

          Some people just equate having a bad-tempered, grumpy day as having a psychotic illness. Anyone who is constantly happy scares me and I always have to resist the urge to dip their Prozac in vinegar. Ho hum. To have emotions and vent sometimes is probably one of the best indicators there is of a good mental health.

          Keep up the good work of existing as a grounded human being, Monsieur Fitch.

        • Michael

          You should be read for the lack of spelling and grammar, but you weren’t

    • really wow you must know a hell of allot about me

  • OverKill
  • jimboivyo

    Cockyboys back the…..And now.

  • Todd

    When you’re happy, tweet away.

    When you’re not, walk away.

  • Rick Tan

    That was a very classy response. I am actually annoyed by the thoughtless comments here. Yes, this is porn. No, it still demands serious response from companies when accused of mistreating their employees. This is their career, their livelihood, and it’s still people involved. Sorry you didn’t get to use your stupid drama gifs.

    I neither know nor care about what’s going on with Pierre Fitch and cockyboys, but I am impressed by the emotionally correct response from cockyboys.

  • Todd
  • DJ

    Ok but that Pierre/Boomer scene would’ve been fire!

  • CA

    All that he wrote in this post was overshadowed by his comment that he continued to hire Fitch after members complained that they didn’t enjoy him any longer.

    WTF is wrong with these porn producers??!! I have no doubt this is exact how Corbin at Corbin Fisher thinks and works too, which is why we still have Kenny and many others. This should not be a halfway house for lost boys.

    No wonder porn is so lackluster these days–they’re running a socialized job program behind the scenes.

    • Tony161956

      I sincerely hope you aren’t an employer. You’d make a horrible boss

      • CA

        I certainly hope you don’t own your own business.

        If a staff member repeatedly receives poor customer reviews and he is given a shot or two after that to see if the response from consumers is different–if that sentiment from the customer has not changed, you are doing no one a favor keeping that employee around.

        The paramount reason for not keeping him around, is that you have ostracized your paying base on the principle that one employee is more valuable than the needs of the company and the customer–I’ll continue in a moment why that is a bad move not just for the assumed evils of capitalism. Ignoring their customers is something CF and other studios have certainly done over the years–hence their steady decline…I’d challenge there are a few other issues, but mostly that they have ignored their customer base. A base that has shifted with the generations and even the growth and openness of the gay community.

        I know blog contributors can be harsh, but there is a running clear message that consumers are unhappy with their porn. Owners can choose to ignore the call for change or actually weed through the comments to see what constructive criticism exists, because there is a lot, they’re not all just frivolous complains from the never satisfied. The shunned consumer tends to not return and they don’t refer their friends and tend to be hostile to the businesses continued practice. With that result, I the owner and the other dozens of people I employee, are now watching a business decline to help one underperforming member of the team–that’s how the niceness attended to one person is harmful to those strong performers in the business.

        Do you think Hollywood keeps making movies with actors who don’t bring a draw to the box-office? Do you think restaurants keep servers if people say they do not like their work?

        Yes, I am a boss and I have a great team–a team that I’ve cultivated and honed to meet the demand and needs of the business. Those needs are the needs of my customer, not what I want and often what is easiest for me or what makes me feel good all of the time. That bias and desire to keep the likes of Pierre Fitch and CF’s Kenny around can destroy a brand and ultimately their business.

        • Pascal

          You seem to operate under the sample fallacy that the menopaused mean girls of Waybig provide though. You don’t know the subscriber metrics for CF’s Kenny for instance, only CF itself does.

          CM’s Bryan Ockert explained in one of his videos that he doesn’t care about Internet comments about his performers, only the statistics his site provide him. So all of the pirates (I’m going to assume, because otherwise those guys are millionaires with all the porn they consume) can cry wolf all they want, his business is just not there.

