Cody Cummings: Gay Men Don’t Accept Me Because I Won’t Have Sex With Them

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From accusing NextDoorStudios owner Stephan Sirard of “playing doctor” with models, to the revelation that he was indeed fired because he wouldn’t fuck another man, Cody Cummings has just posted a lengthy, weird, grammar and spelling-challenged (he uses the word “except” in place of “accept” about a thousand times) rant to his personal site,

The post—clearly a follow-up to Cody’s Twitter meltdown last week (all those tweets have since been deleted, and the account has now been taken over by NextDoor staff)—criticizes NextDoor’s business practices, and it includes several warnings to models thinking about working with the Northern California studio. So, if Cody Cummings is the kind of person you normally take advice from and trust, pay close attention to this blog post, which is entitled “Suck My Nuts.”

Here is most of the full post, along with a few gifs to try and keep you entertained because this is actually really boring, except for the part where he says gay people are mean and refuse to accept him because he won’t have sex with them. That is possibly the best thing I have ever read.

Suck my nuts
by Cody on 04/21/15

Whats up guys. Hope everyone is well.
Things here are good. Just fighting that fight. 😉

Let me say this again. If speaking up against this company that bulldozes their staff and models means the others won’t hire me. Awesome. I get it. Thats fine. Id rather be unemployed then silenced. But I don’t believe that. It would just show they all do business the same way. I believe that there are still companies out there that value the models to the fullest. Like ND once did. Thats why they once had all the best models and were once successful.

I don’t think any model should ever work for a company that does business like Next Door Studios. This is a company with no vision. A game plan that changes every week or month depending on what the next top competitor is doing. Thats not a business model. I don’t know what you call that. Desperate chasing? You have a vision and believe in it, and chase it, no matter what! Like I did with my site.


This company promises employment to staff to get content shot knowing their going to fire them as soon as its complete. Asked a personal friend to move from LA to northern California for a promotion. To get all moved then told “oh, we’re going in a different direction. Sorry”

A owner that will do anything to make ppl shoot these scenes. Even play doctor and look at something and say “your fine, just shoot”

Has the “social media asst” run a catfish website to lure guys in. Models at the house asking me “oh is Britney gonna be here?” “Who?!?” “Oh a model of yours I met online told me I should apply here” You have a person that lies and catfishes in straight men to get them to do things they might not have without the interest of a sexy women. But this same company allows ppl to bash me as someone who disrespects the gay community. Are you kidding?!? This is a gay man running this program. And I’m the bad guy? Ppl can view things really in the way they want to sometimes…


Then knock them these guys for not being gay. Or not gay enough for YOU! And Im the asshole for not doing more. Why? Because I’m one of the few you haven’t manipulated? I was offered this job because I would let a man touch me, maybe give me head if there is a hot girl there with me. Oh Stephan went nuts with joy. Offered me a “contract” that year. But now I’m some kind of homophobe gay hater because I won’t have sex with a man on camera when you say so.

As someone who sympathizes I use to assume gay ppl were extra excepting because of their struggles. You hear stories about how hard it was to come out. Some never have to courage because of how shitty ppl are. That use to make me think that things like that would make you except EVERYONE. But far from. Way worse them my straight friends.

ND, its owner and mgr: Stephan , Greg , and his “social media asst” have somehow hacked and closed MY twitter. I take it as a desperate attempt to silence me. Or in hopes that you guys won’t see the truth. I don’t even know if this is legal. But I’m looking into it. It is MY intellectual property. Or at least I thought it was. But thats ok. The truth will be seen, by all.


So a little advice to any of you models with ND that Greg tries to tell “hey let us use your twitter to post some stuff. It will only be good for you” You will loose it. they will try and take it over and start to think at some point they own it. Just like they have done with mine. You will be next. Lube up!

I did not leave ND. NextDoor pushed me out because I won’t suck or top. I did leave last time. This is true. This time they just beat me to the punch.


A few months back I sat down with Stephan, Next Door’s “owner”. For what I wrongfully took as a honest business talk. This was the day I should have been wiser. When I point that finger, I see one pouting right back at me. If you ever do business with this man. Be warned. He has a very cunning way of covering up whats actually being discussed. Very sly. Goes off topic to loose you. Tells you what you want to hear, but the whole time your realizing you have gotten no where. And at the end of the day will talk you into circles before ever excepting blame. Something so powerful about someone who can look you in the eye and say “I fucked up”


I have unfolded before your eyes. And one point I would have never let a guy touch me. Mia showed me a world I didn’t know was out there. I met TommyD and came to find out I was comfortable with more then I thought. I never knew I was gonna like bjs from Patrick Rouge. That girls like Mia and Crissy were gonna make me do more because it turned them on. That I was gonna want to do more with some male models I found sexy, like Breck Boyd and Anderson Lovelle. If you told me 5 years ago that I was going to be doing scenes like this, I would have said “yur nuts” But here we are.

