Corbin Fisher’s Hugh Rides Thomas, And The Results Are Explosive

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004For the second weekend in a row, Corbin Fisher has released one of their best scenes of the year. Last weekend was Dave and Beau, and today it’s Hugh and Thomas. The photos and trailer speak for themselves, but I’ll add that the chemistry between Hugh and Thomas is among the best I’ve seen from the studio in recent memory.

006 010The strong fucking, constant rock hard cocks, eye contact, and overall intensity between the two never ends.

013Both cum shots are as the title of this post suggests: Explosive. Hugh shoots first while Thomas is pumping in and out of him, and it’s an eruption. Seconds later, Thomas cums on both the outside and inside of Hugh’s ass, then slides in for a creampie.

hugh1hugh2Unfortunately, there are only two fuck positions in this scene (Hugh on his back, then Hugh riding), and they could’ve done at least a couple more, given how skilled the guys are. But, this is still a must-see for fans of either star. Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Thomas Fucks Hugh Bareback]

  • Sebastian S

    I’m a new(ish) Hugh fan, and this looks pretty sweet. He looks so hot with a hard dick in his hole.

  • McM.

    Hugh always has a good time riding dick.

    I like that about him.

    • Jbj

      Yesss – love that he can’t get enough of it!

  • Maximus
  • Dale Bergman

    Hugh not getting to do his signature twerk in the doggy position is unforgivable. He is one of the best performers in the industry.

    • Marilyn G. Bender


    • robertdude

      And the Hugh/Calan pairing was awesome. At least every now and then CF gets hot men to return (add Nicholas to this list who now bottomed), I don’t see many hotties coming back to Sean Cody. Can’t they pay these guys crap for a solo and then up it big time for a real scene to entice them back?

      • Rebecca M. Minnick


      • Dale Bergman

        Hugh/Calan, Barron/Calan, Weston/Hugh, Calan/Quinn, Ryder/Hugh are the only Corbin Fisher scenes that I enjoyed so far this year. Corbin Fisher needs to have all of their performers reciprocate in their scenes. I also want to see the sex expanded with more positions. The excellent 30 minute Quinn/Hugh scene from last year is a good example of a fully satisfying scene.

        I think the rates at Sean Cody went down in the past few years. They would never get any men to do solos if the pay was lowered even more. I am more concerned with the technical issues with the studio at this point. It doesn’t matter if you have the hottest guys in a scene if it’s poorly shot. I shouldn’t have to worry if a scene is going to be marred due to it being technically botched. Getting good technicians that know how to properly shoot pornography should be Sean Cody’s main priority at this point.

    • Scott

      I’m with you, Dale. The twerk gets me off every time. Actually, anything Hugh does gets me off every time. And Harper, I’d pay a pretty penny to hang with him for an hour.

  • DPS

    When I see updates have Hugh it’s always whew. Best thing that ever happened to CF

    • peter

      There’s obviously been a real shake-up in the production and management team over there and the results are beginning to show.

  • Jace

    The only decent performers left on that site are the openly gay ones: Hugh, Calan and Quinn. Harper is pretty much retired. If they spent less time trying to lure boring straight guys who they can’t even get to suck cock anymore, and more time on hot gay ones, they’d be a reason to subscribe again. They used to be able to get straight guys to do everything (Brayden, Josh, Kennedy and Kellan for example), but whoever is running the site now is almost as clueless as the camera operators at Sean Cody.

    • GoGo

      I wish people would be as critical about this studio as they are about sc…

    • Jbj

      I’m a fan of William on CF as well…one of the best dicks I’ve seen. Although, he does appear very often…always memorable. :).

    • Jon

      Idk why studios don’t see this. While admittedly there are overall less gay men than straight, surely it’d be easier (and probably even cost less) to just get actual gay men for scenes?

      Are gay people still really that chained to the “it’s hotter when it’s straight guys”/forbidden fruit mentality, that studios still feel the only options for these things are straight guys?

  • Jbj

    Absolutely love Hugh – one of my fave performers in all of gay porn. Such an eager bottom!

  • D.P. Welles

    I’ll be so glad when this beard phase has passed.

  • peter

    It doesn’t seem like Hugh and SC Duncan are still a couple.

  • Badger

    I’d subscribe to CF, but WAAAAAAY too expensive.