[UPDATED] Gay-For-Pay Porn Star Collin Simpson Jailed For Violating Restraining Order, Unable To Make $1,500 Bail

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Str8Up just received the below message from VINE and Spokane County Detention with a notification that Collin Simpson was released from jail today, May 8th:

It’s not immediately clear what, if any, charges Simpson might be facing for violating the restraining order that landed him behind bars in the first place back in March, but he should be given credit for a lot of time served since he was locked up since March 13th. In any event, after nearly two months in jail, Collin Simpson is a free man today. His Twitter account is still set to private as of right now, but it’ll presumably be unlocked ASAP so he can start asking for GoFundMe donations again.

Original report as first published on April 1st is below:

More troubles for gay-for-pay porn star Collin Simpson, who’s been in a Spokane County, Washington jail since March 13th, unable to pay $1,500 bond after being arrested for violating a restraining order.

As seen in his custody record above (left), Simpson was jailed on a gross misdemeanor charge stemming from a violation of a restraining order. It’s not known who had the order against Simpson and whether it was for domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking, but here’s the description of the charge:

(1)(a) Whenever a domestic violence protection order, a sexual assault protection order, a stalking protection order, or a vulnerable adult protection order is granted under this chapter, or an order is granted under chapter 9A.40, 9A.44, 9A.46, 9A.88, 9.94A, 10.99, 26.09, 26.26A, or 26.26B RCW, or there is a valid foreign protection order as defined in RCW 26.52.020, and the respondent or person to be restrained knows of the order, a violation of any of the following provisions of the order is a gross misdemeanor…

Simpson has been held in the Geiger Facility in Spokane, Washington for nearly three weeks after violating the order, and in his last tweet posted on March 12th, the former GayHoopla model asked for donations to a GoFundMe that was launched to cover living expenses as he goes through a divorce. Here was Simpson’s plea on the GoFundMe, which has raised $618 as of this weekend:

Hello everyone, as you may know, I’m currently going through a divorce. It’s been messy, but I’m hanging in there. My ex wife is a drug addict and has been using fentanyl since November. She’s wasted thousands of dollars of my money on drugs, gotten us kicked out of our old house and I just got us into a new apartment. Getting into the apartment cost me $4,000 but I’ve now been kicked out of my own apartment because the courts have deemed it more important for her to have my son while actively using and selling drugs; therefore she gets the apartment which is in my name. Today I was forcefully removed by law enforcement and I do not have the funds to find a new place to stay and my family and friends are unwilling to help. At this point, I’m just looking to rent a private room until I can get back custody of my son and get my apartment back and hopefully put her in jail for child endangerment.

Collin Simpson has retired, unretired, complained about people sending him nudes, and then retired again multiple times over the last few years, and he last made headlines here when he announced that his girlfriend had suffered a miscarriage in 2021. Since then, Simpson was married and did finally have a child, but things obviously took a turn for the worse based on the GoFundMe and the arrest.

Like his wife and her alleged drug problems, Simpson had his own issues with substance abuse when he appeared to overdose on heroin during a live Chaturbate webcam show in 2019.

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