Corbin Fisher’s Big-Dicked Oliver: Will He Be Back To Fuck?

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It’s our second perfect newcomer of the week (GayHoopla’s Calvin kicked things off Monday), and it’s the second time this week that I’ve had doubts about a newcomer’s return, sadly. This one’s name is Oliver, and this is how Corbin Fisher describes him:

Oliver describes himself as hyper sexual, and thank goodness for that! It’d be an absolute tragedy if someone as handsome as this young stud was anything but super sexual! He jerks off at least twice a day (and we get to witness one of those times in his introductory solo), surely has no problem attracting the ladies, and he comes equipped with the body and dick to really make the most of those sexual experiences he gets in to. Oliver’s got plenty more to him than just being a handsome sexy stud, though. He keeps himself very active – he’s hiked the Appalachian trail, loves to snowboard and ski, plays sports, and hardly misses any chance to be outdoors. His comfort and confidence on camera just makes him hotter, and left me with little doubt at all he has as much sex as he says he does – who could resist that confidence, his charms, and that handsome face?!

That write-up gives absolutely no indication as to whether or not he’ll be back to fuck, but we can pray/dream/hope for the best, and we can still enjoy his solo.

In addition to his extremely hot face, Oliver has a big ass fucking dick, obviously, and he busts a nice nut at the end of his video. The trailer is down below, but first, share your thoughts:

Would you suck it?

Trailer (watch full scene here):

[Corbin Fisher: Oliver]

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