Have You Stopped Watching Colby Keller Porn Because He Won’t Stop Talking About His Vote For Trump?

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colby-trump-1024x644Last October, popular performer and gay porn veteran Colby Keller caused an uproar when he announced in an interview that he’d be voting for a bigoted, mentally ill, and possibly syphilis-infected Cheeto in the 2016 election. Keller’s attempt to justify his vote—by explaining that he didn’t support Cheeto’s policies and that he hoped Cheeto’s presidency would be a “destabilizing force” in American politics—fell on mostly deaf ears, as fans dragged him for trying to rationalize the vote at all. Then, earlier this month, Keller went on record again in another interview, this time explaining his communist beliefs, his opinion that Hillary Clinton is guilty of treason, and his continued hope that Cheeto’s reign will destroy America.

Despite the backlash, multiple gay porn studios have continued to release Colby Keller scenes (some of which were filmed before the election, some that may have been filmed after), and this week he’s in another update, this time for CockyBoys (trailer below). The question is, will Colby Keller scene viewership decline (which, in turn, will hurt studio revenues) because he continues to remind people that he voted for Cheeto?

Trailer for his scene this week (full scene here):

[CockyBoys: Colby Keller Fucks Jeremy Spreadums]

  • Zealot
  • DrunkEnough

    Completely done with the Trump Hobo. He’s old enough to move on, too. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/a65adbfb328b15c2349d4baa40b38461b613d8f81cb11c7bb0efa64e645c39a5.gif

    • Alann6

      I’ve gotten tired of him because he’s let himself go over the last 3 or 4 years and he does look like a hobo now… the Trump mess just compounds that issue.

  • Xzamilloh

    No… I stopped watching because he was pretentious blowhard who thought a bunch of gays rubbing the skin off of their mushroom tips equaled wanting his unneeded pseudo-intellectual opinion on world events and politics. No, Colby, we don’t give a shit about your stance on the Dakota Access Pipeline or the chaotic upheaval to governmental practices you wanted to see with Trump’s election. We wanted cumshots and ass eating… you can keep your bohemian man-funk to yourself and do another Colby Does America, which (not trying to make it racial) was the whitest America I’ve ever seen.


    • Lil’ Luiz

      “he’s [a] pretentious blowhard”
      So he’s a hipster…?

    • Ben

      and don’t forget those times when he referred himself as an “artist”

    • Wig Snatcher

      I literally died at “bohemian man funk” because he does look like the type that refuses to wear deodorant based on some pretentious belief of natural order of human scents or something https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/cb3dd7f7966cf64692a25fc9a555bfc1b113990bcd5066172d70f9283e5d5561.gif

    • moondoggy
    • Luca

      yes, I still watch his scenes, as I find he has a great body and a great cock and he’s very sexual in his scenes. I ‘m hving less pleasure recently though, because 1 I think his performances got worse, and 2 indeed because what he says is starting to affect my horniness during his scenes.

      And yes, I do think he’s an idiot with his head so stuck up his dogma that he can’t really see what’s good and what’s bad.
      He’s the kind of guy that would have approved of Stalin’s massacres just to prove his point. And he believes he’s such a great and controversial thinker when he’s basically just a moron of limited views and morality.

    • Binary Busting Boo Boo Kitty

      Go kill more Middle Easterners in your war ‘service’ for Amurica, fuckface. After that, get PTSD and die.

  • RetiredCowboy

    I have absolutely no interest in Colby Keller’s, or any other porn performer’s political stance. If I had the opportunity to fuck around with him, I’d do it in a heart beat, but that doesn’t mean I want to invite him out for a beer.

  • sxg

    I have stopped watching him because he won’t stop talking in general. I can deal with jerking off to now-dead pornstars, even those in jail, but I think I draw the line on pornstars who think they’re too goddamn smart(but they’re no) yet still continue to do porn, an industry that takes little intelligence to do anything.

    • Porn Star

      Don’t lie. Your hand cringes at the thought of jerking your dick off.

