WATCH: Corbin Fisher’s Micah Makes TOPPING Debut, And His Bottom Is Eli

Posted May 24, 2024 by with 9 comments

Corbin Fisher’s Micah (a.k.a. Canyon Cole) had one of the best CF debuts of 2024 when he got his hole absolutely flooded with cum by Rocky, but now it’s time for the stunning twink to make his topping debut. Micah’s bottom is fan favorite Eli (who already fucked Micah before, so yes, this is a gay porn rematch), and it turns out that Micah is as great at topping as he is at bottoming. The preview:

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A lot of readers are obsessed with CF’s Chris and get worried when they don’t see him for a while. Well, good news, because he was back a couple of days ago in a new scene. But, it was a bisexual scene, so I know this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Of course, true fans of Chris won’t let a little pussy stop them from jerking off to him, so here’s the trailer for Chris, Rocky, and the woman (watch full scene here):

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