Corbin Fisher’s Ellis Tells Fans: “I Quit”

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ellis+corbinfisher+5Today in gay porn star retirement news, a popular powerbottom is saying goodbye. Earlier this week, Corbin Fisher model Ellis announced to fans during a live webcam show on Flirt4Free that he’s left the studio, where he’s been performing for over three years. Specifically, he told viewers, “I quit CF,” adding, “I’m moving on with life.” Screenshot sent in by a viewer:

unnamedEllis is now the second Corbin Fisher model this week to depart from the studio, as former CF model Ryder just announced his own exit (and a new name: “Dante Colle”).

Coincidentally(?), Corbin Fisher has released a new Ellis scene today, in which he powerbottoms for Bryce, and it features a lot of cum:

[Corbin Fisher: Bryce Fucks Ellis Bareback]

Ellis has done pretty much everything you can do at Corbin Fisher (bisexual scenes, three-ways, multiple DPs), and it’s unclear as of post time if he’s left the industry completely, or just the studio. His scene with Colt remains a personal favorite:

[Corbin Fisher: Colt Fucks Ellis Bareback]


  • moondoggy

    I’m not sure how to feel about this. I liked Ellis, but there might be something better around the corner.

    • kctx

      There always is. It takes time, but most of these guys finally realize that porn is not a long term stable career.

  • C A

    I was never a big fan of his.

  • Jon

    Not even being shady, but literally, who?

    Someone recommend some of his best work, because I really don’t know her.

    • Justin Trenton #NotMyPresident

      The DP he did outside. That one was scorching hot. He took several loads.

  • bloodhound
  • Dazzer

    No idea who he is. Never seen him before in my life. But whatever he’s going on to do with his life, I wish him well and every bit of success that he deserves.

    Sorry I can’t be more ecstatic, but I have no idea who he is. Good luck to him, though.

  • sxg
  • Scrapple

    Ellis has been running on fumes for a while now.

  • Galaxy_Scribe

    I miss Aiden.

    Girl bye.

  • peter

    Well smell her!

  • McM.

    Um, I guess he’s okay. Ellis didn’t stand out much, and for a while always got him, Daniel, and Jon mixed up.

    When a guy leaves CF, it fails to have an impact due to archived scenes. Ellis could be in several unreleased and CFSelect scenes pulled from the site. CF can present them months from now which gives the impression a performer is still active. I suppose the studio does this b/c it also hides their problem with talent retention.

    • CA

      “…hides their problem with talent retention.”

      Mhmm…+100. it’s always been a problem. They seem to think they can treat the talent anyway they want and don’t need to cater to them and kiss their ass…as if hundreds of hot guys–who are actually skilled at sex–are waiting at the door to fuck each other on camera. CF has lost so many quality guys in the last 12 months it must be a record even for them.

      We all laugh at SC and their pumping up of their guys egos, for example Sean’s “most popular guy on campus” comment, but it sure keeps them happy and they stick around for years…well after us regular viewers tire of them.

      Corbin has always been way too far up his own ass and worried about how he feels than how the performers and consumer feels about the work.

  • Zealot

    In related news, Vadim Black issued a statement today stating that he too quits. He’s quitting practices which negatively impact his personal carbon footprint, staring with over-inflating the tires on his Ducati NCR M16. Black also reports that he’s “seriously considering” purchasing an antique steam-powered cycle for in-town trips.

    [Pictured: Vadim Black. Environmentalist. Caring person. Friend to animals]

    • sanfv

      If you ever need info for a creative writing program (on the chance you don’t already have a background) hit a bitch up and I’ll see what I can do.

  • Mike Julius
    • Scrapple

      Sebastian can get it. Always.

  • pangelboy
  • AJ’s Black Widow


  • DPS
    • WhimsyCotton

      If he wasn’t in it three years in, he wasn’t ever going to get in.

  • Maximus

    I couldn’t remember who he was until I saw the chest tattoo. Evidently, that was the only thing about him that stood out to me.

    Bye, gurl.

  • It’s shady comments like these that put the Sun on suicide watch. I love all of you cunts.

  • Xzamilloh
  • skye3245

    Awe…he was cute tho and a few scenes were actually good…like 4 out 10 if i’m using a ratio lol…wish he’d go somewhere where they could really use a gay performer and get in on it

  • TK

    During his Chaturbate show Sebastian said his leaving wasn’t a pleasant situation. He wouldn’t go into details, said he didn’t want to go into it.

  • WhimsyCotton

    I knew of him, but I can’t ever say I made an attempt to watch one of his scenes. His moans always felt 100% artificial. Good luck to him anyway!

  • disqus_8502nNLKe5

    Sebastian quit too. Now he goes by Seb Ashton on Chaturbate. I wonder what is happening at CF for these great models to quit???

  • emercycrite

    So sad. Ellis was a hot bottom.

  • kctx

    Good for him, great for us.

  • John

    He was a very, very solid perfformer, particularly as a bottom. HE made great sounds and seemed to not know the camera was there and existed onlyf for his ass. I wish he had been bred internally once.

  • SteadyNUnremitting

    Bye!!! He wasn’t memorable to begin with.

  • HoratioCaine

    it was a typo he actually said I quit kfc.