So we agreed I would come up with another idea to raise my comfort and please the fans. So I did the cum shot facial for you guys. to see if you responded. That if I continued to push my limits what would ppl think. So I shot the scene. this is where it went bad, real fast. I was given a release date for the scene. Then was told the numbers are not there and that they no longer are interested in shooting me. So in order to hold out on paying me any bonus they removed the scenes to post once Im gone. There is just no way this is how other porn companies do business. No way…


I would love to continue this journey. Not sure what the next chapter holds. But I think some really good things. I’m still shooting. I’m shooting great photos. And my videography work is really getting good. Staying on it every day. Im ready when you are. Don’t let ND convince you Im some issue. Or they wouldn’t have brought me back again for one more good pounding.

* new twitter @2020_Cody *Looking to possibly retain an attorney. If anyone knows a good one willing to take this on.

Oh, and because I’m sure many of you were wondering, yes, of course Cody Cummings’ most famous stan, Allison Arnold, has discovered Cody’s new Twitter:

al1 al2 al3 al4 al5

  • Lemar

    I’m just saying….

    • BlogZilla

      Obviously you cared enough to read and comment on the blog, fag.

      • Lemar

        To be honest I really did even read it. Fag? Really? I guess your vocabulary is very limited.

  • FrenchBug

    Sebastian Young vs Michael Lucas and now this. So many fights and still no one to root for.

      • andrew

        All this advice from a guy who says he hardly ever watches porn because he is happily married and who says that he hasn’t paid for any porn in over TEN years.

        • Andrew goes for a full court press, ready for a lay up and possible dunk…but you have been DENIED as always…

          • andrew

            I’m only repeating what you have previously posted on this site. I can’t say whether they are really “TrueWords.” Only you know that.

          • So let me get this right Andrew

            a. )Since I do not pay for porn and b.) I am happily married with a vibrant sex life…therefore I can not comment on this site in addition to the little extra tidbit…c.) I can not watch porn…


          • andrew

            You can watch and comment on all the free loader porn that someone who is “happily married with a vibrant sex life” has the time to watch. Where are you able to steal all the latest scenes from the various Studios that you report on?

    • BK2

      When in doubt, root for an asteroid or selective bouts of cholera.

  • Cubankid

    I’m sorry but if u don’t know when you should use except, I can’t take you serious. And Cody nobody will miss you buddy, you’re a gay porn star but refuse to have sex with another guy. Where they do that at?

    • WillG


      • Cubankid

        You can use serious, nice try though.

        • WillG


        • andrew

          Cubankid must be right because he up voted his own comment, as usual. LOL

          • Scrilla

            Why are you so obsessed with him?

          • andrew

            In fact, I usually agree with his comments. I just think it is weird that he Up Votes all of his own posts. Can’t we assume that people approve of their own posts?

        • Anonymous

          You sure can! However, within the context of your sentence, seriously is necessary to ensure correct grammar. #ADVERB!

  • GN


  • GN


  • Donald Horn

    They should bring back Joey Hard. The hottest model ever….

  • JackNasty

    I didn’t know was still a thing. Go figure.

  • Garland

    Maybe he can use the time off to take some English and grammar classes at the local community college. Or at least learn to proof read before posting. Then maybe he can finally come out as bisexual or heteroflexible. I see someone who is questioning his sexuality and can’t deal with it and is spiraling downwards fast. Does anyone have Promises in Malibu on hold for him?

  • n24rc

    Technically that isn’t cat fishing, it is called the bait-and-switch routine.

    And of course NDS DOES THAT!

    Like Sean Cody or any of the sites online that get straight guys to show up for porn. There are some companies with direct ties to the straight side that actively recruit heterosexuals to get them into the gay industry. It is a competitive market in the straight side for male talent, you have to know someone to get inside. Thus, to do that sometimes you’ll have studios that promise referral work, it if they get the guy to do some solos on gay sites or even gay sex on rare occasions.

