Sneak Peek: Collin Simpson And Sean Costin Flip-Fuck For The Very First Time

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gayhoopla-collin-simpson-sean-costin-02Oh…my God.

gayhoopla-collin-simpson-sean-costin-03In less than two weeks, GayHoopla will be releasing perhaps its most anticipated duo of the year, with the pairing of versatile muscle jocks Collin Simpson and Sean Costin. The superstar duo is coming on August 18th, and this is a speak peek.

gayhoopla-collin-simpson-sean-costin-04 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-sean-costin-05 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-sean-costin-08With their giant matching muscles, matching big cocks, and matching bubble butts, this could be “flip-fuck of the year” material, if it was filmed well. Fingers crossed…

gayhoopla-collin-simpson-sean-costin-14 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-sean-costin-19 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-sean-costin-20 gayhoopla-collin-simpson-sean-costin-21Note: Sean and Collin did perform once together before in a three-way, but this is the first time they’ve flip-fucked (and it’s the first time Collin has fucked Sean). Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Collin Simpson And Sean Costin Flip-Fuck]

  • sxg

    Easily the best bodies at GayHoopla! Can’t wait to watch this!

    Glad Sean stopped adding in that weirdass fake hairline, but now he has a mismatched skin tone because of it. And ease up on the tweezing bitch! Men look hotter when they have natural brows!

  • Isiah

    Gayhoopla need to do bareback

  • peter

    Has Collin swallowed yet?

  • Xzamilloh

    That is a lot of meat and biceps in one scene

  • OverKill
  • James Johnson III

    OMG! This is the birthday gift that I needed! Can’t wait

    • Marik Ishtar

      Happy Birthday!

      • James Johnson III

        Thank you! ?

      • James Johnson III

        Thank you

  • SteadyNUnremitting

    It’s about time.Hopefully Gayhoopla didn’t screw up the editing

    • Dave

      I wouldn’t bet on the editing being any better. Same can be said for the bizarre angles they use.

  • Dave

    Omg….could GH use Collin any more? He is so overexposed. Leave em wanting more….

    • Mr. X

      I do not see all the fuss over Collin.

  • Scrapple
  • Default_User

    Sean: lay off the bronzer. I can literally see the line on your face by your hairline. You are a sexy beast and being orange doesn’t suit anyone.

    • Default_User

      Colin is still adorable, but i like him better with some baby fat. He is probably leaning out for a competition or he is just leaning for his cycle, but he does not look as cute as he looks naturally (?)

      • Dave

        This was filmed months ago.

    • badgamer1967
      • Marik Ishtar

        King of the Hill live-action movie is coming along nicely.

      • Zealot

        Oh far-mer tan
        Oh far-mer tan
        you look so red and painful
        Oh far-mer tan
        On that young man
        Your SPF has failed-ya
        But in the night, the sting will grow
        and hurt so bad you’ll swear it glows
        Oh far-mer tan
        Oh far-mer taaaaaan
        Your look like hell
        on that young man.

  • CarlA
    • Hari Kalyan

      Right I was wondering why this looked familiar. this is a new scene?

      • CarlA

        It’s a year old!

  • The Porn Emperor

    The dialogue in these GayHoopla videos is absolutely the worst ever. Those models just need to shut the fuck up.

    • Hari Kalyan

      generally i agree but Collin and Derek Jones usually say some pretty funny shit in their scenes (especially Derek) and I’m always good for laugh

  • Dana Rimons

    With their giant matching muscles, matching big cocks, and….

    umm no. Sean is hot but the cock is not big.

  • Marcus Collack

    “this could be “flip-fuck of the year” material, if it was filmed well. Fingers crossed…”
    C’mon Son (in my Gus voice) You know this studio, you know why you’re Fingers are crossed.

    • Hari Kalyan

      right lol…GH has hands down the WORST scenes when it comes to filming. They’re always filmed erratically, random zoom in/zoom out and lighting changes like someone just took the camera out the box and is trying to figure out the settings.

      • Dave

        Funny, I was watching a Derek scene last night trying to , umm, “enjoy” myself and right when I was ready to finish, the zoom in on Derek fucking ass went totally blurry. So typical of GH. Why don’t they learn?

  • Pinko of the Grange

    There are no big dicks in this loop. At least they are larger then the aswb but still.
    Plus shaved heads on guys that have a full head of hair is a microaggression against the folliclly challenged and hair sliding down the back.

  • Hari Kalyan

    Sorry, but flip-fuck of the year already went to Stas Landon and Sean Xavier. I know duckface studios is hated here (with good reason!) but that scene — between two actual GAY porn models — is what a true reciprocal flip-fuck scene should be about. And from these stills and preview vid i can already see that this scene will not top the Derek Jones/Collin Simpson extravaganza (whew!) nor even the Derek/Sean flip fuck.

  • nick

    Not for me I’m afraid, the extreme hairlessness does nothing for me.

  • SteadyNUnremitting

    Sean needs to either do a better job applying bronzers or get the real thing( he can tan)

  • Mr. X

    I do not understand or see what the big deal or fuss is over Collin. Sean is hot from head-to-toe so his popularity is obvious. But as far as Collin goes, your guess is as good as mine.