Why Is (Was?) Pierre Fitch So Pissed At CockyBoys?

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Did you really think the weekend could pass without at least one gay porn star having a Twitter meltdown? Think again.

This time, it was gay porn superstar Pierre Fitch’s turn, and he was pissed!

pierre2In (since deleted) subsequent tweets, Pierre Fitch tagged CockyBoys, indicating that he had been mistreated by the New York-based studio. This seemed strange, given that Fitch has worked with CockyBoys repeatedly and for a longer period of time than he’s worked with any other studio. Str8UpGayPorn reached out to Fitch for details:

pierre1That was Thursday.

On Friday and Saturday, the vague tweets continued:

pierre3 pierre4At this point, Str8UpGayPorn reached out to Fitch again (Fitch tagged CockyBoys several more times in additional tweets—which he’s since deleted—calling the studio “manipulative,” but did not specifically state what they allegedly did to him), this time via direct message:


Fitch—incorrectly—believed that I was “part” of CockyBoys and would take their “side.” He also threatened to sue me if I posted anything “bad”:

pierredm2While I maintain friendly business and affiliate advertising relationships with several studios (including CockyBoys), an important story is an important story, and if Pierre Fitch had one to tell—especially one with implications as serious as this—I wanted it:


At this point, it was clear that Pierre Fitch was either unwilling or unable to share any story, and I let it go.

Around the same time, Pierre Fitch began tweeting back and forth with allegedly abusive director and noted rape apologist Nica Noelle. It appeared that Fitch was setting up a shoot with Nutjob Nica:

pierre6Naturally, I felt compelled to warn Pierre Fitch about Icon Male’s Nica Noelle being accused of abuse by nearly a dozen different gay porn stars, so I slid back into his DMs:



Pierre Fitch then indicated that he was attempting to have Nica Noelle delete several tweets that he found abusive:


If you’re a performer who has been mistreated or abused by a gay porn studio and would like to share your story, please get in touch. As always, anonymity is guaranteed.

As for Pierre Fitch, he’s now announced that “everything is fine.”


  • So Pierre was either just tweeting lies to get attention or he got cold feet after someone threatened him. Either case he looks bad because no one likes a boy who cried wolf.

    • Myko

      Or he was high on meth !

      • AussieB

        They need to answer a complex math problem before getting access to their twitter

      • Nah he woulda been too busy jerking off or being a whore if that were the case

    • AussieB

      I saw some of the tweets but didn’t see cockyboys. I always thought they had a decent reputation. They at least seem to have a good financial model… I wonder what percentage of their members are actually female

  • Dale Bergman

    All gay porn stars should go to STR8UPGAYPORN if they have any problems and need advice…


  • Todd

    Pierre is not the first model to have issues with a director or a studio and then resolve them amicably.

    Nick Capra’s and Billy Santoro’s earliers issues with Nica Noelle and Icon Male for example.

    I am sure Pierre won’t be the last. Glad to hear he’ll continue working. He was away awhile, but it is nice to see him back. Pierre has done hot work recently with Colby Keller and others and I still remember his great work with Gus Maddox and Ralph Woods.

    • Philip Broad

      What happened to Ralph Woods?

    • Thank you Todd your the only positive comment here !! appreciate that !!

  • robirob

    It looks to me like a non-starter if the model in question doesn’t follow up and spills the tea.

  • CBW

    It’s always hilarious to hear these guys threatening legal action by their lawyers.
    Guys, the office of the public defender in whatever jurisdiction you reside in is not going to launch legal action because someone on the internet said something you didn’t like.

    • Goodboy

      He’s confusing himself with Tom Cruise.

    • AussieB

      They see Drumpf threaten everyone and are often under delusions of grandeur that they’re some famous powerful person because they have sex on film

  • ToxicBrew

    Perhaps CockyBoys asked Ms. Pierre the drama queen to get botox? I’m having déjà vu of Brent Corrigan all over again. I guess after you reach a certain age you get cranky and need to vent to your “fans” on social media. Oh and LOL on the my lawyer part. At this point it’s like a movie line these porn whores spit out lol

    • sexnando

      we should launch PornStarTropes.com tbh

    • Goodboy

      With that mouth he could play the joker in a batman parody very realistically though.