    • Estelle

      I doubt in the case of Next Door Male they were doing anything like that in terms of catfishing or promising them they would get to work in the straight side of the industry. I think 95% of the models knew what the deal was. A number of performers were referred to NDM by other performers. It’s no secret that Stephan was pressuring models to fuck/bareback him for an extra “incentive”. Cody Cummings will never have any kind of career in the straight side of the industry. The top male talent makes around $400-500 a scene and that is the very top. It’s funny to watch the whole thing fall apart right before our eyes, but for the last 3-4 years, starting with the departure of Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero. Cody is pissed that he’s no longer Stephan’s pet/fucktoy and can’t get what he wants anymore. He’s getting close to 40 and has never done anything with his life except strip, do porn, and work menial jobs. Look at the talent they have now. Their bareback experiment failed, with two of the marquee exclusives during that time leaving on bad terms. Plus the talent they have now is on par with Jake Cruise/Sketchy Sex. The female model he referenced in his rant “Chrissy” died several years ago.

      • Garland

        Crissy Moon correct? I always found it strange how there was never any articles or write-ups about how she died or even a cause of death. It all seemed suspicious.

        • n24rc

          Who knows. In all likelihood she died from an OD… Overdosing on Dick. lol

  • andrew

    For me it is not a matter of accepting or rejecting Cody Cummings. I have just never found any of the porn he does to be sexually stimulating. He just gets serviced and then fucks the guy, Never any reciprocity of any kind. That just leaves me cold.

    • michael

      He’s never fucked anyone. He’s only received blow jobs on film.

      • MXD

        And been rimmed. And at some point the rimming stopped, and I stopped caring.

      • andrew

        He’s even worse than I thought. I guess I was thinking of James Huntsman, who is infinitely more attractive, but almost an equally bad performer.

    • C3xxx

      And he calls out the studio’s “lack of vision”?

  • n24rc

    Don’t people google anymore? I mean the bait-and switch is obvious at NDS, if they are actively doing it. A person would know that the majority of the content is gay. I guess you can chalk it up to stupidity if they didn’t do research about the company.

  • Please stop.

  • n24rc

    “Mia and Crissy were gonna make me do more because it turned them on.” –LMAO

    Cody you are stupid, they weren’t turned on because you fucked a guy!!!

    They were turned on at the pile of extra cash they were getting for recruiting guys. Whores like that lie all the time.

    You extended your welcome past the 15 minutes you should have gotten. But you are an ungrateful pussy who doesn’t see that. How many scenes did you shoot? How many times can you watch someone phone it in and do the same routine in porn for YEARS!

    You deserve nothing but disdain.

    Not because you are trying to open doors sexually, but because you were so entitled to be treated special because of it. You are ONE guy in a genre with hundreds of guys who are younger, hotter, and willing to do more in a scene.

    DO you know how many men are in gay porn who just shut the fuck up and do their job? They don’t make a stink about having to do what is expected in gay porn: fuck ass, kiss(in some cases), and at bare minimum give a blow job! There are even straight guys who basically make no remarks about their private lives off set in online forums or feeds. Because they don’t have an agenda, or an ego that needs to be reassured about it!!!

    • Diogenes Veritas

      here, here. well said.

  • n24rc

    OMG. I mean you should be aware your value plummets the more mileage you pull in porn. You should consider the average gay porn model to have a diminishing rate when they have a glut of content out there. And nothing really exciting about it. Unless, you have an active fan base. For which you did, but your antics just alienated people and caused that base to diminish. Plus, NDS’ brand has been tarnished by bad blood and poor marketing. So you’re whole shtick was caught up in something larger that you were too blind to see because Stephen blew smoke up your ass. You are really naive to have thought that was true, but then again, your ego got the best of you, TWICE!

    Take your humble pie, and move on. No one cares anymore.

  • michael

    He wants to “continue this journey”? He’s been in gay porn for years and the most he’s done is get blow jobs and is adamant about not doing more. So, what fucking journey is he talking about? He needs to face the harsh reality that his days in gay porn are most likely over because another studio can’t be stupid enough to hire him.

    • n24rc

      Yep. Tarnished goods. Diva antics, and a boring porn routine.

      • YeahUrightNOLA

        In some cases his routine goes beyond boring and starts to veer toward condescending and offensive. I don’t understand why companies continue to hire and rehire gay4pay actors/models who never get over their discomfort with gay sex anyway. Aside from self-loathing gay guys and viewers so shallow and superficial that watching these straight men lie back, tolerate being completely worshiped, and never once even considering doing something to give their scene partner a hint of pleasure in return doesn’t even register.

        Studios have got to stop reinforcing that stupid mindset that we fags will cream ourselves with unbridled ecstasy anytime an attractive heter-bro allows one of us touch his dick without kicking in our ribs. Now, if you want to cast them in some hot BDSM scenes that require them to look as disgusted as they actually are – why the hell not. That’s a legit fantasy some folks have. Perfect. There’s still a niche market in the gay world for which falling stars who just don’t get how insulting they can be can still get work *not* fucking any dudes in front of the camera.

