Conner Habib And Race Cooper Play Pretentious Queens In NakedSword Rom-Com

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It’s the lighter, campier, cheerier side of NakedSword and mr. Pam (yay!) as Christian Wilde, Conner Habib, Race Cooper, Connor Maguire (whenever he appears on my computer screen, I have to take a moment), Felix Warner, Blue Bailey, Angel Rock, and Jake Farren star in a romantic comedy titled The Mix.

Before I saw the trailer, I thought this was going to be another dark and seedy San Francisco porn where everybody fucks in a gay bar called “The Mix” (which actually exists in the Castro), but instead, everybody fucks in a cute house with a pool. Instead, there is laughing! There is horsing around! There is Race Cooper and Conner Habib hamming it up as two queens who pass judgment on everyone, which is sort of what always happens in gay bars!

Over all, a nice change of pace from NakedSword. And again, there is Connor Maguire, who even Conner Habib cannot resist:

connerconnorThe Mix premieres next week on NakedSword:

[NakedSword: The Mix]


  • Aramis

    ‘ …queens that pass judgment on every one. “: Nah! I can’t believe…