Cole Money Just Did A Chaturbate Show, Bandages And All

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Two days ago, former Fratmen and GayHoopla gay porn star Cole Money was released from the hospital after nearly losing his arm to a horrific bacterial infection. But, the show must go on!

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Cole Money just wrapped up a Chaturbate cam show in which he danced, sang, showed off his big cock, showed off his bandages, and popped a pain pill.

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What a world.

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As previously reported, Cole Money had to have skin graft surgery, where doctors took skin from his leg to repair and replace the skin he lost on his tricep.

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Some Chaturbate users thought Cole Money was the victim of a shark attack.

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In addition to his Chaturbate earnings, Cole Money is taking donations via GoFundMe to help cover his medical expenses. The campaign has brought in over $2,500 in less than two days.

  • Todd
  • n24rc
  • OneOfTheManyChris

    Oh God, the comments.

    I wish at least he would have bandaged up the leg. They probably told him not to though.

    • n24rc

      Well, this was interesting to see:

  • Eric AS

    Brave, strange, but brave.

  • CBW

    I can’t post gifs… But,yeah.
    Wish everyone would make better choice

  • ToxicBrew

    Nobody wants to see that shit oozing and gaping like a twink’s busted butthole his first month of porn shooting. Cover that shit up! Stop leaving it out to garner sympathy.

  • Clusterfuck

    Brave man, wish him a speedy recovery,

  • sanfv

    No shark attack today for Cole.

  • NickDC

    I appreciate Cole’s willingness to work to earn his money; that says a lot about his character. However in the photos it really looks like there is shit on his leg (which I’ve now learned is not shit but related to his injury). Regardless, something to block that from the viewer or cover it up would be appreciated.

    • Yeah, I can’t believe he didn’t think of your inability to just-not-look. Where are his priorities?

      • NickDC

        Seriously, I imagine he would have acquired more viewers and tips on Chaturbate if that wasn’t so visible.

        • OneOfTheManyChris

          My guess is that they told him not to cover it. It’s a skin graft–basically they use a razor to cut off a thin slice of skin, which they lay over the arm. You can see outline of the razor in the upper part. The flakey stuff may be scabs but it looks to me like calcium alginate dressing, which are slimy gel things. Who knows though, maybe he did want people to see it.

        • n24rc

          Or it’s an attempt to get more money by looking hurt and in need. But from the severity of his pictures, it looks like they released him a short while after the surgery and he is very mobile. It can’t be that bad to begin with.

          Cole should be capable for paying down debt by performing in cam or doing other things outside of porn.

  • Badbike

    My vagina ain’t handicapped realness. Those bills aren’t going to pay themselves I guess.

  • Pertinax

    It’s really sad to sea him in a condition like this doing it. I can only imagine the pain and the discomfort ( If you passed for a post-surgery you know what it is. ) ,and finally this is a good example to show us how the G4P thing works: Some of them really hate it – not all of them are ‘gay in denial’, ‘closeted-bi’, etc – ,but need the money. This goes far beyond debauchery its clearly sad.

    • Odetofear

      It’s only sad if what you think he’s doing is degrating. Lots of people have to work while they’re sick, whether it’s a cold, broken limb or even cancer. He’s lucky to have some fame which allows him to gain money through his gofundme, but he’s not laying back expecting the generosity of his fans to pay for everything, he’s being proactive and working. It’s admirable, not sad.

      • Mike Julius


      • Pertinax

        For me good sex is something people do when they are healthy, without pain, and for free, but when people turn their bodies in commodities and put a price on them it is as degrading as to sell a kidney, a baby or ask for money to donate blood. Let apart the pain and the discomfort. He should stay recovering in bed not masturbating for a price on Chaturbate. Porn and prostitution are seen as degrading activities because the ones involved with them allow others to treat and see them as objects for money. I maintain my opinion.

        • Scrapple

          “For me good sex is something people do when they are healthy, without pain, and for free, but when people turn their bodies into commodities and put a price on them it is as degrading as to sell a kidney, a baby or ask for money to donate blood.”

          Ummmm…you’re on a porn blog. Porn is built on people turning their bodies into commodities. And while most porn models aren’t donating blood for money, they most certainly are trading other biofluids for coins.

        • Mike Julius

          Pertinax, what’s your favorite porn studio?

        • Bruser

          You’re a real sweetheart.. No wonder they stabbed ya to death.

        • Goodboy

          You’re comparing porn and prostitution to selling kidneys on a porn site. LMAO. Go home bible thumper.

          • n24rc

            He’s elaborating on the severity of the situation. In those times of need, you’ll do anything. The thought of that is disturbing to most people.