        • n24rc

          ha ha ha “heter-bro” love it. That one is a keeper.

          • YeahUrightNOLA

            😉 Not to be confused with the increasingly popular bro-mo. Their markings are very similar, and they have much the same mating rituals.

    • Todd

      A journey to the bank !!
      Codie responds: I beg your pardon, I’ve also given FOOT jobs !!

  • zipperpull

    Perhaps he should hire Allison as an editor for his blog.

    • MXD

      Her intensity is really fucking impressive and frightening.

  • Todd

    I Don’t Care About This Guy. I Do However Drink Alot Of Water With Lemon. I Use Real Lemons & Squeeze In My Water. That’s Good. Try It Babe.

    • NG212


      • Todd

        Sorry — all caps just KILLS me ….. couldn’t do it.

  • NG212

    As usual, Allison Arnold is the most interesting thing about Cody Cummings. The funny part is, he’s more likely to fuck Allison than a male performer — which is, you know, his job.

  • Mike Julius

    “Id rather be unemployed then silenced.”

    I’d rather you were silenced first.

  • buffy2004

    my head hurts reading that but he is just like “wow look at this guy that wants me to have sex with a guy in a gay porn movie, how dare he?” :/. Cody lives in a paralel world where what he has been doing in this bussiness is amazing or something and that he is surprised about how far he got is testament of that. bitch you didn’t do anything and there is a lot of straight guys in this bussiness who will do anything (or mostly anything) they’re asked for. he should stop trying to make himself happen again. But i will give him one thing, allison is the best thing ever lol.

  • Todd

    What is wrong with Cody ? He already has a new job, no ?? CLEARLY he wrote the copy for that Sean Cody model recruitment ad ……

  • C3xxx

    I tried, I really did. But when i got to the wrestler sliding on his face, I was mesmerized and totally forgot what I was reading. Sorry Zach, not even your always-on-point-and-funny-as-hell GIFs could save that Cody verbal liquified stool.

  • Alan Keddie

    Ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! He’s vile.

  • Scrapple

    Gurl…your edges are showing.

    It’s not like Cody didn’t know the deal when he was fired the first time. For whatever reason, he came back with his dick between his legs. I always assumed it was because he couldn’t use the Cody Cummings name outside of ND. If that’s the case, then he comes across as being too lazy to rebuild under a new brand. That’s his fault. There are no guns being pointed at the heads of models, forcing them to sleep with site owners, or do scenes they don’t want to do. Just say no. It’s not hard.

    I’m totally imagining Cody being escorted off the property, getting in his car and flipping everyone off as he speeds away, with “Break Free” blasting from the radio.

  • sxg
  • Todd
    Alison Arnold@beauty6699

    • James

      Best Comment ever!

  • Todd

    Has Cody ever explained why he just doesn’t go do work for a different straight company ? (I know they probably wouldn’t have him either, but wonder if he’s ever been asked and has responded)

    • Anonymous

      They wouldn’t pay him the drama queen rate he requires.

    • McM.

      Cody Cummings won’t get hired at exclusively straight studios b/c he is short. It’s just overlooked with a gay audience. Though he is well-built and proportional, CC happens to be about the height of many of the women he would’ve filmed with. That aspect of physical dominance commonly played upon in straight porn is gone.

  • Estelle
    • ltlantnee

      I’ve got lots of trouble, Female Trouble!!! God bless John Waters and god bless you for sharing this, made my day!

    • CBW

      Haha, I love Aunt Ida! Cody should definitely seek happiness within the auto industry and take his demented fans with him.

  • Rob

    It hurts just trying to read/understand this guy’s letter? What is his excuse??? Same as Theo Ford (ESL)? Did he ever graduate from high school?

  • ltlantnee

    I think this makes me a bad gay but “Cowboy Cody” is on my hard drive permanently. I come out as a (one time) Cody Cummings fan. No one else?

  • Zealot

    Ladies and gentlemen, the product of 14 brain cells firing in perfect synchronization!

  • Diogenes Veritas


    nds: cody people don’t want to see you get your 8 millionth blow job on camera. we’re gonna need you to start having actual gay sex on our gay porn site.

    cue cody’s “wtf? i’m being persecuted by the gay mafia” online tirade.

  • Bruser

    The inmates have taken over the asylum. In what alternate universe does a guy getting paid to shoot gay porn define this as not having reciprocal sex with guys. This went out with Jeff Stryker circa 1985.It’s time this dinosaur went extinct.

  • OneOfTheManyChris

    “Breck Boyd and Anderson Lovelle”

    I think he means Brec Boyd and Anderson Lovell. Not sure why he’s attracted to those two. DSL maybe?