  • Brian Sky
  • Stacy

    Maybe CockyBoys asked him to get another tattoo.

  • DPS

    Ugh, it’s disappointing when a personal favorite performer takes to a dust storm on social media only to clean up the mess with a sweeping apology.

  • Maximus
    • Xzamilloh
      • sxg

        I’m sure Mike Julius does as well!

        • Xzamilloh

          He wouldn’t lol.. he said DWJ reminds him too much of a family relative. That’s a shame

          • sxg

            Oh I know! Why else do you think I tease him with a Damon Wayans Jr. GIF every chance I can get? lol

          • Mike Julius

            sxg knows what the fuck he’s doing. >:-(

      • Maximus

        Well, he’s a straight guy in Hollywood, so he probably smells like expensive cologne mixed with Speed Stick mixed with weed.

    • AussieB

      Like many in the gay porn world

  • stephen

    I mean he’s not the first (second, third or fourth) model to complain on twitter about how CockyBoys operates behind the scenes….but then most of those models end up crawling back eventually anyway so who knows

    • Robert

      I have never heard of anyone complaining about CockyBoys, what tea have I missed?

      • stephen

        well Jake Bass spent like the past year complaining about them on twitter until
        his recent scene where they apparently reconciled, Lukas Grande sent out
        a few bitchy tweets about how much better Helix was than his “last
        studio” (though he too has been filming with them again),
        and in some tumblr q&a Bravo Delta had implied that they were
        unorganized and hectic to shoot for

        • Robert

          Nothing hugely scandalous, but I can imagine that CB could be a bit hectic, they do seem to be into the “art” of porn, and not just mass manufacture of scenes.

          • Stacy

            So last fall the ONE ERECTION was all over social media – did it ever happen? Was it ever released?

          • sexnando

            just checked episode one : Lukas Grande, Trenton ducatti and Someone Else. 101 minutes released on january.

          • AussieB

            CB may just need to better screen who they choose to work for. Many of their scenes are different than the standard. They may be mad that CB wanted them to show personality or speak about their lives or recite a few lines or film in different lighting or sets. Formulaic sex on a box or on the same set is easier

        • sxg

          Jake Bass is obnoxious and cunty and I’m sure he was just being a bitch just for the attention. Lukas Grande, not sure about him but he reminds me of that tatted up trainwreck witch that was on that one season of America’s Next Top Model that got kicked off the show for fighting. He doesn’t look like he’s all there either.

  • sanfv

    Nica Noelle has replied on periscope.


  • Ben

    Remember when gay porn stars were just pretty (straight or gay) boys who fucked on camera, kept their mouth shut and did their job? No drama? No bitching over little things?

    • seeker630

      Was there ever such a time? I suspect there has always been drama, bitching, etc. but only with the advent of social media has it been widely disseminated. And the possibility of a wider audience has probably led to an increase.

    • IdidthatOnce

      That’s still the case with Belami…but mainly because the models don’t speak English lol. Who knows what messiness occurs behind the doors of the studio.

    • Pearl Clutcher

      Yes. That was the time before social media. And blogs. And messy bloggers. And awful commenters.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    So Zach why the manipulation with: “I guess you don’t have any specific issue then”?
    Fitch said he would re release the info later. He is either looking for counsel or realizes he is angry and maybe creating a tempest in a teapot.

    Your job is to report not become part of the story.

  • Charlize Theraflu

    Maybe CockyBoys wanted Pierre to get it on with Boomer Banks and Pierre said no way.

    • AussieB

      Doubt it. He’s not an exclusive so he’s entitled. Un an all interview, CB said they’d never force someone to have sex on camera if they didn’t want.

