Surprise: Corbin Fisher’s Beau Appears In His EIGHTH Scene Of The Summer!

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002Earlier today, it appeared they hadn’t released a new scene in over a week, and their release schedule was unclear. But, Corbin Fisher has some tricks up their sleeve, because this new scene just went live tonight, and it stars Beau and Jack.

004As everyone knows, Beau is one of the five models (along with Max, Elian, Dane, and Sawyer) who appears in every single new Corbin Fisher scene, and today’s update is obviously no exception. This, if you can believe it, is Beau’s EIGHTH scene since June 12th, which has to be a Corbin Fisher record.

006And, this is newcomer Jack’s fourth(!) scene in just the last month, so it looks like he can be added to the roster of five (now six?) models who are in all the new scenes. Unfortunately, Jack’s performances still aren’t that great, and I hope he plans on improving if he’s going to be coming back every single week.

010Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Jack Fucks Beau Bareback]

  • pje821

    Apparently the recruiters at CF have been fired. Love Beau, however, so it could be a lot worse.

  • Eclipse

    @AustinWilde please rescue Beau, Elian, Archie, and Gino from these rapidly sinking troll ships.

    • Leo_22

      Yes they would do great at gisp!

      • peter

        For a model, the problem with GISP is that it doesn’t offer the same kind of steady work as CF, Helix, SC, etc.

    • Kevin

      They don’t need rescuing, they can leave whenever they want and clearly they don’t want too.


        And how do U know ?

  • Mark
    • TheSagaOf


  • B.C.

    So, the drought continues. How expensive/complicated is to import Czechs and Slovaks?

    • nbtx27

      So how can GayHoopla get hot guys and SC and CF can’t? Who can explain?

      • JCub
        • nbtx27

          How can that crap site have more money for casting? Maybe they put it all into the guys, it certainly isn’t in production values, and SC and CF just pocket as much in profits as they can.

          • peter

            That’s how I figure GH does it.

      • B.C.

        On my hotness scale, looking at only mentioned studios, CF is first, then comes SC, GH is way, way behind.

        • peter

          The current fab five are the most impressive heart of the line-up any studio has at present. But they need more of them. They need to get Rocky back, and Kellan needs to step up to the plate again. And I wonder what went down with Baker?

      • Edward


        • nbtx27

          Good answer! That’s a big part of it. Agree.

  • YourDad

    No matter how many times I see it, I can’t stop staring at Beau’s bodacious booty.

  • Nase23

    Despite the drought, Beau is still hot! I could watch Beau in every CF from now on and still love him.

    • nbtx27

      Needs a more involved scene partner though.

    • peter

      Yeah, Beau hits all the right buttons! Moreover, I find myself increasingly convinced that he isn’t exclusively g4p.

      On a completely unrelated topic, does anyone else think the infanticidal/uxocidal Colorado dad looks like Mr. Armstrong?

  • nbtx27

    For all that Jack brought to this scene, could have just had Beau and a dildo and saved money.

    • peter

      Just imagine how great it would have been had it been Jack Hunter instead . . .

  • kireb

    i wish they still had Grant…

  • peter

    Beau cums hand-free again, and then again in the shower, never losing his beauner.

  • Seth Sexton

    Beau is Beau’tifeer. I just wish he’d let his ass hairs grow out a bit more.