      • sxg

        Actually I watched an older Raging Stallion Monster Bang film last night and he was in it. I will admit I watched a couple of seconds of his scene, but I fast forwarded a majority of it.

  • SaintMike

    I was getting tired of him anyway…. he wants trump he can have him

  • Tim

    the vote matters, but so does the reason. and his reasons are stupid but at least coherent. I’m not a communist. I don’t like revolution. But I do like him fucking. I also wish he’d bareback for a major studio already.

    if someone is conservative on other, non-LGBT matters and voted for him on them, i won’t stop watching them. If they voted for him due to their dislike of Hillary Clinton, fine. If they voted for him as a means to another political end like this, eh, stupid but I understand. Bigotry is the problem.

    I may be a pretty leftist guy in a French/Swedish sort of socialist way, but hopefully some day one will be able to be conservative and gay and it not be an oxymoron. I watch my porn in that spirit.

    • a b

      Votes are counted regardless of intent. The vote of Colby Keller on Trump worths just as much as the vote of David Duke.

      • Pinko of the Grange

        Oh do explain…

        • a b

          Colby puts the paper vote in the vote box thingy, then David Duke puts his paper vote in the vote box thingy, then the counting guys pick the box and count the shit that’s inside it. David Duke’s vote is counted for Trump, Colby Keller’s is counted for Trump. Both worth just the same, go for the same orange Hitler and have the same impact.
          Let me know if Colby votes in electronic ballots, I’ll explain it how the election thing works on those cases.

          • Pinko of the Grange

            I must of misread your post. because I read it as voting for Trump is like voting for Duke.

          • a b

            That wasn’t what I meant, but it’s truth in the sense they’re both white supremacists

          • Pinko of the Grange

            Is Donnie self aware and smart enough to be any type of “ist”.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    No, but I also don’t pay for it so…even?

  • brock

    There are a lot of different factors that go into someone’s attractiveness. Especially now, with social media, porn stars are not just warm bodies there for fucking. You can get a much better sense of their identity and their “brand.” There are enough porn stars out there who are not just hot, but also seem like very good people, and are outspoken political activists on the right side of these issues. They’ll be enough to satisfy my self-love sessions. I don’t need Ms. Keller anymore.

  • La Serpenta Canta

    Who on earth can find this piece of moldy white bread with no lips attractive?? goes to show how pathetic gays truly are.

    • WyattTF

      This kind of antiwhite hate speech is so disgusting and insulting.

      • Wig Snatcher

        That statement was not anti-white. The reference with specifically about “moldy white bread with NO LIPS” https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/c1aacfb1cd5edb25a6450be3fbfd701626afabad25b216c1dafd96d20e3ec99c.gif

        • WyattTF

          See how quickly someone would get called a racist around here for saying something like ugh that black guy is gross with his massive lips.

          • Wig Snatcher

            Since the comment specifically mentioned “bread” and not “guy” I’m sure you drew your own conclusion. And being called a racist and being an actual racist are two different things. Remember, it’s not what they call you but what you answer to.

            If that don’t work, remember what the white gays say: “it’s just a preference.”

          • WyattTF

            So saying “bread” instead of “guy” when you are clearly talking about a person makes it innocuous? Ok.

          • Wig Snatcher

            nope, it’s like a ‘fill in the blank’ statement. You make it what you want.

          • Pertinax

            Ah ! L.O.L.

          • nick

            I’m confused, does not liking bagels make me anti Semitic now ?

          • Wig Snatcher

            You do you! However, whatever you choose to do.

      • La Serpenta Canta

        It’s not anti-white, I am white, I just had never realized how ugly white men truly are, and how hideously they age, Colby Keller embodies the worst of being white: no lips, ghastly skin, potato head, moldy features, yuck. And it’s actually the racist who prefer someone like him.

        • WyattTF

          Yes all white men are ugly and age horribly. What kinda of self-hating pathetic asshole are you?

