Now That He’s Left GayHoopla, At Which Studio Would You Like To See Collin Simpson Next?

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cs1Back in June, GayHoopla gay porn star Collin Simpson announced that he’d be retiring from gay porn due to his “struggles with addiction,” as seen in the tweet above. Then, in July, dozens of fans claimed to have witnessed Simpson overdosing on heroin during a live Chaturbate show (Str8UpGayPorn reviewed the footage of the show, and Simpson did appear to be dangerously intoxicated, although it’s not clear what specific drugs he might have done).


The good news is, two months later, Simpson appears to be in good health and good spirits following the alleged overdose, and he’s back on Twitter (using the name “James Proctor”) interacting with fans. Over the weekend, he posted the below photo, along with the caption, “I guess I can bless y’all with a dick pic, for old times sake”:


Simpson has also reminded fans that he’ll no longer be working with GayHoopla or HotGuysFuck, and he’s asked fans for suggestions on where he should work next:

collin2After several studio suggestions from fans, Simpson says that he’s reached out to

collin1While he might be headed to Men, at which studio would you like to see Collin Simpson performing?

And ICYMI, one of Collin Simpson’s last GayHoopla scenes (he has several more unreleased, and one coming out this week) was released last month, and it was a good one. In this three-way, Collin took two cum facials from dreamy Jayden Marcos and muscle hunk Blake Michael (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Collin Simpson Fucked By Jayden Marcos And Blake Michael]

  • marcuz86

    Chaosmen, or Cockyboys.

  • sxg

    I’d like to see him at Jet Set Men, so his porn career can be as dead as the studio.

    • Ed Woody

      Damn that’s a blast from the past. You’re right though, he would have fit in perfectly there.

      I voted for GISP because they actually produce good porn, but then I realised that one of the reasons they produce good porn is because it is run by and almost exclusively features actual real life homosexuals. Maybe they could put him through some kind of training course?

      Regardless, the important thing is that he get himself sorted out physical and mental health wise before making any decisions either way.

      • Jason

        Bet you oh so perfect

        • Ed Woody

          Given your illiteracy I’m not entirely sure what you’re saying here, but I’m only talking about the fact that Jet Set liked to hire big balloon-shaped straight muscle guys who looked great but weren’t always so enthusiastic about the actual sex.

          You’ll see from my other comments that I have said nothing negative about Collin’s health, so perhaps you need to step back and learn how to construct a sentence.

  • GN
  • Ed Woody

    I voted for GISP because they actually produce good porn, but then I realised that one of the reasons they produce good porn is because it is run by and almost exclusively features actual real life homosexuals. Maybe they could put him through some kind of training course?

    Regardless, the important thing is that he get himself sorted out physical and mental health-wise before making any decisions either way.

    • Edward

      Austin is trash. I’d rather he work for Trump.

      • TruthTeller2020

        He’s a Trump supporter.

        • Greninja

          Really? Link some receipts

  • Jason

    God you lot are all so judgemental … it’s as if you have never ever made a mistake in your lives and regretted it after… least he is trying to rebuild his life… unlike some.

    • onyx081

      What are you talking about? I haven’t read a single judgemental comment. Most of the comments are showing concern for his well being and sobriety

  • Josh in OR

    If he has his shit together, great. I wish him well! He’s gorgeous, though a bit problematic, but yeah, I’d watch him at another studio.

    I know it won’t happen, but I’d LOVE to see him plow some Helix twinks…

  • Silver64

    I’d be willing to give him a second chance. We’ve all screwed up at some point in our lives. Looking at his latest pic, I gotta admit he’s looking better than he has in a while. Hopefully that means he’s taking care of himself and getting his life back on track. I really hope that’s the case.

    As to where I’d like to see him, I’d say he’d be good at Cockyboys…maybe get some of that Cade Maddox cock. Helix is a good choice too…would love to see him in scene with Phoenix Fellington, Josh Brady or Johnny Hands..or maybe all three.

    Hmmm…a Collin Gangbang anyone?

  • Scrapple

    He should be “working” at rehab. Three months is hardly any time to get your life together after a serious addiction. If he doesn’t have a full handle on his issues and triggers, porn is for sure not the place he needs to be.

    • Jack T

      Most rehabs fail to address core issues that result in addiction. Child abuse and neglect are the most common factors in the lives of addicts. Any job is better than none.

      • Scrapple

        If you think porn is a good environment for someone who probably doesn’t even have ninety days of sobriety under his belt, you haven’t been paying attention to what’s going on in this industry.