    • Donald Horn

      Anderson Lovell is sexy. I would let him suck me anyday.

      • OneOfTheManyChris

        Well I wouldn’t kick him out of my bed for eating crackers. But why those two guys in particular? I would have guessed his type would be Bambi.

  • Colorful Kent

    Finally an honest straight guy. Misguided to think we should pay him to be straight. Right on that the real criminal is the gay producers who exploit straight guys. I’m glad Cody is out because I don’t want to see straight, but have a lot more respect for him because he is honest and stuck to his principles.

  • ezra.jones

    Porn stars have stans? Mess.
    I’m a Lady Gaga stan but that’s where I draw the line.

  • pangelboy

    His entitlement is disgusting and delusional.

  • Wemblyrat

    I could care less if Cody Cummings is gay or straight. I love sucking straight cock. No hangups and the cum tastes amazing. And after we are done we can go back to watching the game on tv.

  • Super Marco Manuel

    Somehow,Cody Cumming must still believe that Next Door will eventually hire him again.Cody is totally delusional.Its time for Cody to have his reality check.The vast majority of gay men doesnt like Cody Cumming.Its not even a generalization.Because its that obvious.94% of comments about Cody Cumming in gay blogs are negative comments.Its says a lot.

    Cody,gay men just dont like you.Only self loathing gays does.If you dont want to make a fool of yourself,well,he already did,just get the fuck out of gay porn and never come back.

    Cody Cumming did too much things wrong.Cody didnt suck cocks,fake fuck a man ass,received a facial cumshot with glasses on WTF!,he called gay men fags and other gay slurs on his blog,he keeps saying most of his fans are girls,he looks bored in all his scenes and he clearly cant wait to be done with it,ect… ect… ect…

    The biggest joke is Next Door who kept working with Cody Cumming throught all these years.It really looks like a bad twilight zone episode.

    Cody Cumming is obvioulsy the worst thing gay porn ever had.I repeat.Cody Cumming is the worst thing gay porn ever had.I repeat once again.Cody Cumming is the worst thing gay porn ever had.I could repeat it on and on and on and on and on.

    The biggest mistake of Cody Cumming was to make gay porn.He really should have made straight porn.Look at James Deen.He is a very popular straight porn star.He made it and he been successful.

    Cody Cumming will always be made fun off by gay men.He have way too much hatters to fix his mess.Cody Cumming his his worst enemy.

  • Scrilla

    Sebastian is a pig

  • Estelle

    Like a lot of other porn performers he’s finding out how disposable he is and how easily he can and was discarded. Ten years in porn and very little to show for it financially.

  • Nick

    It’s a bad set up to begin with. The problem is Cody has been given a brand in gay porn–a site friggin named after him. Of course, viewers who signed up to see gay porn would like to see him actually make gay porn. The studio should be faulted for being short-sighted–making a deal with, promoting and setting up a website for someone who couldn’t and wouldn’t offer what the viewers would expect him to give. Cody should also be faulted for being equally short-sighted–if you can’t deliver, why in heaven’s sake would you put yourself in a position where people would expect you to do so? When he was offered to frontline the site, he should’ve refused. When you’ve done so many of the same lame ass jerk off and blowjob vids, you should know you can’t offer anything new.
    Yes, we get it. Cody will never go hardcore with another guy. But doing one or two softcore scenes is not delivering, it’s insulting. Just don’t. Even Peter Le who traffics in the same line as Cody has never went that route, if I remember correctly.
    No, Cody wasn’t pushing his limits when he got load dumped on his face; he was being insulting. Apparently he was so afraid or disgusted or whatever that closing his eyes weren’t enough, he had to wear goggles for it. We get it, you’d rather do something else so don’t insult us by doing it while all at the same time making us see you protest the idea and the act.
    Cody has done so many videos, been given his own site. I hope and pray he saved enough money to just disappear and have a life a thousand miles away from porn.

  • Kris

    Who’s Cody Cummings?

  • Diesel Washington

    Now I LIKE Cody Cummings…..

    Thank God the internet is anonymous, because some of you commentators are fucking Hypocrites…Lying through your teeth

    You created Cody Cummings…

    You took this White boy into your Heart, because it is what it is..He is a Good looking Young(when first started) Back in the days when it was Cody Cummings/TommyD. Those two made NDS what it was, from the ground up..Cody was doing Str8 scenes/Bi/Gay(getting blown), TommyD was picking up the slack by actually having hardcore Gay sex. From there the company grew and added more talent MarcusMojo/SamuelOtoole/AustinWilde….

