Cocktoberfest: The Seven Biggest Cocks To Fuck Colt Rivers

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Hope you’ve enjoyed #cocktober! To honor the special occasion, Str8UpGayPorn has shined a spotlight on some of the very best cocks throughout the entire month. To view all of this month’s #cocktoberfest entries, click here.

As today is the final day of #cocktober, this final #cocktoberfest entry celebrates not just one gay porn star with a giant cock, but a gay porn star who has been fucked by multiple giant cocks throughout his stellar career. This powerbottom has never met an oversized dick he didn’t love, and his ability to take monster cock after monster cock is an inspiration to all.

I’m of course talking about gay porn star Colt Rivers, and on this last day of #cocktober, here is a countdown of the seven best and biggest cocks to fuck his bubble butt. Click any link to view the full scene.

7. Jarek (Sean Cody: Jarek Fucks Ryan a.k.a. Colt Rivers)


6. Andrew Stark (Falcon: Andrew Stark Fucks Colt Rivers)


5. Tommy Defendi ( Tommy Defendi Fucks Colt Rivers)


4. Jess (Sean Cody: Jess Fucks Ryan a.k.a. Colt Rivers)


3. Randy (Sean Cody: Randy Fucks Ryan a.k.a. Colt Rivers)


2. Rocco Steele (Hot House: Rocco Steele Fucks Colt Rivers)


1. Brooks (Sean Cody: Brooks Fucks Ryan a.k.a. Colt Rivers)


  • Maximus

    Damn, dude……

  • James Johnson III

    Colt Rivers is one of my porn heroes

  • stephen

    and now as we come to the end of Cocktober..

  • Zealot

    I think these guys share a special place in porn-dom. They should form a guy band. I know! The Schlong Guys! Andrew Stark can be Posh Schlong; Rocco Steele is Scary Schlong; Randy is Sporty Schlong; Brooks is Baby Schlong; Ginger Schlong is Tommy Defendi; Jess is Preppy Schlong; and, Jarek is Tossin’ Salads Schlong.

  • Multiverse Inhabitant

    I really wish that Colt had stayed at SC. I love watching him get fucked raw.

    • Casey Scott

      He was way better at SC. At this point he seems kinda worn out. He’s worked for and with everybody under the sun. He even has trouble staying hard while bottoming, which never used to happen…

    • Joey

      Ugh, yes. Should’ve lasted another year or so since he got nice and beefy soon after he left, which would been hot to see get pounded bare at SC. Seeing Sean drill him with his huge cock would’ve been pretty nice.

      • Multiverse Inhabitant

        Or Peter.

        • Joey

          I don’t think we’ve seen the last of Peter. He strikes me as sexually fluid enough to turn up again unexpectedly sometime. I know it’s something weird to gauge but he just seems like the type to me. Felt the same way about Curtis for a while and that’s just what he did too.

          The money and the pleasure might be too good to hold off for that long. David too.

  • sxg

    I’m a fan of Colt, but if there is a power bottom to highlight for taking huge cocks that’s Armond Rizzo. He’s had more huge cocks that are bigger than most of the names listed! Not only has he had Rocco Steele, he’s also had Antonio Biaggi, CutlerX, Champ Robinson, and countless others!

    • Johnny

      His hole is so torn up now. I end up getting more grossed out by his scenes than turned on.

      • sxg

        That’s part of the joy of watching a power bottom in action! No one wants to see an asshole look unphased by a hard pounding from a top. It just means the top didn’t do a good enough job! 😉

        • Johnny

          You and I have different opinions about what’s erotic. A wrecked hole is more medical than sexual.

      • Todd

        Armond Rizzo’s hole is a national treasure …

    • Arnold faced the biggest dicks, but no one has the same air of joy that Colt demonstrates in his scenes. Funny thing is that all his scenes with small or median dicks actors I notice some lack of enthusiasm. Maybe its the way they both act during the scenes, but its always a pleasure to watch Colt.

      • sxg

        You pretty much contradicted yourself in Colt having an air of joy yet not when the dick isn’t big enough. Sorry but a true power bottom, like Armond, takes great joy in any size dick he takes. And there have been PLENTY of scenes, with big or average dicks, where Colt is a bore. Maybe he shouldn’t show up on set high? He does love to smoke.

