Corbin Fisher’s Eli Makes Hardcore Debut Fucking Chris In A Farmhouse

Posted September 15, 2022 by with 6 comments

Corbin Fisher’s Eli had his solo debut earlier this year, but now it’s time for his hardcore sex scene debut, and his co-star is powerbottom Chris.

While it looks like they took photos in town (and about an hour west at the beach?), the actual sex scene was filmed on location at a Paso de Robles farmhouse in California wine country, and all of the sucking/fucking is done on this big, likely uncomfortable staircase.

I wonder if this might’ve been easier to perform in a bed (or at least a bedroom?), rather than a wooden staircase? They’re in a giant, gorgeous house, and this is where they filmed the whole scene? Also, this farmhouse has high ceilings, so there’s a bit of an echo you’ll hear when Chris and Eli are moaning. It’s only a minor distraction, as the strength of the scene comes from Chris as he rides Eli’s cock on the staircase.

Chris is able to cum while he’s riding Eli, and then, Eli busts his nut in Chris’s mouth to close out his solid debut. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Eli Fucks Chris Bareback]

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