    And regardless of the added talent….Cody always had Top Billing…

    For years Cody would only do Str8 scenes or Bi scenes when he fucked the girl but let the guy suck his dick. Nobody was in outrage when he fucked all the girls RAW. And you ate it up..You made this character Cody Cummings by all the traffic to NDS site

    Remember Boys NextDoor? Cody was on the top of that mountain of Flesh. NDS was an Empire and lending out their models to Falcon/HotHouse/Raging they were all over the place.

    Then it was BJ after BJ…Knee massages, eating cereal out of his ass

    That Fake Shadow fucking thing was a nightmare…..Yet all the blogs covered the story and people bought membership to see if he really got fucked or did some real fucking.

    Then more fake fucking with Brandon Lewis…

    But some of you queens were still stating….”I wish he did more” “I’m holding out to see if he will do more..”

    As a Black man who is gay, I find it funny that some of the commentators Here, at one point worshipped this model and helped to create his false sense of entitlement. Only to now, cast him into the Flames. You LOVED him because he was a young, good looking, White boy, who told you he was straight from the start but you wanted to see him do more. It was like a CodyCummings Fetish…people wanted to see the Str8 boy do more, push his limits, make him do more stuff because YOU WANT to see him as a Str8 guy have his first full on Gay sex. Almost like a Sadist in a way…..

    Commentators leaving comments like “Unless he is willing to do more I’m canceling my subscription” “I won’t watch a CodyCummings scene unless he has Full Hardcore sex”. It’s funny cause you can sense the tone of Anger…

    People are angry that Cody Cummings won’t do more….

    He quits

    Bashes his former company/goes to the press to say that he was Str8 the entire time.Then he was on some Reality show where fans can meet their Idols and he goes on Television to say all his scenes were staged and faked, a face to face with an actual fan.

    And then he returns to NDS…..and you queens still took him back….

    Because of what?

    He is a good looking white boy and the queens are quick to forgive those types.

    And since his return……BJ after BJ…Yawn

    Then the teaching the Gays how to suck a dick by sucking on a dildoe…

    Cum facial with Goggles…

    If it was 2008, half you commentators would be Drooling over his pictures…Wishing/Wanting/Praying that he would do more..

    Now its 2015…And you Queens finally had enough…

    • Diesel Washington

      Like I said Hypocrites…

      • n24rc

        You aren’t using the word correctly. We aren’t sitting here telling people our set of beliefs from a moral perspective, yet not acting in accordance with those same morals. This double standard situation doesn’t apply.

        • Diesel Washington

          Just stop talking….keep it on topic

          • n24rc

            the point is your topic is flawed logic ranting. so maybe you should stop?

          • Diesel Washington

            Shut the fuck up

            You faceless troll…

    • Mr. Copper

      What? No….where have you been?
      People have been ragging on Cody and his shtick for YEARS. People have been saying the same thing about him forever and ever and ever. Being tired with Cody isn’t anything new. You can go back and read all the blogs for years and it’s the same thing. He must’ve had some subscribers since the bills were being paid, but don’t you dare sit here and claim that everyone here was a fan or paid his bills or hasn’t been on the anti-Cody train for almost forever and day.

      And for the record, Cody has claimed to be straight and bi. He’s also already sucked dick – Tommy’s. When they started with Cody, he actually did MORE at first and then scaled it back. There was a “promise” built into the whole Cody image: “straight guy pushing his limits.” Except, it became clear real quick how far he was going to push those limits.

      You can like Cody all you want. Not many people are going to argue that he’s not attractive. But don’t sit here and claim that it’s US who propped him up to be what he became. He was STEPHAN’s little pet. Stephan was living his gay-for-pay dream through Cody. The majority of us were sick of him a loooooooooooooooooong time ago and that’s VERY clear if you actually paid attention. While I have NO IDEA who the people that actually signed up for his shit were, it wasn’t all of us, and that doesn’t make us hypocrites.

      Most of us aren’t angry that he wouldn’t suck dick. Most of us are angry that his attitude is one where not sucking dick somehow makes him magically less gay, more of a real man, and more desirable. Most of us are angry that he chose to be in gay porn but refused to perform the basics of gay sex. Most of us are angry that he was able to get away with it for so long.

      Most of us are not sitting here wishing he would suck dick because we think he’s sooooooo hot and OMG CODYYYYYY OMGGGGGGGGGG.

      Apparently you are. You can have fun with that.

      • Anonymous

        Personally, his success can be attributed to Alison joining his site using 75,000 alias. Plus, she probably demanded that all her knitting circle gal pals do the same. :)

    • Fyber

      Why cant I meet you in person already man. Nothing like a show or event–I just mean walking down the street. I swear your the brother I never had or best friend at least..

