Colby Keller Cums On François Sagat’s Face In Controversial Justice League Parody Scene

Posted December 1, 2017 by with 78 comments’s Justice League gay porn parody premiered last week with Johnny Rapid and Ryan Bones, and today’s episode features François Sagat and Colby Keller, along with a cameo from Drag Race star Manila Luzon. At the end of the sex scene, which features great performances and is well filmed, Colby Keller cums on François Sagat’s face.

0015 0021 0022 0024 0025I do not follow comic books, comic book characters, or the comic book movies on which these gay porn parodies are based, but many of you commented last week and made me aware that the real-life Justice League comic book movie features a black actor playing a black fictional comic book character named “Cyborg,” and that character is not featured in Men’s parody. Commenters have also pointed out that Colby Keller’s white character—”Green Lantern”—is not even in the real-life Justice League movie, making this parody even more problematic (although, there is reportedly some sort of “Green Lantern” representation in the movie). Men has not explained this character swap and casting decision, but they do regularly feature African-American, Latin, Middle Eastern, and Asian models in scenes every week, and the studio’s productions this year have been more diverse than ever. Hopefully, this Justice League casting mistake was just that—a careless mistake—and it won’t happen again.


Trailer (watch full scene here):

[ Colby Keller Fucks François Sagat]

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