Have You Stopped Watching Colby Keller Porn Because He Won’t Stop Talking About His Vote For Trump?

Posted February 20, 2017 by with 103 comments

Last October, popular performer and gay porn veteran Colby Keller caused an uproar when he announced in an interview that he’d be voting for a bigoted, mentally ill, and possibly syphilis-infected Cheeto in the 2016 election. Keller’s attempt to justify his vote—by explaining that he didn’t support Cheeto’s policies and that he hoped Cheeto’s presidency would be a “destabilizing force” in American politics—fell on mostly deaf ears, as fans dragged him for trying to rationalize the vote at all. Then, earlier this month, Keller went on record again in another interview, this time explaining his communist beliefs, his opinion that Hillary Clinton is guilty of treason, and his continued hope that Cheeto’s reign will destroy America.

Despite the backlash, multiple gay porn studios have continued to release Colby Keller scenes (some of which were filmed before the election, some that may have been filmed after), and this week he’s in another update, this time for CockyBoys (trailer below). The question is, will Colby Keller scene viewership decline (which, in turn, will hurt studio revenues) because he continues to remind people that he voted for Cheeto?

Trailer for his scene this week (full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Colby Keller Fucks Jeremy Spreadums]

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