          Maybe Kenny is the same? (CF’s the worst though)

          • CA

            I do not know of Kenny’s metrics, but it doesn’t take a genius to read his latest update on WB to see there is not one positive comment. One can weed through the mean girl comments against SC’s Brandon for instance and see that he still has a following and is the highest rated model on the SC member site as well as Brandon’s high Alexa rating associated with Sean Cody. Kenny does not have that.

            And to be clear, Jake Jaxson cited in his above comments that his members didn’t care for Pierre Fitch, not me.

          • Pascal

            So you went from ‘Kenny is responsible for the death of CF’ to ‘his Alexa rating is not stellar’… All performers are not equally lusted after but again comments on WB are not representative. The posters over there probably make for a very small percentage of CF’s subscriber base (which the small number of comments compared to those of a SC update would sort of prove).

            They are shouting in a void but can’t help themselves for some reason.

          • CA

            I said CF’s inability to hear the feedback of their customer is their downfall–Kenny was one example of that, I have plenty others.

            If you think CF is doing well, then we will have to just disagree on that topic.

          • Pascal

            And I said that Waybiggers are most likely not CF’s customers. So why would they listen to them?

            It’s sure that CF and their current run of dime store recruits do not make the site look like the healthiest of business.

          • CA

            I agree they don’t need to listen to all of the comments on WB–I don’t. I was a paying member of CF for years uninterrupted, I don’t think my experience with them ignoring customer issues was unique to me.

            I do think that they do need to follow along to see what potential customer want though and that is why it is bad business to discount WB commenters completely.

            And yes, dime store recruits is completely accurate, lol.

        • DrunkEnough

          If someone keeps taking in strays, runaways, and lost youth, they can maintain power over them. It’s the first step to building a cult.

    • Jake Jaxson

      Hi CA-

      In my original post, I did linked to my directors note ( if folks wanted to read it, but it was not included in the post above. I have include the first few paragraphs below, and as you can see, we kept hiring Pierre because the comments where not in line with the statistics and “his scenes are always the top performing”. I hope that brings a better understanding to the situation. Thanks always, JJ

      NOTE: ” Recently, I received a call from Pierre Fitch–he’d just read the comments about his scenes from our site. His Canadian accent was thick and loud. “Wow, they really don’t like me!” he said, laughing. I explained that while the comments say one thing, the statistics say another (his scenes are always the top-performing), and in true Pierre style he shot back, “Well we will just have to do better, won’t we.” And that is why I love him. He is quick to see the positive in any situation.

      Many of you may not know but, recently, Pierre celebrated his 13th anniversary in the adult business, since shooting his first scene shortly after his 18th birthday. I always cringe when people refer to the “shelf life” of an adult performer, or worse, proclaim, “It’s time to go!” Pierre’s commitment to his work is beyond reproach–there’s no shelf life here at CockyBoys, and he’s not going away any time soon.”

      • Dazzer

        I don’t have the ability – or wish – to hunt through some of Zach’s reviews of Pierre Fitch’s performances for Cocky Boys, but from memory the estimable Zachary Sire has gushed over how sensual and sexual Mr Fitch’s performances have been for your studio.

        Not to put too fine a point on it, if Zach had been a female porn star, he’d have girlie ejaculated for a new world record. Is it Annie Sprinkle who’d have thrown her vinegar douche at him?

        Anyway, I don’t get or go along with a ‘shelf-life’ for someone like Pierre Fitch. If there were a ‘shelf life’ then Colby Keller would be well and truly in the knacker’s yard of gay porn stars. But even though he’s hitting 40, the guy still does stuff to gentlemen’s erotic areas that would leave us hip-combo woofters reaching for the Kleenex.

        To quote Gloria Swanson (and this is apt for the Cocky Boys philosophy in terms of casting its models), ‘it’s only the pictures that got smaller.’

      • CA

        Thanks for the clarification, Jake. I was actually surprised to read that small excerpt from you–hence why I felt the need to comment–because I have always thought CB’s has done and is doing some of the best porn out there and assume that’s because you all are listening to your customers.. Some of the guys aren’t for me, but I can see the quality you all put into your work and have appreciated it….btw, I’m sure you already know this, but more Colby Keller.