          • La Serpenta Canta

            not all of them but most of them.

  • Terrance Ingraham

    Yeah stick a fork in him he is done.
    That Stillest Hour with him Flop
    The Naked sword project with him in it Meh
    His Men.com scenes panned by consumers

    I guess Cockyboys didn’t get the memo, their “Muse” is now a liability to them. Or they did and trying to release what scenes they got of him before the gays start boycotting studios releasing scenes of him.

    I understand his intentions of trying to dismantle this political machine. But his White privilege does not see the casualties of his ideology. LGBT/Immigrants/people of color etc etc.
    Or worse he realizes the damage, but thinks it’s only collateral damage at best…
    Glad the pretentious knowitall wannabee Artist was exposed for his ideology.
    Colby was worshipped as Porn God that could do no wrong at one point..
    I guess
    Even Porn Gods can bleed…

    • Wig Snatcher

      He is not done. There will always be a demand for buttered toast and saltine crackers in the porn industry. Sho ’nuff!

    • Joey

      “Or worse he realizes the damage, but thinks it’s only collateral damage at best…”

      DING DING DING we have a winner. This falls in line with his radical beliefs he’s been spewing for years on his blog. Crack a few eggs to make an omelet, that sorta thing.

    • Pertinax

      ” …but ( he ) thinks it’s only collateral damage … ” Yes, tipical commie madness because commies suffer from ” leftpathy ” a condition that justifies all kinds of crimes to advance ” the commie’s cause “.

    • sxg

      In fairness, no matter how good a performer you are, the majority of everyone’s Men scenes end up being a flop because of their directing guidelines. A few of the directors manage to make it bearable, like Marc Macnamara. Other times we’re lucky a performer is that good it can withstand Men’s stupid guidelines.

  • fluffi3

    never found him attractive enough to watch his porn to begin with; not sure how he made it in with those average looks . . .

  • WyattTF

    He’s handsome, has a fantastic cock, and a great body. He also clearly loves having sex with men and that shows on camera. End of story. That’s all I ask from a porn star.

  • Lil’ Luiz
  • pangelboy

    I never started. Something about him just reads as pretentious and his Trump stunt proves that. Next!


  • Dazzer

    I’m one of the people who paid their money into Keller’s ‘Fucking Across America and Bits of Canada’ project.

    I’m European and I don’t make an automatic separation between sex and and an artistic statement. I was genuinely interested to see what Keller would do.

    At this point, I should mention that sxg and various other commentors here called me a fucking moron when I opened up about this.

    I’m a great believer in art not being something that has to be easy – so I called them fucking morons back.

    When he started posting bareback videos in that project, I stopped watching them.

    I understand that I’m in the minority here, but I decided to stop watching him having sex. I’m not making a moral judgment about anyone else, it was just a decision I made for myself.

    As someone who is British and European I have regularly had to deal with Communism and Socialism. These are not concepts that frighten me. I’ve had many a long, boozy night arguing the pros and cons of those political philosophies.

    Even though I thought Keller was an idiot when he went bareback as a political and sexual statement, I just thought he had a different artistic viewpoint.

    But when he started spouting nonsense about supporting Trump, I lost any faith in him as a someone who understood political or cultural life.

    The man is an idiot.

    Colby Keller is such a third rate anthropologist and artist that he thinks the only way of governing a country is through potlach. The guy is a fucking imbecile who has no comprehension about the political or sociological implications of his political philosophy.

    I want to take this opportunity to say sorry to sxg and everyone else who called me a mental midget back then.

    You were right and I was wrong.

    The guy redefines “witless prick” – but only after you’ve looked at my own stupidity.

    • sxg

      So nice of you to come on here to tell us we were right to call you a fucking moron!

      • Pinko of the Grange

        How many of the words he used did you have to look up?

    • Ed Woody

      90% agree… the other 10% being that I do make moral judgements on people and am quite comfortable doing so.

    • n24rc

      Your hardon made it impossible to see clearly, it can happen to anyone. Lol.

