Collin Simpson Wants His Latino Scene Partner To “Do The Salsa On My Ass”

Posted June 5, 2017 by with 14 comments

gayhoopla-michael-santos-collin-simpson-08GayHoopla newcomer Michael Santos made his gay porn debut today (in a solo scene), and his first duo is coming next week. That duo is with the king of GayHoopla himself, Collin Simpson, and this is a sneak preview.

gayhoopla-michael-santos-collin-simpson-03 gayhoopla-michael-santos-collin-simpson-06 gayhoopla-michael-santos-collin-simpson-22Collin and Michael are big guys who know how to fuck, and they use their bodies extremely well in this duo. GayHoopla even points out that this might be one of their “best scenes ever“:

Michael Santos was able to over power Collin Simpson and make him his little bitch. It was scorching hot to see Collin so submissive to such a passionate & aggressive top. Michael Santos ate that ass and sucked that cock like we were giving out prize money. We knew when it was time for Michael to slide that cock into Collin’s perfect ass, it was game over. This may be up there with one of GayHoopla’s best scenes ever.

gayhoopla-michael-santos-collin-simpson-15 gayhoopla-michael-santos-collin-simpson-16 gayhoopla-michael-santos-collin-simpson-20gayhoopla-michael-santos-collin-simpson-17In their pre-fuck interview, Collin admires his Latino scene partner, and admits that he’d like Michael to “do the salsa on my ass.” There’s been enough food porn today, so hopefully he’s referring to the salsa dance, not the sauce. Either way, the only thing that ends up in/on Collin’s ass here is a big cock. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Michael Santos Fucks Collin Simpson]