        • Tony161956

          LOL…love the backpedaling

          • CA

            No. I stand by my comments. Jake clarified his statement. I now better understand his points. I appreciate his reaching out to me to make sure I had my issues addressed. That’s how good business owners work.

            Not back peddling, basic communication patters work this way…

      • Zealot

        Of all the things I hate most it’s how (some of) the porn-consuming public feel that the industry exists to meet their very narrow list of must-haves in order for the product to be good. Over the years what I’ve learned is that while I’m always interested in seeing new blood in the industry (hello, Carter Dane!); I continually return to the work of performers who captivate me with their performances. I mean Colby Keller NEVER seems to give a bad performance. He is either one helluva actor, or he really likes his work. And I will always go out of my way to watch his scenes. The same is true for former actors like Paul Carrigan, Landon Conrad; or current actors like Gabriel Clark and Dale Cooper…(I could go on, but I won’t). Pierre is very much cut of that same cloth. I’m just sorry that he doesn’t see his value; and he can’t see in the finished product just how captivating and wonderful he is. And the accent….sexy as fuck! Anyone who would see him as past his prime is just too PSTD for color TV (I borrowed that). If Pierre could see some of the dumpy, doughy trolls who are posting that mean shit about him, he’d take it in stride. I guess I don’t understand just how fragile an ego can be, but for fuck’s sake, he’s beautiful. And to be blunt, he’s got a rockin’ bod and a huge cock…and he is wonderfully, actively horn-doggingly versatile! Not bad assets to have in his line of work. I hope you guys work this out and get him back in front of your cameras. That scene with Boomer sounded pretty rad. My best to you all.

  • kkdd1

    As far as I am concerned Pierre Finch has been retired 4 the last 17 years !

    • really where have you been all this time ?

      • Dazzer

        He’s Jaric Wentworth after he discovered a time-travel machine.

      • kkdd1

        U R not my type !

    • Tony161956

      Who is this Pierre Finch you reference? Jeez,. you don’t even know his name

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    So am I the only one who reads this as “Pierre please go to rehab?”

    • Tony161956


    • who says I’m on drugs get your facts together please thank you !!

      I been living a very healthy life style for a few years thanks have not even been to bars in over 3 years have not had any booze in over 9 months and drug free thanks !!

  • Myko

    He must be make a reference to drugs right ? It’s always fucking drugs or attention seeking that lead to these Twitter meltdowns .
    Who’s week is it to hold the meth pipe ?

    • Dazzer

      I dunno. Sometimes people are just having a bad hair day and get incredibly grumpy in public. I don’t do drugs at all – I even drink decaf tea – but when I’m pissed off with someone or something, I can be completely and utterly vile with precisely no regrets.

      Sometimes you don’t need drink or drugs to look at a person or a situation and say, determinedly, “Fuck. Right. Off.”

  • GuruMike

    TL;DR love Pierre.

  • clarklane

    LOL Jake Jaxson cracks me up. Always trying to be so lofty and superior ( all the while looking unkempt and like he smells bad) claiming to be an “artiste”.
    Dude – you make porn. Lighten up. It’s porn – naked guys fucking so others can jerk off. That’s it.

  • Snorlaxation

    I can’t imagine the stress involved in this kind of business, where you are your image and the product and constantly needing to stay relevant and whatnot. The only negative thing I’ve ever heard about Fitch was the he wasn’t very approachable or personable, and there’s that old saying about ‘you’re only as good as your worst characteristic’ or something.

    That doesn’t mean he’s a bad person if he isn’t the friendliest around, but still. If someone isn’t all that friendly, having a social media page isn’t the best idea, especially combined with everything else.

    Regardless, this is all heresay, so who knows what’s actually true, the context, and all that stuff. The stress of this kind of work is enough to get anyone close to the breaking point.