WATCH: Evan Cums HANDS-FREE While Riding Dave’s Cock Bareback

Posted October 8, 2017 by with 10 comments

004It looks like Corbin Fisher might have the best scene of the weekend, and I’m not just saying that because it stars Dave. As good as Dave is in every scene, it’s his scene partner Evan who steals the show this time.

005 006As noted in the headline and as seen above/below, Evan shoots a hands-free load while Dave pumps his cock deep into his ass. It must feel really good to be fucked by Dave…


As per usual, Dave’s cock is rock hard for the entire scene, and he fucks Evan so good, he actually makes Evan cum a second time at the end of the video. Dave then proceeds to pull out and hoses Evan down with his own load.

008Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Dave Fucks Evan Bareback]


  • Pertinax
  • sxg

    Wow even Corbin Fisher model standards have started to hit an all-time low. These two are just so plain and dull looking they’re more suited to be extras in a sketchysex or fraternityx orgy scene.

    • Mark123

      Second that.

  • Maximus

    My good Judy, Miss Bergman, tells me that Evan doesn’t actually cum handsfree—he jerks himself off and then moves his hand away at the last minute. Given this fact, I aver that CF’s conduct amounts to false advertising, and I will be filing a complaint with the SUGP Cumshot Claims Tribunal.

    P.S. Zach, please establish a SUGP Cumshot Claims Tribunal for the adjudication of these matters.

    • Jon

      Can you second a complaint? Because I 2nd this.

      • Maximus

        You can submit an amicus brief!

      • JStar377

        You can interplead as a plaintiff. Or better yet, Maximus should attempt to certify a class and get “relief” for all of us. I vote for a Cumshot Class Action.

  • bloodhound

    Waste of cum this scene….Evan was morw than willing to take it up the gut

  • Scrapple

    Although Evan’s dick was hard and drooling during that fucking, that pivotal moment was heavily manipulated by Evan jacking it right before. And as soon as the lava started to flow he was back to the manhandling. It made the whole thing feel less than special. I like Dave, but his topping is on par with Beau’s.

  • Trepakprince

    Last real hands free cumshot I remember was brought to you by the lovely Travis…