  • Zealot

    I don’t know if Pierre was crying “wolf” or has a real beef with CB. Not that I’m frustrated not to be in on the T, but as a fan of his since nearly day one I wonder what would raise such ire, which I don’t remember seeing from him before (tho I admit I’m not on Twitter, etc.). I hope his issues with CB are resolved because from a fan’s standpoint, his work for them is stellar and IMHO, he’s never looked better. On the flip side, if CB is treating him unfairly I would like to hear his side of the story. In either case I would hate for him to leave the industry altogether over something that might be solve-able. And I have to say, the thought of him shooting for NN is scary beyond belief. My advice, to Pierre:

    • C3xxx

      Nice Noelle as the killer Rabbit of Caerbannog? Spot on. :)

    • sanfv

      He’s also a fucking idiot. He went on a couple tweets, ranting about only taking big dicks. If he is headed to icon to get his dream shoot with miss Vadik Black he better be prepared for VB’s underwhelming 5 inch gypsy cock.


      • Zealot

        I can just see Icon Male’s first title with Pierre: “Daddy’s Little Altar Boy Goes to War” (I think they should try to hit on all of their traditional themes for his debut, don’t you?). A lusty tale of a concerned father “Pierre” (Adam Russo) whose son “Dale”, (Pierre Fitch), leaves the farm after being sexually traded back and forth nightly by himself and swarthy ranch hand “Fernando” (Billy Santoro). Off he goes seeking the bright lights of the city, whereupon he serves as an altar boy for a local sex-starved parish priest “Father Finnigan” (Nick Capra). Befriended by a local beer delivery salesman “Seamus” (Ty Roderick), the boy leaves the church, and he and Seamus enlist to seek sexy adventures in the military. Also starring Connor Maguire as “Major Mateus” (a very rigid drill sergeant). With Colton Grey and Wolf Hudson as his platoon buddies “Serge” and “Boner”. It’s a can’t miss!

        • sanfv

          If Nica plagiarizes. I have screen shots just in case. ?

  • john

    Reading about a porn star threaten to “tell the truth about the industry” and “quit” be like…

  • sxg

    I thought this guy has grown up and became more mature, but seeing this meltdown shows that he really hasn’t changed at all. He’s still the same brat that complained about doing a photoshoot with an old man years ago.

    • Pertinax

      As one can see watching this video, he lives a disgusting, shallow and meaningless life. How dumb gays can be.

      • AussieB

        Straights can be dumb too

    • Goodboy

      Hmm…where have I seen an interview like this. This Smug little queen makes Dirk look like a Rhodes Scholar.

      Thanks for the laugh. You can’t write comedy like this. Lol

    • La Bambi

      All that attitude and he was never even that hot. Also, he says he’s turning 29 in that clip. Christ, aging twinks have the worst attitudes.

  • C3xxx

    Classic Fitch, never following through: had his fans sign up to follow his workout routines: bust, DJ career: bust, selling exclusive Fitch products: bust. Everything else, not on his MasterCard but yours.

    • AussieB

      Must be a go fund me page next

  • Xzamilloh

    Who are these “lawyers” on retainer for these porn stars?

  • OverKill


    Just going around in circles and then doesn’t want to spill the tea. Some porn stars just deserve this look:

  • sanfv

    It’s the same with all these Peter Pan type performers. How old is she?

    Brandon Wilde, say hello to your future.

    • Pertinax

      I read she’s about forty y.o. !

      • sanfv

        She needs to calm down and act her age.

  • Myko

    Sounds the attention seeking klaxon.
    Hasn’t he quit porn about 3 times before ?
    Once to become a superstar DJ ( and failed)

    The bullshit and the delusional chatter is hilarous though

  • seeker630

    Is it possible Fitch was wary of SUGP because the owner, Davyd Dixon, is publicity director for Cocky Boys (assuming both of these facts are still current)?

    • Zachary Sire

      Davyd and I launched this site three years ago (https://str8upgayporn.com/what-exactly-is-str8upgayporn/), and we still co-own it together. I maintain full editorial control, obviously.

      • jimboivyo

        you really should have that response on an f-8 key as I think you’ve done your due-diligence explaining it.

        • AussieB

          But understandable why a model would think otherwise

          • jimboivyo

            why would a model even care to know that? It’s only when commenters don’t know better.