      You naled it. Every word. No point in quotibng the whole post but the best part is ‘YOU WANT to see him as a Str8 guy have his first full on Gay sex. Almost like a Sadist in a way’. YES! He preety much from the start told you who he was and what he was about and it go dragged out but yea the community was really gassing him up. Pays to be good looking and White.

      • n24rc

        Okay. So would a situation like that be any different for TOPS in porn regardless of the orientation status? HELL NO!!! Being a “Top” in gay porn can be just as homophobic. Ahem, Diesel Washington.

        One Name defines what it is to be a gay porn star: Tommy Defendi.
        The guy has done it all, and with no qualms about it. He even doesn’t dwell on the details of his sexuality or make any issue out of it.

        • Fyber

          What do you mean by “Being a “Top” in gay porn can be just as homophobic.” That makes no sense. Im a total top and I would love to work in porn and im unsure on how that would be homophobic.

          The best gay porn stars imo are ethnic and never spoken of or seen on 95% of these blogs. The rest on tube sites.

          Tommy D is a gumby dick ‘performer’. He primarily tops and cant do it. He has no actual fucking capability. I thought porn was supposed to be about hard dicks, passionate fucking and huge loads. He is a hansom guy but he should move on.

          • n24rc

            I don’t think any person in porn, who is “top,” wouldn’t want to do it because at the end of the day it isn’t about those specific roles or liking the sex they have ON SET. It is about the paycheck. NDS coddled him for years with inflated paychecks, set up his unrealistic expectations, and when they finally realized he was overpaid he retaliated.

            I’m saying that DESIGNATED roles are stupid and pointless given the number of responses when a “TOP” finally bottoms. YOU would think that such fanfare would warrant that person to just do it because it gets a.)traffic for the site, b.) attention about them, c.) more money and revenue all around. He isn’t the type of person who should be working in gay porn.

            Given this, and the fact that overall porn rates have fallen, he should have hit that mark earlier in his career if he wanted a substantial paycheck. He wanted too long! He should have done it sooner. But it is too late for him now, so it is his fault for it. He didn’t have the business acumen to do it, which is why he is STUCK doing in porn in the first place as he has no common business sense. And NDS is entirely stupid to have waited this long to ask, he should have exited a long time ago.

            As to the top=homophobic remarks, they were sarcastic and meant to illustrate some of the didactic thinking that occurs. I DO NOT think if a guy doesn’t like bottoming he is homophobic, I’m just pointing out how these rants online really undermine the meaning and intent of calling out something out as homophobic. It dilutes the significance of the word.

            I’m saying that Cody has entitlement issues, more so than homophobia. As does Diesel Washington too. He should retire like Cody and find another way of making money. Rates are not there anymore. And no one likes to see a tired ho in porn.

            I’m saying his poor choices in scene direction made the hot idea of him doing something with guys, made it ludicrous in it’s execution. I mean, really, watergoogles when you get a facial? Who’s idea was that!?!

            Go start your own blog about black men and gay porn. I’ll visit often if you have pictures. Otherwise i’m not going to read it. Make sure that you show guys that are vers.

          • Diesel Washington

            Wtf?again with the Ahems?

            I have produced content…for so what the fuck are u talking about.?

            And I’m a tired Ho?

            Fuck you you faceless troll,

            Your the type of commentator who sets his profile to private. So nobody can read your constant bashing of people in comment sections of blogs.

            I comment under my name and picture and leave my profile public so everybody can read my prior comments.

            Your trolling..

          • n24rc

            And your pointless online tirades have not gotten you no work. Clearly the industry wants you to go away.

          • Diesel Washington

            Listen you DumbFuck….

            You clearly judge me by Me doing some porn scenes Here and There…

            Let Me get your head Str8

            One. I just shot some scenes for in March, so you clearly have no idea what your talking about. You don’t know my life…

            Secondly….Tired ass one note topping scenes??? Bitch I have signature moves and I’m always picking up these boys in the air and fucking them…. My 15mins is over?? Again your a dumb fuck because I have shoots coming up with various studios….

            Lastly you think Porn/Escort is the only jobs I have….

            Again your stupid FUCK because you don’t know jack shit about what I do Off camera, unlike some models I have a 9 to 5 job that pays my bills. I do porn for the Fun and attention…

            And Cyberstalk you???

            Your some DUMB BITCH looking for attention on a porn blog.

            Reality is calling and its saying you spend your life leaving comments on porn blogs instead of investing in Life/Love/Family like you should. I last response to you….

            QUEENS like you have no leg to stand on…… Faceless trolls on the internet that feel entitled to leave mean comments on blogs about porn models you will never meet or have sex with..