        • n24rc

          Being human, flawed, and destitute is a real turn off. Nobody wants to know about their object of desire’s dirty laundry, or who they really are, as it would destroy the fantasy.

          Porn can be degrading, if the person performing in the situation feels it is. But it’s not degrading for the audience who is complicit in watching it. I haven’t supported him, or watched his cam room since it appears he is very hostile towards gays. I tend to avoid guys like that because I feel it’s degrading and sadistic. My behavior follows my emotional response to leave.

          I’m sure you feel it’s degrading…but does it matter? Cole still doesn’t have any ounce of shame about those cam shows, it’s degrading ONLY when questioned about being gay or doing gay porn; that where the line is obvious, as Cole feels it’s degrading having gay sex rather than appearing in a chatroom with his post surgery body. So if that puts this into perspective for you and your detractors, then great. If not, don’t bother with a response. I don’t care.

          • Mike Julius

            I actually agree with most of what you just said, but when has Cole been hostile toward gays or said that gay sex is degrading? Need receipts on that. I don’t follow GayHoopla that closely since their guys may be hot but the sex is lame, so I don’t know either way but except for what you claim here I’ve always heard he treats his fans with respect.

          • n24rc

            Well, Mike, since you are soooooo invested in this guy’s story to the point of replying to everything I say….Why don’t you go visit his chaturbate room and ask about his gay porn experience or work at gayhoopla, and you’ll see for yourself. K?

          • Mike Julius

            Well, n24rc, I ask you nicely to prove your assertions about Cole and this is your response? Hmm. I think you’re lying because you’re bitter about something. So prove your claims or stop spreading lies.

            How about you back up your accusations with proof? K?

          • n24rc

            I have proven his feelings, it’s in his profile at chaturbate. I told you check there. And stop referring to my posts as assertions…they are facts and unbiased, if you can’t follow through with what I have reported, that is on you.

          • Mike Julius

            If you can’t prove your assertions, that’s on you. You don’t broadcast shit and then when someone challenges you to prove it, wrap yourself in righteous indignation and say go find the evidence on your own. No, that’s not how it works. Prove the shit or shut the fuck up.

          • n24rc

            If your too lazy, to go visit his chaturbate page with the information that specifies what I have described, that is on you. The proof was given in the FIRST reply for which I told you to look for yourself.

            The only one here with “righteous indignation” is you…for anyone who questions this guys authentic need. For some reason you are too invested, and have resorted to bulling by either a. having the final word, or b. trying to put me in my place. The only troll here is you. I’m done with you. You are transparent and a waste of my time.

          • Mike Julius

            I’m lazy? That’s you’re defense.


            You’re so fucking ridiculous. I’m actually here chuckling.

            The bottom line is you made a claim and refuse to back it up. And you expect me to go looking for some vague reference. All you have to do is provide a link to proof of him denigrating gays, but you refuse to and I think that’s because it doesn’t exist. You made it up. Until you can prove otherwise, feel free to call me lazy or any number of things to try to distract from your bald-faced lies.

            I’ll let you have the last word on this, but if it’s not proof after all this, I think anyone can see you’re full of shit.

          • n24rc

            Since you are acting like an lazy asshole, maybe this will do the trick:


          • Mike Julius

            So prove it.

      • pangelboy

        The man has to do what it takes to earn a living, but seeing him *having* to cam in such a state is sad. He just suffered a horrific bacterial infection and had two (or more?) skin graphs, surgery, etc.

        I’m not a huge fan of his, but I don’t think anyone would be in the right if they attacked him for recuperating and using the generosity of his fans to help him through this difficult period.

        It seems desperate. And to me that’s sad. I wish him the best of luck, though.

  • Zealot

    Maybe it’s me, but I’ve always felt Cole enjoyed sex work and appreciated his fans. G4P or no, I didn’t get a vibe that he was hating on gays at all. Much to the contrary I always felt he did his best to always give a good show (our money’s worth as it were). You gotta love his work ethic. I had surgery on my arm last May and I can’t imagine hurting the way he must, yet doing live chats. Pain pills only deaden the pain so much, so kudos to Cole for his work ethic and tenacity. His is the first and only go-fund-me I’ve considered donating to. I don’t care how he was injured, etc. No one should wish bad health on anyone no matter how it occurred. Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Cole.

    • Hereweare

      I have searched & searched for an article that says how he got the bacteria, but I can’t find any. I completely agree with what you said, that it doesn’t matter, but when you’ve seen the pictures (which I have), curiosity is naturally going to follow. Do you (or anyone) know how it happened??