    • Porn Star

      Well most of the people here steal porn and do not buy it…their lives consist of sitting on porn blogs and TRYING to cause drama, but in truth, they are insignificant trolls who most fans/studios/performers consider irrelevant in their opinions. Move along, really, nothing to see here.

    • Pertinax

      So you equate art with that sick shit of ” Colby Does America ” ? Is this possible because you’re ” British and European” ?

      • Painbow

        All sorts of WTF with that comment. Where are you coming from? Did you read his essay at all?https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/62efe85ce92ec2e9ec664a79476897e46308ceafe62d53bc1e6cd87db4a31cfd.gif

      • Dazzer

        Probably, yes.

        I watch Michael Winterbottom’s 9 Songs, which portrays hard-core straight sex. The director is a multi award-winning maker of serious films that push boundaries in the mainstream – most of which have nothing to do with sex.

        He has serious, real actors having real, serious sex on camera.

        It wasn’t his best film, but it was good. And it was definitely an artistic statement.

        Obviously, I’m not conflating Colby Keller with Michael Winterbottom. But I don’t have a problem with portrayals of sex being seen as art. If you do, that’s up to you. But, presumably, you’re the one in the country that welcomes the Puritans, whereas I’m the one in the country who happily waved them off from our shores.

        Some of Keller’s stuff was interesting. I wouldn’t call it great art, but I could see a statement was being made.

        His one based in New York with Cocky Boys was self-knowingly pretentious as fuck. It was sending itself up. It knew it was preposterous and pretentious – and then turned the knob up to 11. And there was another one that involved lobsters that actually made me laugh, because it seemed to be all about looking at human sexuality from the lobster’s point of view. And the lobster wasn’t impressed.

        Not great art, but an interesting interpretation of a short film. Also, there were several others that dwelt more on the countryside. Those were frequently beautifully shot and composed. In at least one, I was annoyed when the fucking interrupted the gorgeousness of the landscapes because I was planning vacation spots.

        I’d still have donated to his Colby Does America thing, even if I’d known what the result would be.

        But that’s not so much because of Colby Keller, rather it was because he was using a lot of different directors and editors – and all of them deserved a chance at making their own statement.

        That said, I’m still a fucking moron.

        • Pertinax

          You clearly have reasons to call fuckery art – and I suppose to vomit, to piss, to shit, to fart etc is art too… – aesthetics and morals are outdated terms for many and today “art’ is something bigger than life, bigger than the universe, bigger than reason, bigger than all…, but I’m still wonder if people that call fuckery art aren’t fooling themselves or at least using the wrong ways, the wrong tools, the wrong media and present a mystification of art because the majority of us still would like to have a beautiful painting at home but will recoil in disgust to have a turd or people fucking in the living room as ” art “.

          • Dazzer

            I don’t have all my art in the living room.

            If you think all art has to be in a frame and stuck on your wall, that’s your choice. And it’s fine. I’m not criticising you for it. If that’s what you want, then go for it.

            Essentially, if that kind of art makes your life better – then it’s good art for you. This is not a problem for me. Art should enrich life – and if that art enriches your life, then good for you (absolutely no snark intended).

            I don’t think art has to be mystified. If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t. I’m not going to tell you that you’re right or wrong because of your tastes in art.

            You talk about shit. I’ll point you to artist Chris Ofili (who won the Turner Prize – one of the most prestigious modern art awards – about ten years ago). The tabloids when crazy because he won the prize with a picture of the Virgin Mary that included elephant dung in the materials making it.

            It’s still a beautiful piece of art and I defy you to find the elephant shit (http://www.tate.org.uk/whats-on/tate-britain/exhibition/chris-ofili).

            All these things are subjective.

          • Pertinax

            I know about this ” artist ” he made news all over the world for using shit… L.O.L. It’ll be interesting to see people restoring this masterpeace in the future.

          • Dazzer

            If you can do better art, then do so.

            I’ll support you if you can do it.