        Armond’s moans in pain, real or fake, FTW!!!

        • lol! I thought that was a hoax. Maybe it was the studio. Never saw a good scene from NDM.

    • Maximus


  • snoopyfo

    Colt Rivers is one of my favorites porn bottoms of all times, he literally works his ass off in his scenes, amazing performer, and he is also super sexy, hot, cute, dreamy <3 ok ill stop im fanboying too much now

  • andrew

    Damn Ryan/Colt had some hot SC scenes. My favorites were his bottoming for Jess, Jarek and Brooks.

    • Al

      Agree! Some of Ryan/Colts hottest scenes were with SC. Personally my favorite was with Randy. But I’m biased with Randy.

  • beariac
    • moondoggy

      Wow, he’s really got you boned up.

  • Johnny

    Why did Sean Cody take down the scene of Jarek & Ryan/Colt? They didn’t take down all of Jarek’s scenes. Why take down the one with Ryan/Colt?

    Sigh…I forgot how perfect Jarek/Jarec’s cock is. Bummer we won’t get to see it in action anymore.

    • MAnthony

      I have that scene.
      Sean Cody -sc1517- Ryan & Jarek

    • sxg

      Are you sure they didn’t just take it out of the free tour area? It might be available for members only. As Zach said you don’t see every model and scene before signing in/up that SC has to offer. Perhaps there was a screw up in the site change and that one was blacked out for non-members.

      EDIT: Ok just checked and you only see 4 scenes Jarek has done, and you see about 6 scenes Ryan/Colt has done. So yes they don’t have their complete back catalog to preview. Curtis only has 14 of his 30+ scenes. So if you sign in with a membership you’ll probably see the whole thing. If you still don’t see it after that, then that sucks.

    • erexshawn

      Jarec and Ryan’s scene is still up

  • MAnthony

    Umm I have all these SC scenes…twiddles thumbs. CoughDropboxCough
    Sean Cody -sc1517- Ryan & Jarek
    Sean Cody 1539 Jess & Ryan
    Sean Cody -sc1561- Brooks & Ryan
    Sean Cody 1653 – Randy & Ryan

    And if anyone hasn’t see smash face AKA RR in his BB sc scenes I have those.(I have no idea why) You know when he was a newbie and not such a mental case.

  • sammy1023

    I forgot all about the Brooks/Ryan scene, just awesome.

    • FooFight

      Although in an interview, Ryan/Colt said his pairing with Brooks wasn’t fun – his dick was too big. If you can imagine that.

  • john


    • Mike Julius

      Sir, your application has already been processed and placed in the archives…

  • FooFight

    I prefer the Ryan version. Ryan was cute and fun-loving and you just wanted to put him in our pocket and walk around with him. Colt’s just kinda sleazy and puts it all out there, like…

  • Joey

    Aw, I miss Ryan on SC. They should’ve done more to keep him around a bit longer. That boy was so happy and eager to sit on some big meat, as you can see. I didn’t love him at the time but now, some of his scene are undoubtably the best during the early SC Goes BB era.

    That banner above is my new desktop pic now. Thanksss.

  • Okosan

    Colt is too cute and hot there is no way for anyone to hate him he’s just amazing !

  • Ed Woody

    Penises are definitely the best thing, no doubt about that.

    That Rocco Steele though… *shudder* …that’s a face made for a glory hole.

  • Gazzaq

    Colt Rives is a bloody good performer. Loved him in Sean Cody and his porn career since then has continued he gives his all in every performance. Keep on going lad well done.

  • Brian Sky

    Colt Rivers is in my top three list of favourite porn actors. I love him from the Ryan stage, and still enjoy his work so much.

  • andrew

    Many guys who post on this and other gay porn blogs frequently say that the bigger the cock, the better. No cock is too big. I wonder if they are talking as porn viewers or from personal sexual experience. It has been my personal sexual experience that really big and thick cocks hurt. Average size or “husband” size cocks give lots of pleasure with little pain. Huge cocks may be great to look at in porn videos but when they are penetrating your ass, they really hurt. Give me huge cocks in porn videos and average size cocks in my ass.