Cody Seiya Fucks Evan Knoxx Bareback And Upside Down At CockyBoys, Plus A Halloween Sneak Peek

Posted October 19, 2023 by with 8 comments

Cody Seiya and Evan Knoxx are fucking raw in the new CockyBoys scene just released, but first, take a look at the sneak peek poster the studio just released to tease their upcoming Halloween feature:

CockyBoys has been a leader in Halloween productions (e.g., The Haunting, Happy Endings, Meeting Liam), so I have high hopes for Scream Cream. Any guess as to who that is holding the axe? Scream Cream marks the studio debut of Michael Jackman, who’s paired with Evan Knoxx, and it’ll be out next Thursday. Speaking of Evan…as noted above, Evan Knoxx is bottoming bareback for Cody Seiya in today’s CB update, and here’s the preview:

Note that CockyBoys’ Cocktober sale is still on, with 78% off annual memberships using any link in this article. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[78% Off CockyBoys: Cody Seiya Fucks Evan Knoxx Bareback]

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