Cody Cummings: Gay Men Don’t Accept Me Because I Won’t Have Sex With Them

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From accusing NextDoorStudios owner Stephan Sirard of “playing doctor” with models, to the revelation that he was indeed fired because he wouldn’t fuck another man, Cody Cummings has just posted a lengthy, weird, grammar and spelling-challenged (he uses the word “except” in place of “accept” about a thousand times) rant to his personal site,

The post—clearly a follow-up to Cody’s Twitter meltdown last week (all those tweets have since been deleted, and the account has now been taken over by NextDoor staff)—criticizes NextDoor’s business practices, and it includes several warnings to models thinking about working with the Northern California studio. So, if Cody Cummings is the kind of person you normally take advice from and trust, pay close attention to this blog post, which is entitled “Suck My Nuts.”

Here is most of the full post, along with a few gifs to try and keep you entertained because this is actually really boring, except for the part where he says gay people are mean and refuse to accept him because he won’t have sex with them. That is possibly the best thing I have ever read.

Suck my nuts
by Cody on 04/21/15

Whats up guys. Hope everyone is well.
Things here are good. Just fighting that fight. 😉

Let me say this again. If speaking up against this company that bulldozes their staff and models means the others won’t hire me. Awesome. I get it. Thats fine. Id rather be unemployed then silenced. But I don’t believe that. It would just show they all do business the same way. I believe that there are still companies out there that value the models to the fullest. Like ND once did. Thats why they once had all the best models and were once successful.

I don’t think any model should ever work for a company that does business like Next Door Studios. This is a company with no vision. A game plan that changes every week or month depending on what the next top competitor is doing. Thats not a business model. I don’t know what you call that. Desperate chasing? You have a vision and believe in it, and chase it, no matter what! Like I did with my site.


This company promises employment to staff to get content shot knowing their going to fire them as soon as its complete. Asked a personal friend to move from LA to northern California for a promotion. To get all moved then told “oh, we’re going in a different direction. Sorry”

A owner that will do anything to make ppl shoot these scenes. Even play doctor and look at something and say “your fine, just shoot”

Has the “social media asst” run a catfish website to lure guys in. Models at the house asking me “oh is Britney gonna be here?” “Who?!?” “Oh a model of yours I met online told me I should apply here” You have a person that lies and catfishes in straight men to get them to do things they might not have without the interest of a sexy women. But this same company allows ppl to bash me as someone who disrespects the gay community. Are you kidding?!? This is a gay man running this program. And I’m the bad guy? Ppl can view things really in the way they want to sometimes…


Then knock them these guys for not being gay. Or not gay enough for YOU! And Im the asshole for not doing more. Why? Because I’m one of the few you haven’t manipulated? I was offered this job because I would let a man touch me, maybe give me head if there is a hot girl there with me. Oh Stephan went nuts with joy. Offered me a “contract” that year. But now I’m some kind of homophobe gay hater because I won’t have sex with a man on camera when you say so.

As someone who sympathizes I use to assume gay ppl were extra excepting because of their struggles. You hear stories about how hard it was to come out. Some never have to courage because of how shitty ppl are. That use to make me think that things like that would make you except EVERYONE. But far from. Way worse them my straight friends.

ND, its owner and mgr: Stephan , Greg , and his “social media asst” have somehow hacked and closed MY twitter. I take it as a desperate attempt to silence me. Or in hopes that you guys won’t see the truth. I don’t even know if this is legal. But I’m looking into it. It is MY intellectual property. Or at least I thought it was. But thats ok. The truth will be seen, by all.


So a little advice to any of you models with ND that Greg tries to tell “hey let us use your twitter to post some stuff. It will only be good for you” You will loose it. they will try and take it over and start to think at some point they own it. Just like they have done with mine. You will be next. Lube up!

I did not leave ND. NextDoor pushed me out because I won’t suck or top. I did leave last time. This is true. This time they just beat me to the punch.


A few months back I sat down with Stephan, Next Door’s “owner”. For what I wrongfully took as a honest business talk. This was the day I should have been wiser. When I point that finger, I see one pouting right back at me. If you ever do business with this man. Be warned. He has a very cunning way of covering up whats actually being discussed. Very sly. Goes off topic to loose you. Tells you what you want to hear, but the whole time your realizing you have gotten no where. And at the end of the day will talk you into circles before ever excepting blame. Something so powerful about someone who can look you in the eye and say “I fucked up”


I have unfolded before your eyes. And one point I would have never let a guy touch me. Mia showed me a world I didn’t know was out there. I met TommyD and came to find out I was comfortable with more then I thought. I never knew I was gonna like bjs from Patrick Rouge. That girls like Mia and Crissy were gonna make me do more because it turned them on. That I was gonna want to do more with some male models I found sexy, like Breck Boyd and Anderson Lovelle. If you told me 5 years ago that I was going to be doing scenes like this, I would have said “yur nuts” But here we are.

So we agreed I would come up with another idea to raise my comfort and please the fans. So I did the cum shot facial for you guys. to see if you responded. That if I continued to push my limits what would ppl think. So I shot the scene. this is where it went bad, real fast. I was given a release date for the scene. Then was told the numbers are not there and that they no longer are interested in shooting me. So in order to hold out on paying me any bonus they removed the scenes to post once Im gone. There is just no way this is how other porn companies do business. No way…


I would love to continue this journey. Not sure what the next chapter holds. But I think some really good things. I’m still shooting. I’m shooting great photos. And my videography work is really getting good. Staying on it every day. Im ready when you are. Don’t let ND convince you Im some issue. Or they wouldn’t have brought me back again for one more good pounding.

* new twitter @2020_Cody *Looking to possibly retain an attorney. If anyone knows a good one willing to take this on.

Oh, and because I’m sure many of you were wondering, yes, of course Cody Cummings’ most famous stan, Allison Arnold, has discovered Cody’s new Twitter:

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