Collin Simpson And Tyler Smith Just Can’t Stop Fucking Each Other

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gayhoopla-tyler-smith-collin-simpson-02-06Models being re-paired for repeat duo scenes are usually a waste of time. Not today.

gayhoopla-tyler-smith-collin-simpson-02-09Collin Simpson fucked Tyler Smith on GayHoopla way back in September of 2016. Now, it’s time for Tyler to return the favor, and he’s fucking Collin today.


When were they hotter? Collin and Tyler in 2016:


Collin and Tyler in 2018:


Collin and Tyler in 2016:


Collin and Tyler in 2018:

gayhoopla-tyler-smith-collin-simpson-02-08It’s always kind of surreal seeing two guys as gorgeous as this at the same time, having gay sex with each other, on camera. But, that’s what they’re doing, so thank you to Collin and Tyler, and thank you to GayHoopla:

gayhoopla-tyler-smith-collin-simpson-02-18 gayhoopla-tyler-smith-collin-simpson-02-20col3



Trailer (watch full scene here):

[GayHoopla: Tyler Smith Fucks Collin Simpson]

  • MiloŇ° Del Rey

    I wonder how ancient this scene is. It’s a good duo altogether but I keep getting distracted by those ashy knees…

  • xochipilli

    This was probably filmed right after the original scene—Colin is wearing the same shirt. And, yeah—GayHoopla doesn’t seem to provide lotion to their black models…?

    • Ass is Medicine

      White people dont understand ashiness.

  • Scrapple

    I thought these scenes were both made around the same time. Isn’t Collin more Stay Puft these days? Poor Collin, having to work through multiple emotions for this pairing. And poor Tyler being made to fuck without lotion.

    • Hari Kalyan

      ok i thought maybe it was photoshopped lol. Colin definitely does not look like this now (or at least in his last few scenes). Makes sense that this might be an old scene just being released now.

  • GrownFury
  • Xzamilloh
  • FieldMedic

    Of course they have to fuck multiple times… it can take multiple times for someone to get pregnant.

    • McM.

      They’d have to ditch the condoms.

      • Marcus Collack

        Not if you’re working hard enough.

  • TheThom

    I’d drink Collin Simpson’s bath water. DAMMITBOY

  • Zavier

    God damnit Collin is my new porn favorite after Brodie ( sean cody )…. Damn Collin is one sexy fuck of a man

  • B.C.

    Too much muscle mass on Collin in 2018. I prefer his leaner version. Nevertheless, this scene rocks.

  • peter

    Both these guys bring back that excitement I felt when I first laid eyes on Corbin Fisher & Sean Cody: how’d they get guys like that to have gay sex?!

  • peter

    I love watching these guys kiss. I hope there’s something there for real

  • Peter4321

    Does Tyler have an instagram account? He seems difficult to locate on social media..

  • Marcus Collack

    They fucked at the hotel…twice