        • joeguy45

          Totally agree Scarapple . I work in addiction, and when i hear that some of these vulnerable guys are in porn following serious substance dependancy .. it fills me with horror.
          There is a certain very handsome guy who was in porn until recently and i found out he was a former addict. i was concerned for him being in that industry , especially as his popularity grew and sure enough he went on into a relapse.
          this is NOT the best environment for recovery , believe me

          • Scrapple

            It’s an industry where alcohol isn’t too far away, recreational drugs are at the ready, and you have scores of models popping pills and using needles to keep their erections. How is that an environment conducive to maintaining new sobriety?

          • joeguy45

            exactly! you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out …

        • Jack T

          @joeguy45: You don’t have to be Einstein to know having a job pays bills.
          @Scrapple: As Patricia Arquette shouted at the Emmy’s while defending the LGBTQ community JOBS!
          Oh, and did I mention I worked in the industry? My bad, I did, so I know exactly what goes on. Thanks anyway for being so patronizing. I’ve also studied and worked as a nurse.

          • Scrapple

            You don’t have to be Einstein to know having a job pays for drugs. And when the job you have actually supplies you with cash and erection pills, doesn’t that seem like a place full of triggers?

            You’ve worked as a nurse, you’re in this industry and you think “Any job is better than none” is appropriate advice for someone battling serious drug addiction? You’re comparing a guy who doesn’t even have the courage to legitimately admit he’s a part of this community to what Patricia said in relation to her deceased sister’s experience as a trans actress? And we’re the ones being patronizing? Sure.

            Charles Cullen was a nurse. Just because someone is involved in a profession which helps others doesn’t mean their motives are entirely trustworthy or altruistic. But by all means, keep telling yourself Collin continuing a porn career at this point in his recovery is a great idea.

          • Jack T

            I’ve had the displeasure of reading some of your other posts. They all reeked of a desperation to be the wittiest and most judgemental. You represent the worst in the LGBTQ community, not the best. I pity you.

          • Scrapple

            Sweetie, being witty comes easily to me. And damn right I’m judgmental of people who do and say fucked up things. So it stands to reason I was judgmental of you for making an irrational and idiotic comment and then trying to support it listing your partial resume. I don’t represent any community. I’m my own person with my own thoughts and experiences. I don’t need your pity, but I’ll gladly take your invisibility. Feel free to ignore my posts in the future. I’d say the same to you, but you’ve already been forgotten.

          • Jack T


  • whodunit?

    Chaos Men for the win.

  • CamCam

    His sobriety is the only thing that’s the most important out of everything. I hope and pray that he stays sober. Spend some time AWAY from porn and after a while, then we can talk.

  • Vizual Bastard

    The problem with some guys who get some exposure through porn, is that they consider themselves much more important than they actually are

  • CLElover216


  • UnhealthyNutter

    I want him to come to Europe and work in the Euro porn scene. And its not gay porn…But i’d looove to see him at Czech powerhouse studio LegalPorno, but gay wise i’d love to see him at Bel Ami Online or one of the many related central-European studios etc…Point is i wanna see Collin Simpson come to Europe, a totally fresh start… COME TO EUROPE COLLIN, the European pro str8/Bi/Gay porn scene would welcome you with open arms. Staying in the USA, nah time for a fresh start on new shores Collin Simpson. There’s so many Euro studs he could work with.

    • Al

      I definitely would like to see him work with some European studios. First I would like to see him in a kink type scene.

  • GossipBoy

    I think Seancody or NDS would be awsome!

  • C A

    I love the way he casually threw off CF’s offer. I mean he has a high opinion of himself, yet doesn’t realize he’s not “
    New” anymore. The people from GH who went to CF didn’t do a tenth of the scenes he has and there’s still product to be released. I can’t imagine how he thinks he’s getting top dollar anywhere.

    • Austin

      A high opinion indeed. Just the wording that he “blessed” his fans with a dick pic. I am not religious at all, but the idea that anyone is waiting for his benediction is laughable. Dude needs to come back to earth. The attention porn stars receive completely warps their sense of reality.

  • Cubankid

    He needs to be in a rehab but okay.

  • Atticus

    I’d like to see him at Treasure Island Media.

  • Devin

    Not a fan. Never have been. Wish him the best, though. I need Sebastian to come back. I’m about due for another James Manziel scene, too

  • Julio Grandeur

    ill reserve judgement until hes done with Rehab

  • nikos123

    never heard of him