Colby Keller And Tayte Hanson Take Turns Fucking Each Other For Christmas

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Santa is cumming early, and once you click play on this video, you probably will, too. CockyBoys’ Christmas gift to fans was just delivered a day early, and it’s a holy flip-fuck scene between Colby Keller and Tayte Hanson.

IMG_6479IMG_6571 IMG_6547

Colby and Tayte’s combined star power is bound to make heads explode, so try and keep it together as you witness the Christmas miracle of their festive fireside flip-fuck.

IMG_6918 IMG_6921

Before they give each other their big presents, Colby Keller and Tayte Hanson admire each other’s ornaments as they trim the tree. And speaking of trim, this scene marks the debut of Tayte Hanson’s shorter, sexier new haircut.

IMG_6585 IMG_6582 IMG_6601IMG_6732 IMG_6742

While it might be better to give than to receive, it’s even BETTER when you give and receive, as Tayte Hanson and Colby Keller take turns fucking each other in multiple positions.

IMG_6815 IMG_6825 IMG_6832

Tayte and Colby were so excited and appreciative of each other’s gifts, they didn’t even need to be unwrapped!

IMG_6848 IMG_6862

‘Tis the reason for the season: Colby Keller and Tayte Hanson flip-fucking.


Don’t forget to watch until the very end of the scene, when Colby Keller erupts with one of his signature loads, drenching Tayte Hanson in a thick, white, sweet layer of creamy Christmas cheer! (There’s an egg nog pun here, but I’ll stop.)

Trailer (full video here):

[CockyBoys: Tayte Hanson & Colby Keller Flip-Fuck]


  • Alan Keddie

    I said HOT DAMN! That’s frickin HOT! The only thing hotter than Colby Keller bottoming is Tayte, lovin’ the new ‘do btw, Hanson bottoming. And the kissing! Phew! I need a cold shower!

  • sxg

    I think every studio’s Christmas scene is being released today. RandyBlue’s scene with Jordan Levine (with an insane beard) and Greg Jameson was released today, as well as the one at MEN with Nicoli Cole and Adam something.

    This looks good, they’re both clean cut! Although I think Colby having some of his facial hair would have been appropriate here. Still, it looks like a great scene!

    • NG212

      Adam Bryant is so hot. He *needs* to do more. He was at BaitBuddies for one scene in which he did nothing but top, and did a solo at ExtraBigDicks. At least he kissed Nicoli for the new scene. Progress. I’d like to see more of it.

      Corbin Fisher has a regularly-scheduled (Thursday) release. It’s going to be Kellan fucking Colt. I expect BrokeStraightBoys to have a Christmas hardcore update. Their last scene was a solo, and aired on the 21st. Chaosmen is doing a marathon, so we can expect to see a hardcore update tomorrow (potentially the much-teased threesome with Augustus, Griffin, and Alec).

      Last but certainly not least, Sean Cody will have a regularly-scheduled hardcore update coming online at 00:00 EST. On Twitter, they promised it would be a good one.

      • zach

        The SC scene better be good…but after ALL the duds this year, I’m not expecting anything.

        • sxg
        • NG212

          I’m on the same page as you. What does “good” mean to them anymore? They’re better than most studios, but they’re half what they used to be.

          I want to see a hot model doing something he’s never done before. Otherwise, it won’t be special.

        • Alan Keddie

          Ask and ye shall receive squire

      • sxg

        This is the first time I’m seeing Adam Bryant and he is a hot piece of ass! I’ll watch the scene later tonight so hopefully he’s got some potential to grow, although he’s at MEN so he may not get the right guidance there to be a better performer considering how sub-par much of the directing is, specifically in the US-produced scenes.

        BUT FIRST, I must see the Jordan Claus stuffing someone’s stocking yet again this year! Sadly it’s with Greg Jameson, one of, if not the most, overrated new RB model. But like I do with girls in straight porn, I’ll just ignore that Greg is even in the scene and focus all my attention on Jordan!

        And can’t wait for the new SC scene to cum out! Despite what some people think, SC still produces some good quality scenes out there. Sure this year has been far from their strongest, but compared to the majority of the studios there, they are still on top. In my opinion, they are easily better overall this year than CF, RB, Hot House, Helix and many more.

  • James Withers

    Tayte sooooo needs to bottom more. That ass makes me think nasty thoughts!

  • Tellingthetruth

    Daaaaammmmnnnnn…I bet this will be the best Christmas update this year!

  • dave1984

    Colby’s new haircut makes his dick look a lot bigger. Clean-cut Colby, u’re so ready to fuck America up the ass. God knows , bitch needs it bad

  • Alan Keddie

    Ho ho ho! Merry Xxxmas from UK. Tayte is obviously Samson only after losing his long locks he got stronger. And Colby looks like a God here. Thanks Zach and Jake.

  • Alan Keddie

    Sorry but this is important! I just visited and… SURPRISE! That’s all I gonna type…

  • Spencer87

    I hope it lives up to expectations,but this is my dream come true.Tayte bottoming.

    • DeanD

      This was the first Tayte Hanson scene I’ve watched and his bottoming is the highlight to me. And boy does he like being on camera.

  • Luca

    nice to see a well-groomed Colby too!

  • Istanballu

    Fuck yo automatic playing video 😉

  • yeah yeah