  • I guess in the world of porn we can’t speak our mind and I was not on drugs i do not do drugs or drink it’s been years thank you I’m on a healthy lifestyle and i been in the business for a very long time !! this business compare to what it used to be 15 year plus ago is not like today !! today it’s very negative everyone is looking to just hurt each other and for all the people posting comment none of you even really know who I’m in real life and personally so before posting all your negative comments please get your facts correct ! I’m a very good loving person and very sensitive guy with a big heart and who always smiles and always looking to make people happy like i always done over the years !! I’m never out to cause trouble or to be a jerk to anyone sometimes in life people have melt downs it’s not because i wanted to have a meltdown it’s because allot in my life has been going on and I always try to do all my best to please everyone of my fans i always have and it really suck when i read all these negative comments on me when most people really don’t know me !! well if most of you knew the true me you would never write such comments have a good day and good luck on your own journey and I will follow my passions ! the reason i quit djing so we all have the right facts is because i was tired of the booze and the drugs and wanted away from such life and i moved on i don’t think there is nothing wrong with that maybe to some people but i preferred the healthier life choices !!! thank you and enjoy your day !

    • jimboivyo

      Getting away from the booze and drugs is always a smart thing for anyone to do and you should be applauded for that. Just ask Chi Chi Larue if you need further example of what not to do. I remember when Pierre entered the Boys Condo in Toronto in 2001. He was what? 17? I don’t know, but I gave him a year or two before he imploded.

      He didn’t, and whatever anyone might want to glean from this seemingly frustrated expression on twitter of all places, perhaps it’s better to just leave Pierre and his personal business alone.

      If he wants or needs help – I suspect he knows how and to whom to ask for it.

      • AussieB

        Maybe time to leave porn, turn a page and learn how to live a life outside the sex industry. He doesn’t know any different

        • jimboivyo

          how can YOU possibly even know that outside of your own personal generalization of people who bust your nut for a click of your mouse and own 30 second pleasure?

          • Pertinax

            Did you watch the video above ?

          • jimboivyo

            Yes I did. I understand what Pierre was saying. It’s not what I would say but when’s the last time you didn’t jack off to a video which you were turned onto just because you didn’t agree with the performers pov?

    • pz_csr

      Keep your head up! We all have our off days and well what doesnt kill you makes you stronger! Hopefully youre feeling better and again, keep your head up!

    • GuruMike

      You keep getting better and better. <3

    • There’s a time when we all must follow the path that best for us and not others, we all were born alone and will die alone, therefore in the middle of life our decision are made alone. We all have a journey to take and Sir, you are making yours. Journey on and find your path. Love you, Dark.

    • Harley

      I’m a big fan and all but, DAYUM, you need to learn to use better grammar.

  • sanfv
    • Maximus

      I don’t know… Is it bullying to call people out on their bullshit? Is it bullying to expect public personalities to conduct themselves with a modicum of maturity? Is it bullying to be anything other than a sycophant? Is it bullying to promote a greater emphasis on quality of character within a subculture that has traditionally been concerned solely with physical appearance?

      If people want us to stop, all I can say is sorry, but… https://media3.giphy.com/media/Ql3QXoAPMdJ4s/giphy.gif

      • sanfv

        And this is why I love you.?

        • Maximus
        • jimboivyo

          The reason why gay performers self-destruct in their attempt to perform just because people like you have no other alternatives then to destroy them because of who they were simply because you hate them in the beginning and in the end. Yet you need them complete your pornography so you can select It. All you motherfuckers care about is destroying the very performer for his heart and to caption to your pockets with cash.

          All you motherfuckers are crazy and out of your mind either on drugs or ego trips that no one could ever in brace because it’ll never be about the money that make you happy . Get a booth out of the performers for how you want to destroy to make your studio something other than just anything it is.

          These for farmers are your life lied and months of you motherfuckers who produced have no idea how you kill them and leave them into serious emotional and mental distress. If you had any love an interest in where they’re

  • SaintMike

    They’re always so hot until they start talking…

    • jimboivyo

      They were everything and more than that before you recruited them
      to do everything that you wanted them to do yet you now want them to be everything that equates to your own slavetrade mentality being that performers have to sell the themselves as our youth who will become after their realization of what you have done to them no better than you and so the cycle continues for them and our community.

      These men are our brothers and our friends and our lovers. Yet you now treat them as cattle to produce the most sexual return on your dollar which you can collect for yourselves.

      These performers are men of our community who, if nurtured unlike you Will remaIn those who are dismissed and reduced as empty sexual performers for the masses of your revenue stream – I’ll have nothing to do with it.