          • Pertinax
          • Dazzer

            HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Excellent. Simply and truly excellent.

            Thank you for that. It is great.

            Precisely zero snark involved here – I love it.

            Clever, but funny as fuck.

            If I had the money, I would sooooo buy that.

  • stephen

    I was already like 60/40 on if his personality outweighed his looks before the Trump effect came into play, but now?

  • burghboy

    Colby Keller is an idiot. What exactly does he expect to replace the destabilized government? Communism?

    • WhimsyCotton

      He probably thinks he’s an enlightened libertarian.

      • Dazzer

        No. He thinks he’s a Marxist. It’s a very different proposition.

        • WhimsyCotton

          That’s so adorable.

        • burghboy

          I don’t think Colby Keller understands the difference. He certainly does not understand the consequences of “blowing up” the government.

    • quangtran

      He is one of those BernieOrBust types that is deluded enough to think that the entire corrupt system will collapse under a Trump presidency and that better system will arise, and doesn’t realise that instead of shaking up the status quo, all he did was set back progress back nearly a decade.

      But I think Zach is being deliberately obtuse by mistaking him being a Trump voter and a Trump supporter. Colby’s was pretty much a troll vote.

    • Pertinax
  • WhimsyCotton

    I would need to start watching his scenes to ever stop watching them. Furthermore, just as he always played second fiddle to Dale Cooper at Cockyboys when it came to being an intellectual, he now shows himself to be nothing but a follower. I’m almost positive he’s just bandwagoning Susan Sarandon’s bullshit movement.

    Get an ounce of originality and enough brain cells to think for yourself Colby. Nothing more embarrassing than a faux-intellectual. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0adc70beba002db8e9c4cd42943a716fba576ce88fae17d80f522624a1423da3.gif

  • Philip Broad

    I was never a particular fan but I’d watch him when he was younger. That’s a great pic of him at the top.
    Now he’s just an extremely unattractive dirty old man who probably can’t believe his luck that studios are willing to pair him with gorgeous young guys he’d never be able to pull in real life.
    As for his support for Trump, well I wish all artists would shut up about their politics and their “causes”. Even those who are shouting for the politicians I support are nauseating.

  • nodoubtfan

    He was approaching being insufferable before this Trump vote mess — that just pushed him over the edge.

  • Vee

    “I wish I had a gun so I could kill you.” – Colby Keller’s mom
    “I voted for a Trump/Pence campaign because we need destabilization so I can further take advantage of my privilege. Who cares about the millions that will literally die?! What? Conversion therapy Pence? I love him!” – Colby Keller, most definitely

    Shame on Cockyboys tbh, their mission statement doesn’t match their current model line up.

  • Maximus
  • Wig Snatcher

    I can’t say this dude bothered me particularly. I don’t necessarily believe gays have to be liberal or socially conscious, there is too much racism, ageism, and narcissism in the community for that.
    HOWEVER, if we must discuss it, his reasoning was a clear cut case of maniacal delusional thinking. It’s like he was the Brain from “Pinky and the Brain”… which would make Donald Trump Pinky…

  • Alesx

    And now Cockyboys website is down…. Hmmmm….

  • Back Tawk

    No. I just always thought he was dull as dirt.

  • n24rc

    So where’s the revolution that he was hoping for? It’s not going to happen. the majority of people are just waiting out this mess until midterms and hopefully the DNC’s resolve to pick someone suitable to challenge.

    Also, the intelligence community has enough dirt on this asshole that if he keeps stepping out of line with their existing policies and views on international relations with Russia, they’d keep leaking intel on him until the Republican controlled congress and senate has enough changes to the federal government that they can vacate him and turn over to Pence. This even applies if he tries to push those out who have clearance, they’ll keep fucking with him until he resigns or gets impeached whatever happens first.

    Keep dreaming Colby…not going to happen.