      • n24rc

        Someone mentioned steroids in another web site. It sounds plausible given some of the information out there about this infection and the risks that can increase your chances:

        for those too lazy to click on the link:
        High risks include, but not limited to steroid medicines, which can lower the body’s resistance to infection.

        Causes include, but not limited to a muscle strain or bruise, even if there is no break in the skin. (over-workouts) from bodybuilding.

        • Zealot

          Those are are possibilities. I have close friends in the medical field, who tell me that gyms (no matter how clean) are cesspools of bacteria which can enter breaks in the skin, infect the blood and surrounding tissues, and begin eating away at the flesh, etc. There are cases in which minor abrasions have caused patients to incur such blood intrusions, resulting in the same kind of damage– including loss of limbs. Cole may have been very lucky to only have sustained the amount of damage he did– which in large part may be due to his physical condition and diet. Without knowing all the particulars it’s difficult to say if one thing or anything he did caused this. But as I’ve said, even if it was due to steroid use he didn’t deserve this (no one does) and should that be the case, let’s hope it informs him to make healthier choices moving forward.

        • Hereweare

          Thanks for the info! Seems as easy as mrsa to contract, yet even scarier, if that’s possible! Hope the worst is over for him!

        • OneOfTheManyChris

          I doubt if they mean anabolic steroids. More likely they are talking about the corticosteroids like prednisone, which are used to suppress the immune system in people with autoimmune diseases (allergies, lupus) or to prevent organ transplant rejection.

          That said injecting unregulated shit into your arm is a high risk factor for sepsis.

  • Danny

    I have a moderate head cold and a slight fever today, and I’ve been feeling sorry for myself all afternoon. The guy is my new hero.

    • Xzamilloh

      Yeah, nothing like the pain of someone else to put your first world problems into perspective…

  • OverKill
    • slipperyslope

      I’m just here for Jensen.

  • badgamer1967

    Brave or deranged, he would be on so much oxycodone or any other major pain relief and trust he would need it so no shade their. I would be surprised he would get wood. The wound on the arm would hurt like hell, but the donor graft site can be far more painful as it heals…shit this kid is either in so much debt or just off the fucking show. Either way all the best buddy

  • Ed Woody

    Does one of these sessions even make a person enough money to be worth the hassle of putting himself through this in his current condition? Every penny counts, I suppose, especially now. But I wouldn’t have thought the return he would have got from this was big enough to warrant the effort. Still, I suppose it’s all advertising for the GoFundMe – the more people see what he needs the money for, the more they are likely to donate. Doesn’t he have a Mr Burns he can turn to?

  • Myko

    Wow so he made $90 for that show.
    Man thats like living on skid row.
    Just out of hospital, bandaged up, doing a show for $90 !

    • OneOfTheManyChris

      He got $90 for the show, but these caps are all from after the show, and he got another 52 tokens/$26, and that’s only in the frames that were captured. He probably got a bunch more before and after the show as well. Plus he was pointing people to the GoFundMe (which I’m pretty sure is against the rules).

      • Todd

        And unlike other porn actors who ask for others to pay for their trips, their beds, their education, etc …. he is trying to earn money himself while recovering from a serious injury that no doubt incurred huge medical bills, plus more to come.
        No hate for his attempt here to earn money or his GFM for a serious issue. Good luck to him.

  • nick

    You can’t fault his work ethic.

  • DrunkEnough

    When something that traumatic happens, it’s good to return to normalcy soon. Later on, even he may wonder what the fuck he was thinking, but think he’s awesome for getting right back in. If that had just happened to me, I wouldn’t be able to.

  • Bruser

    Guts. Cole’s a real trooper.

  • Bruser

    Cole tweeted his parents have arrived to take care of him. He’s gotten about $2.5K on his GoFundMe so folks do have a heart. I donated. If you ever jo’d to him or just watched him on CB. I am sure any little bit will help. He seems like a OK guy.

    • n24rc

      emphasis on the word SEEMS

      • Bruser

        emphasis on the word TROLL

        • Dave

          Yes Bruser… seem to be a troll.

    • Dave

      Folks seem to have a heart because they donate it to him? So if I choose to not donate I don’t have a heart? I’m glad his parents are there to help him out that’s who should be there for him now his family. GoFundMe are designed for situations like this, but his previous GoFundMe is what is causing him problems now. Perhaps we should clear up what actually happened with his wedding / honeymoon and all the money he got from his fans for that.

  • Caleb Exhem

    Lol life goes on I guess …….

  • Dave

    Wow, check out his updated GoFundMe comment. He’s telling people not to send him messages promising money and then not sending it. He says that’s not fair to promise something and not follow through. Pretty ballsy, maybe people are promising money but don’t have it right now and will send it later. He just comes off sounding rude and ungrateful.