Liam Riley & James Jamesson Both Fucked The Same Guy

Posted June 14, 2014 by with 4 comments

liam jamesAt first glance, you might think that petite powerbottom Liam Riley and burly ginger James Jamesson have nothing in common–but you’d be wrong! Turns out, Liam and James have the same taste in guys, as this week they both had the honor of having sex with the increasingly ubiquitous Connor Maguire.

If Liam and James ever became friends IRL, they could totally compare notes on how great it was and who gave Connor a better fuck. But who do you think fucked Connor Maguire better?

James Jamesson topping Connor?


Liam Riley bottoming for Connor?


Trailer for James Jamesson fucking Connor Maguire (watch in full here):

[NextDoorWorld: James Jamesson Fucks Connor Maguire]

Trailer for Connor Maguire fucking Liam Riley (watch in full here):

[Helix Studios: Connor Maguire Fucks Liam Riley]


  • Scott

    It was a tough choice – whether he’s a top or a bottom, he’s one hot ginger. But I had to vote for the scene with James just because of the scene partner. I think the one with James is a better pairing.

    • sxg

      Definitely my favorite of the 2! I mean how can you not love ginger on ginger sex with 2 hot gingers? Woof!

  • DavidA

    I like him best when he’s fucking twinks!

  • CMn702

    Mmmmm ginger on ginger action