WATCH: Connor Maguire Picks Up Levi Karter And Fucks Him In Mid-Air

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img_6997CockyBoys just released one of the best pairings of the summer, and while it’s hot for a variety of reasons, all the forthcoming gifs will probably come from one key sequence.

Get ready, because the internet is about to let out a collective “yessssssss!” (or possibly a “yaaaaasssssss”??) watching Connor Maguire stand up, pick up Levi Karter, and then fuck Levi Karter in mid-air. Holy shit:

Connor-Maguire-Levi-Karter_0120Connor’s built like a God (Levi even refers to him as Hercules), and Levi’s obviously not a very big guy, so it probably wasn’t too hard for Connor to pick him up and jackhammer him, but still…each insane mid-air thrust is a sight to behold, and it’s easily my favorite part of their woodsy fuckfest.

connor maguire levi karter

My other favorite part is when Levi and Connor seem to bond over the fact that, because Connor’s shorts are so tiny, his enormous cock keeps falling out. It happens.

connor maguire cockTrailer for Connor Maguire pounding Levi Karter (watch full scene here):


[CockyBoys: Connor Maguire Fucks Levi Karter]


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