      If this is true that sexual predators who create a new vision of porn is nothing other than what happened in the 80’s and those models represent today where this might be headed toward nowhere or than what did….I’ll have not part of that

      Personally, I’d rather be without porn if it ruins those ppl who star in it expecting a better management to be honest about what they are doing to and for them.

      The problem with the gay adult porn industry is that the people in power treat to performers like their nothing but meat and they use that made until those performers fall into distress, drugs, and sadly often suicide.

      The problem with the porn industry today is that the people who are empowered to run and manage the industry are also the people empowered to destroy the very talent that they rely on to make a profit. Those people should burn in hell.

      Someone needs to step up and take control of all of us who understands it, can change it and reverse the trends that we see all too often in the performers that provide the very entertainment that we all enjoy and support.

      • SaintMike

        Are you fucking serious?! It’s just porn for fuck’s sake! Your multi-paragraph dissertation seems a bit of an overreaction. PF seems to make a pretty good living portraying a fantasy that most of us would do for free. It’s not like he’s locked in a factory somewhere being forced to work against his will or because of a lack of other options. Perspective queen.

        • jimboivyo

          It’s only porn after your load gets wiped up and you move on to something more important in your day. These performers, which you readily dismiss after your nut has been cracked represents a far deeper problem in our culture than you’re probably capable of understanding when you dismiss their importance in your own day.

          Tying this on an iPad Is is my biggest nightmare right now. But nonetheless speaks what I beli even is truth.

  • BjorkNut

    Yawn…like I get that most of these “stars” are independent contractors, but, if you have beef there has to be like an HR department or equivalent instead of running to social media why don’t they just act like the professionals they claim to be and deal with things like adults…

    • jimboivyo

      your understanding of porn and its models requires a very different kind of HR department. One which would probably thank-you for interviewing, then wait for their letter to you in the mail. #JFC

  • pz_csr

    Well, I for one think that Pierre wasnt really being a dick or anything. He seemed down and said the legal actions thing but I didnt take it as him being a dick or anything. He honestly seemed confused. Either way good luck to him!

  • AussieB

    Sorry but many of these models do themselves more harm than good by their tweets & comments. They always sound under the influence or just uneducated, ignorant or spoiled. Guess Trump is showing them that Twitter meltdowns are a way to handle disputes. I wonder if his “legal team” read the contracts he signed with porn studios. I’m sure they own his images in perpetuity in all types of media, including those not even invented. Thats how most professional release forms are worded. For the money you got paid for those photos & scene, that studio owns that, can repackage it & sell it any way it wants. I’m sure the industry has changed a lot and I’d think spending half your life in porn would also have an effect, especially as you age and theres someone younger & cuter around every corner. Having said that, I don’t personally know him & I wish him the best. Maybe a better way to deal with his emotions. Of you don’t want to be judged, probably best not to post on public forums & social media. You’ve made yourself a public figure

  • Pearl Clutcher

    There’s no story here.

    • jimboivyo

      YES! There is… Your pearls were inherited from a bigoted and dysfunctional oyster clan which evolved in polluted waters. That’s the real story here. I’d be clutching that reality too. Just not publicly.

  • Matthew2014

    Pierre Fitch has been around a while but there is a reason for that. He is good at what he does. All the way back to when he did live cam feeds from Montreal he garnered a large following. Some of those old video’s are still on Videoboys.com (See below from a video made back in the day). As a few others have said here he is not the first nor will he be the last to complain about how he has been treated.

    For those that have been around a while we have all heard about models who have stormed off of sets at times and never made a comment on a social media site. I am sure there is some truth to his earlier comments as he should know better than most if he is not being treated fairly.

    It is sad that people have to assume that he is on drugs and or alcohol almost as though you can’t do porn without consuming one or the other to work in the industry at all. I get why they would assume considering the amount of overdoses we hear about, but considering the time he has been in the industry would and should cause a person to pause for a minute to understand if possible what is going on and give him the benefit of the doubt. He should get that at least considering that he doesn’t have the reputation of being a pain to work with as he has worked with so many companies in the industry to date.

