Meet Corbin Fisher’s Big-Dicked Latin Hunk Elian, Who Will “Be Back For More”

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001The hottest model of 2018 might be here, as Corbin Fisher has just introduced Elian, whose smile, face, body, smile, uncut cock, ass, and…did I mention smile?…makes me wants to cry/die.

002 003 004 005The best news? Corbin Fisher is promising Elian’s return:

Elian’s amazing abs and built biceps are on full display as he works out a hot load for us on the bed, and with that satisfied smile to the camera at the end, you can be sure that he’ll be back for more!

006 007 007a 009The only question now is how long we’ll have to wait (anything longer than 48 hours is going to be torture), and with whom he’ll be paired (good lord, imagine Elian and Max together).

Based on a promo image running on Corbin Fisher’s home page right now, one of Elian’s scenes will include Dane and Rocky:

position1_new016 012 013 015Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Elian]


  • Silver64

    Have to admit, I’m having trouble finding fault with this one, and I can’t take my eyes off of that

    Time will tell, and I’m encouraged by the Tattoo on his right arm, though it doesn’t carry the same connotations as it used to. I can hope, and dream, though.

  • meduel

    Big-Dicked????? where?? i cant see it…

    • Philip Broad

      Me neither. Looks very ordinary to me.

  • Alvin VVin

    wow… now they just need to get rid some of the old hags left in CF.

  • FieldMedic

    Let’s hope that dew-drop butt is up for some pounding.

  • SleepInTheYard

    Seriously, him and Rocky and Max have the best cocks on Corbin Fisher. IMO.

  • SleepInTheYard

    Sadly Sean Cody is missing the spot of the most beautiful guys for Corbin Fisher.

  • TalkDirtyToMe

    Don’t get your hopes too high. It’s probably with Victoria or one of the other unnamed “coeds”.

  • Scrapple
    • Marcus Collack

      As am I, as long as he can take a pounding

  • James Johnson III

    An uncut cock just makes me thirsty. I’m all here for this!! I can’t wait to see him play with boys

  • Daddy Sommelier

    I haven’t watched Corbin Fisher in years! I’m still missing my boo Connor. Is it worth watching again? Let it be known that I still watch Sean Cody, so my standards are very low at the moment.

    • TalkDirtyToMe

      As a viewer of both sites, I can attest that SC is way better than CF at the moment. CF has seen much better days. They do have some gorgeous men but they are the most boring fuckers. I miss the days of Dawson, Aiden and Cain.

      • erexshawn

        I still watch SC and CF. CF has hotter newcomers but often they leave after the pussy scene. I think that there are a lot of hot guys still on the roster. SC just always seems to be trying too hard but never quite making it. the hit to miss ratio is probably equally low for both of these studios

      • T2TheB


        I think CF should expand it’s theme to include former collegiate types who’ve grown into men so it can reprise Dawson, Connor and the other models from when CF was fantastic. Hell, they could just keep producing Dawson, Conner, Travis, Aiden and Cain scenes, toss in the new models Dave, Max, Dane and Barron and they’d be good to go for months.

      • Marcus Collack

        Speaking of them I wonder what ever happened to Cade and Lucas (after his Trump Style Renovation that is)

  • Zealot

    Well I had a gif and a comment but Disqus says I have to be logged in to post a picture or gif and I AM logged in so WTF????

  • Schnitzel
  • a b

    Stop pushing us boring straight actors from boring straight-worshipping studios, those Corbin Fisher guys never know how to fuck

    • Marcus Collack

      now hold up now. Maybe recently, but back in the day, the stroke was amazing, although admittingly, most of them were gay pretending to be straight.

      • a b

        I don’t see the point of pretending heterosexuality in gay porn either

  • WhimsyCotton

    While I am here for Dane 2.0 and this Elian guy, I refuse to allow Kirkman’s brand Brayden to happen. There can only be ONE Brayden.

  • emercycrite

    Now he just needs to leave his eyebrows alone.

  • Burkeman

    He seems to be an exhibitionist: if he is talented and versatile with guys, he might be young enough and beautiful enough to be there for years, making him a Dean’s List contender. (Just a prediction.)

  • seeker630

    Any theories about the tattoo on his chest? it translates to 8.5.1971

  • Bracarvs

    These photos are shot the way straight boys take nudes to make their chode look decent… Otherwise he has a nice dick but a great ass!

  • William Cobb

    So where are the pics of a “Big Dick? because i do not see one. And i know they are not calling that little thing big.