            Why am I even wasting air on your DUMB ASS..


          • n24rc
          • n24rc

            “Again your stupid FUCK…Your some DUMB BITCH”

            your is possessive. For instance, your Mama is so nasty, she put a cucumber in her panties and pulled out a pickle.

            you’re is a contraction(you are), like you are a stupid asshole (in this instance, it is: you’re a stupid ho).

        • Diesel Washington

          What’s the Ahem bullshit?

    • Robert

      Preach @dieselwashington:disqus ! And the same can be said about the site owner because I really do believe he jumped for joy when this idiot agreed to let a man touch him. How pathetic?! Meanwhile attractive GAY PoC are forced to work on horrible niche sites.

    • n24rc
      • Diesel Washington

        You make no sense..

    • McM.

      No lies present.

    • Casey Scott

      Well, no, Diesel. I was NEVER a fan of Cody Cummings and I think it’s pretty well-established that on this here site all the regular commentators have also never been fans of his bullshit. And clearly the “queens” DIDN’T take him back because his scenes aren’t selling or getting viewers, so NDS canned him again. I tend to agree with your thoughts on here, but not these. Mr. Copper offers a more substantial rebuttal I agree with.

    • antoine_t

      Off topic but I’m a little confused. I remember reading some interview/blog you did when you were with Titan, in it it you mentioned your were bi and that you were excited about the prospect of Titan doing more bi scenes.

      • Diesel Washington

        You mean the interview in 2006(9 yrs ago)when I was questioning my sexuality? I said Bi cause I didn’t know what I was and now I live my life as an out proud gay man..

        What about it?

  • James

    Gay porn’s only job requirement-Sex with men.
    Last time I checked failure to performer your job’s duties was a reasonable reason for termination.

  • Woohooboy

    It would seem NDS only have themselves to blame for this entire fiasco. They “created” Cody Cummings, marketed him to a gay audience and for YEARS all Cummings ever did was act like the prick tease that he is.

    All hope but not actually delivering on the promise of going all the way.

    Not surprisingly gay porn consumers clued into this and rapidly lost interest in this “performer” and yet NDS (against better judgement) decided to inexplicably turned him into a brand name!?!?!?!?!.

    In a way, I’m glad this backfired because the studio have finally realised that all the time and effort they have put into promoting him has really amounted to very little by way of return.

    I have no problem if Cummings wanted to make money being in the biz but put some effort into your damn work. This guy took the concept of being on “auto pilot” to a whole new level and will forever be remembered as one of the laziest performers to ever grace porn.

    Moral of the story: This is porn. Either go big, go hard and go all the way or go home

  • Brandon

    Cody is 39 years old! Time to stop talking about how he’s getting manipulated all the time. If you’re still getting “manipulated” when you’re pushing 40 then you’re a grade-A moron. He whines about his Twitter account being stolen, threatening legal action, when there are actual problems in this world. smh

  • McM.
  • Eric D

    Mr Cummings is almost sounds like you believe your fans and Next door studios, cared about you as a human. Please tell me your not that stupid! You are a extremely attractive, opportunistic, douche bag who panders to weak gay men. While you basking in the limelight you forgot the golden rule: do not get older. As men gay men as you have had sex with, one would think you would know gay men are all surface and aging is not allow in the alternate universe of the gay queen.

  • lordgabux

    I blame social media and the internet in general. If these silly “stars” didn’t have such outlets for their nonsense, we wouldn’t be suffering them.

  • n24rc

    So by the logic in Cody’s post – Alison and frau-fans like her, only are interested in him because he will fuck them? I mean, really?!? I’ve seen that profile pic, and yes that will happen, Alison. Keep telling yourself that!!! HA HA HA HA

  • BlogZilla

    Well , actually Cody is right, the studios are desperate. Otherwise why would they being hiring 95 percent straight guys like him to do “gay” sex? Aren’t there plenty of gay guys out there that want to do porn?

    And furthermore, few are buying their junk anymore. (pun intended) It’s been pirated to death.

  • Marcus Collack

    Here’s the thing
    1. He’s right, he does get a lot of hate for not actually having intercourse with men
    2. He should have known his shelf life was extremely finite, because it’s “GAY” porn. The fact that he went as long as he did was kind of amazing.
    3. It is a business, and you know the saying… “If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense”
    4. Was there probably some shadiness going on… probably you work in porn
    5. As for the straight guys who were “catfished”, they were thirsty enough to show up to a porn studio to shoot porn based off of a picture, and they didn’t have to do anything once they found out what was going on.

  • Lyfe & Love

    So I’m confused. Are you straight or now Bi?