    • Pinko of the Grange

      On the national level there is little hope of changing the mix in the midterms. Progressives really need to concentration on the State House where voter redistricting will be decided in 2022 or so. Or push for CA propositions 11(2008) and 20 (2010) where independent boards draw the lines and not partisan hacks..

  • TheSagaOf

    I stay out of pornstars’ personal lives (and politics in general) and have only ever heard about this because you keep mentioning it. But to answer your question, no. I haven’t. (:

  • badgamer1967
  • J.D.

    Was disinterested after he started to act ridiculously cocky and above-everybody, then his pro-Trump bullshit started. My dick shrivels at the sight of him.

    • Pertinax

      He exposed himself as a nice guy during all this years in his blog ” Big Shoes Diaries ” and them spoiled it all showing the pretencious train wreck that he really is.

  • robirob

    I am still a fan and I get where he is coming from. And I am most certainly not a Trump supporter. Far from that.

  • I was never a fan of him, never watched any of his scenes.
    But I wouldn’t care about his political views if I’d liked him in porn.


    I still watch his scenes but I will not take a penny out of my pocket 2 do so !!!

  • TheThom

    I’ve fucked much dumber. He’s hot. He can take me to pound town all day every day.

  • Anonymous

    I think his biggest sin is he’s a bad artist. He’s pretentious and not nearly as smart as he thinks he is. That said, out of curiosity, I watched one of his scenes last year and I have to admit he certainly knows how to fuck. But now that I know his politics I have zero interest in ever watching him again.

  • Pinko of the Grange

    To paraphrase Bill Maher ” If I only watched porn by people I agree with, I would only watch my JO BetaTape.”

  • Zavier

    It might sound petty, but yes I’ve stopped watching him. I actually thought he was a cool guy at first.

  • AJ’s Black Widow

    Yep, I was a fan of his until he started talking that bullshit.

  • Fulton Eugene

    He is a hippy and a true artist. He is actually classical trained and has a MFA from Baltimore School of Fine Arts so he is not just one of those people that took on the title. The only reason he keeps talking about it is because people keep asking. I find him fascinating. He is a minimalist doesn’t have a permanent residence, isn’t controlled by money, doesn’t refuse to work with minorities and no one in the industry has one bad thing to say about him.

    • Michael

      Lol…he’s full of shit.

  • jacob221

    You can’t build anything or grow anything on scorched earth


  • Greg Snyder

    When I’ve watched scenes with him in them, I watched them for the other star(s). But, now that he has made a point of showing what a stupid motherfucker he is, I won’t even bother to watch those. By supporting Trump, he has shown he is an enemy of the LGBT community!

  • Denis-Adam Pompa

    Yes, he’s an idiot and he’s not that good at performing anyway, he is that last porn star I watched, if he on a video hit FAST FORWARD. Glad he like Trump good for him, maybe he should apply to work in Washington good ridden’s

  • Derek

    No, because I voted for Trump as well. I hate how fucking political this blog is becoming. He won, get the fuck over it.

  • Jason Lord

    Colby Keller is in that same kind of privileged nut case category as Susan Sarandon. However I’m excited to see Feud for Jessica Lange and the subject material in spite of Sarandon being in it. I haven’t been turned on by Colby Keller since his last Joe Gage movie at Titan. His politics only give me less reason to catch up on his work. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/33cb083abfe6a5eab029c05686acf5884976023d0b272ef5375c8e50b4ac01ad.gif

  • kctx

    No, I just don’t look at him at all. Extremely unattractive.

  • meduel

    he’s a communist???? well he comes to venezuela in order to live a communist!!! please he’s mad! he does not know what he’s talking about it!!!!

  • meduel

    he must come to venezuela in order to live a communist!!! he’s mad! he does not know what he’s talking about! que venga para q sepa lo q es vivir con un gobierno comunista…

  • Víc Fanfatal

    I love Colby Keller and I love Donald Trump, so I love both #MAGA #HillaryForPrison2017 https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2631a8f39e952cb65159457b0d30c2a7e78f1623021449d49270af7658d1317f.jpg