    Lets not forget the people that have control the most and that is the studios and and the directors who at times treat the models with some serious disrespect just because they think they can. Now we all know there are many stories around to back that up, Ms. Noel just being one of the latest to think she can treat people any way she sees fit because she is in charge. With her it was like OK she had a complaint but then it became two, then three, then four and now who knows how many but she is still working there. As a model one way to let people know they are supporting a bad product is to blast them via social media. Right or wrong in your eyes for some they feel that is an easy way to at least plant the seed that there is a problem and not everything coming from that business is a good thing.

    My overall point is that Pierre is a grown experienced man in the porn world business who knows when he is being treated unfairly. He has a right to get upset when that happens, but might have used the wrong venue to get his point across to the ones he intended his comments to be directed at. It now seems to be water under the bridge per say, but I am pretty certain that if he felt the need to speak his mind Zach would make every effort to allow him to say his piece and in turn allow the apposing side to do the same. Maybe in this case it was best to stop what he was about to tell the world and resolve it peacefully behind the scenes and away from the public scrutiny that would sure follow no matter who was right or wrong. Time will tell in the end.

    • jimboivyo

      tldnr. sorry

    • thank you for being one of the most positive person and real !! most people don’t know the real me and all assume i do drugs and drink witch i don’t i lead a very very healthy life my body speaks for it’s self and you can see on my Facebook or Instagram about my daily life on what i do !! don’t judge anyone unless you really know the facts !! I been around longer then anyone and have worked for more people then anyone it’s only very sad when people just make up stuff and assume !! again thank you for your long msg

  • AussieB

    JAKE JAXSON HAS POSTED A LONG RESPONSE ON HIS FACEBOOK. He does mention Boomer & Pierre and says he’ll soon be publishing the company’s performers and staff bill of rights. He had positive things to say about Pierre and seemed sad about his public meltdown. Also seemed to take swipes at competitors

  • “Anonymnity is guaranteed”.

    …until Zach screenshots your direct messages and publishes them.

  • In the end we don’t know the reasons for Pierre Fitch’s meltdown on twitter, or why he partially went back on whatever are the issues between him and CB.

    I started following his career when he signed up with Falcon in 2005. He was and still is one of the best, most consistent performers in gay porn.
    CockyBoys is also one of the highest quality studios in the business, that does more than just cranking out scenes that are always the same, and one of the few studios still using condoms, which I prefer (I also watch bareback porn, but I still prefer productions that use condoms, maybe I am just old and still remember the giant problem that HIV and AIDS were before a decent therapy was discovered…).

    It makes me sad that something bad happened between Fitch and CB, for sure I hope they can solve their issues and that no abuse was perpetrated. I believe that some people in the business that joined in on twitter and social media (*cough*Nica Noel*cough*) were indeed fanning the flames: let’s remember that Pierre is one of the few true stars in gay porn, almost any producer would probably like to have in between their models, and it is known that this kind of fight between producers can get ugly if not outright dangerous.

    I wish the best for Pierre and for CB, I have no idea if their differences can be solved or if there will be a final parting of the ways, but I know what I hope.

    • jimboivyo

      As gay porn consumers we really were better off not knowing anything other than the thrill and fantasy which each new pen release provided. The Internet has killed the relationship between gay porn stars and it’s fans to a great degree. Everything was just so much hotter when we knew little about anyone of them.

      I also just found this out to be true about my recent ex. ???

  • CBW


  • Hey Souse

    Holy fuck, the guy speaks out and the porn industry drones create an article, make comments to make the dude look crazy, AND make fun of him for getting older. Then for shits and giggles, they poke fun at his grammar despite English clearly not being his first language..

    WOW. This industry truly is the DEVIL to be avoided at all costs. Smh

  • richard

    Hi I’m an average guy Pierre I don’t care, what anyone, says, you are a very loving sweet sensitive guy I see your heart n see it in your, eyes I see a lonely guy who needs, real friends I’ve been there brother n I understand the, pain .yes your videos are hot you are hot but I look at the heart n person n you are genuine n real n very special don’t let anyone get you down bro. I chatted you on messenger I hope you see it .keep smiling you have a, great smile

  • Michael

    I just can’t handle all the poor grammar and bad spelling