Corbin Fisher’s Dylan Cums TWICE While Fucking Pussy And Then Bottoming For Rocky In Raunchy Bisexual Three-Way

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Corbin Fisher’s best bisexual threesome in years and in fact one of the best bi three-ways I’ve ever seen (although, I haven’t seen that many, as I’m not a regular viewer of bi porn) is out now, with veteran star Rocky and dreamy Dylan sucking and fucking their way through a cum-drenched and pussy-to-mouth versatile fuckfest that’s one of the most uninhibited scenes the studio has ever released.

Warning to those with delicate sensibilities, there is female genitalia galore in this recap, so close this tab now if you can’t handle it (or click here for Dylan’s best 100% gay scene with Roman).

Here are the six best moments from Rocky and Dylan’s bisexual three-way:


After Dylan asks him if he’s jealous, Rocky admits that he is. Then, Dylan offers to give Rocky a taste of what he’s missing. It’s the first of several pussy-to-mouth moments that Rocky gets to enjoy.


More PTM (Rocky is so raunchy—and I love him for it), but this time in a different position as Rocky gets to slurp up some more pussy/dick juice.


The hottest moment of the scene: Dylan starts to cum while fucking the girl’s pussy, but he pulls out just in time to bust his nut directly into Rocky’s mouth.


Dylan’s bisexuality is on full display when—just seconds after cumming while fucking the girl—the gorgeous and literally perfect performer gets on his back to take Rocky’s cock up his ass. As if that weren’t hot enough, the girl stuffs her panties in Dylan’s mouth, and the ripped Rocky (his body is better than ever) taunts him to moan louder because he can’t hear him.


Fucking the girl’s pussy made him cum, and now being fucked up the ass by Rocky’s cock is making Dylan cum. I didn’t think I could enjoy him more, but Dylan really is the best.


Time for one more load, as Rocky pulls out and climbs up to give Dylan a massive cum facial.

Again, I’m not the most experienced bi porn critic by any means, but this is far and away the best bisexual scene I’ve watched in recent memory. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Dylan And Rocky’s Bareback Bisexual Three-Way]